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Deere 2956G Crawler Log Loader

John Deere Introduces 2956G Crawler Log Loader

John Deere has introduced the new 2956G crawler log loader for loggers looking for a machine that combines excellent engine horsepower and hydraulics capability while maintaining a machine weight of less than 90,000 lbs.

“The new 2956G crawler log loader machine not only provides optimal power and hydraulic capabilities, but is still easy to transport due to its excellent width and weight combination,” said Jarvis de Groot, global product marketing manager for forestry swing machines.

The John Deere 2956G crawler log loader features an overall shipping width of less than 11 feet, 6 inches; the design not only helps simplify transportability but also helps save on transportation costs. The new mounting of the log deflector adds additional strength to the right-front corner of the machine, and the new design of the hood profile helps to enhance debris shedding.

The John Deere 2956G crawler log loader features excellent engine power for a machine of this size. Engine power and hydraulic flow significantly boost loading capability, speed, and the capacity to run the Waratah 624. The combination of machine and attachment increases efficiency and production in roadside processing.

The design of the John Deere 2956G also improves operator visibility to avoid obstacles and impact, reducing potential damage and downtime. A rearview camera, light and JDLink antennas have been integrated into the counterweight for additional protection.

For more information contact a John Deere dealer or visit

Link-Belt 40B Forestry Series MachinesLink-Belt Announces 40B Forestry Series Machines

Link-Belt Excavator Company has introduced the 40B Forestry Series machines. The new 40B Series machines feature design improvements to increase cooling performance, debris management, and serviceability. The Link-Belt 3440B Processor, 4040B Timber Loader, and 4640B Timber Loader are now available in the U.S. and Canada.

The 40B Series machines feature a 270-degrees, birds-eye view with WAVES (Wide Angle Visual Enhancement System) and industry-leading fuel consumption and productivity. The spacious cab offers unprecedented ergonomics and comfort; a high-back seat with air, tilt, and heat features is standard, and adjustable pivoting armrests, headrest, seat height, and lumbar support keep operators comfortable.

The 4040B TL has 21 percent more horsepower and is coupled with increased cooling and airflow management. The dust screen is easily removed from the ground or catwalk.

The all-new 3440B Processor features an Isuzu 177 hp Tier 4 Final engine and an upsized cooling package for superior performance and productivity.

“From increases in productivity to the enhancements in the safety and service of the machine, we’re very excited about what this means for the future of our forestry equipment,” said Adam Woods, general manager of innovation and product portfolio strategies at LBX.

For more information contact a Link-Belt dealer or visit

Planer Teeth Now Standard On Diamond Drum Mulchers

Diamond Mowers has made Twin Chisel® Planer Teeth a standard feature across all its depth control drum mulching attachments.

This high-performance cutting tool, which boasts industry-leading durability along with the ability to be sharpened and rotated right on the drum, is available exclusively to Diamond Mowers dealers and customers.

“The ability to sharpen and maintain teeth right on the drum is a major differentiator and time-saving convenience for our customers,” said Dan Stachel, executive vice president of Diamond Mowers.

Twin Chisel Planer Teeth are made of hardened steel for maximum strength and impact resistance and are suited for high-production applications and intermittent ground contact. The tooth was recently enhanced through a joint development with Quadco, improving the cutting geometry and heat treating to increase durability and reduce fracturing. It also indexes better in the holder, which improves bolt retention and eases rotation for a long effective life.

Twin Chisel Planer Teeth are now standard on all Diamond Mowers depth control drum attachments for skid-steer, excavator, and tractor platforms, including the SK Drum Mulcher DC Pro X, the EX Drum Mulcher DC Pro X, and the new TR Boom Drum Mulcher DC.

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New Grapple Processor From Pierce PacificNew Grapple Processor From Pierce Pacific

Pierce Pacific has developed a new series of grapple processors, the GP ProSeries.

The company’s revolutionary forestry tool has undergone a number of improvements for increased efficiency and profitability in the GP ProSeries attachments. The improvements enhance productivity and reliability in several ways.

The Pierce GP ProSeries offers extreme durability, superior log quality and unmatched loading efficiency – all with one machine. It’s the only one of its kind that shovels, sorts, and loads like a grapple and also delimbs, measures and cuts like a processor.

The GP ProSeries features a new, state-of-the-art control system, improved hardware and cable connections, and the latest measuring technology. The complete bucking system handles measurement, control, monitoring and management of the entire production process, all controlled by a user-friendly, color touch screen interface.

With the new Pierce Connect, remote access allows a Pierce technician to remotely troubleshoot, calibrate, diagnose, and adjust settings of the attachment.

“We’re not only in the business of improving our equipment, we’re in the business of improving your production,” said Pierce CEO Greg Hildebrandt. “The GP ProSeries represents the best of Pierce’s pioneering spirit, innovative engineering and state-of-the-art technology.”

Pierce Pacific, which has long served the logging community with stroke delimbers, forestry cabs, booms, grapples and machine conversions, developed its first grapple processor 10 years ago.

“Our fundamental goal with all Pierce products is to improve our customer’s production, as well as reduce their operating costs,” said Hildebrandt. “There’s no other forestry tool in the last decade that has accomplished this like the GP.”

“The GP’s design is purposeful and intentional,” noted Hildebrandt, “with several features that maximize productivity and efficiency. From the ground up, it is multi-purpose, specifically made for handling both loading and processing – and shovel logging too.”

For more information, visit or call (800) 760-3270.

Rottne Unveils E-CabinRottne Unveils E-Cabin

Rottne has developed a new E-Cabin that features extensive improvements.

The new E-Cabin has enhanced ergonomics and functionality. Integrated screens on the control panels and additional buttons on the joysticks make the work environment more flexible and efficient. Under the panels is a new control system that complies with all laws, standards, and regulations.

“We have devoted a lot of time to optimizing driver comfort, button placements, and functionality,” said David Selstam of Rottne’s development department. “All the buttons required to operate and work with the machine are now on the palettes, creating an optimal work environment.”

The spacious, comfortable cabin features a modern design that combines form and function. The large windows and low-placed instrument panel provide a clear view of the surroundings and work area. The cabin is equipped with intelligently placed storage compartments and a food warmer. Moreover, it is quieter than a car.

With the introduction of Rottne Crane Assistance and an upgraded version of the Comfort Line cabin suspension, Rottne is setting a new standard for its forwarders. Whether it’s the compact Rottne F10E or the powerful Rottne F20E, the cabin remains the same. This simplifies matters for both the drivers and Rottne’s service department.

“We have implemented several updates to improve the overall work environment with the cabin,” said Selstam. They include upgraded lighting, new air conditioning system, redesigned control buttons, new screens, new steering wheel, and powerful speakers.

For more information, visit or contact a Rottne dealer.

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