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Ponsse Launches Electric Forest Machine Technology

Ponsse and Epec introduced the PONSSE EV1, an electric forest machine technology concept. While the forest machine will be commercially available at a later date, Epec’s technology can already be used in electric or hybrid-electric commercial vehicles and non-road mobile machines. Ponsse’s technological concept is a peek into the future, paving the way for technological development and sustainable harvesting solutions.

The PONSSE EV1 concept has been developed for forwarders with a 15-tonne load-carrying capacity, the most popular Ponsse forwarder size category. The concept machine features a fully electric powertrain, as well as Epec’s power distribution unit and hybrid control unit. The machine’s powertrain operates fully with battery energy. Batteries are charged using a range extender, which is a combustion engine at this stage of development. Testing and development are advancing continuously. This technology provides significant improvements in fuel economy in this size category.

Ponsse has been studying and developing new technological solutions for several years. The PONSSE EV1 concept took its first steps in 2019 when Ponsse and Epec started to investigate responsible power source solutions in line with sustainable development.

This launch of a new technology concept is part of the company’s strategy and a tangible step toward the goal of carbon neutrality. Sustainable development guides all the company’s operations.

WaratahWaratah Debuts HTH618C Series-III

Waratah Forestry Equipment debuted the HTH618C Series-III, a new generation of its HTH618C harvester head built for increased productivity, reliability, uptime, and more. With a variety of new features paired with a compact and durable design, this agile thinning head is well-suited for mixed diameters.

The HTH618C Series-III features twin lower delimb arms and a high-performance valve to ensure superior delimbing with agile and responsive log control, tackling a wide range of harvesting jobs. The maximum delimb opening of 660 mm (26 in.) can handle larger stems. Improved cutting performance and tilt control also contribute to increased productivity.

Low-powered base carriers will have improved processing output and productivity with improved feeding performance and feed motor options.

With a new valve that simplifies serviceability, the HTH618C Series-III features improved hose routing, enhanced valve cover assembly, and easier access to make quick work of servicing. Likewise, hose protection helps keep the head running and increases durability.

ABB expands Ability Smart Sensor to General Machinery

The ABB Ability Smart Sensor turns rotating equipment including drives and motors as well as applications such as pumps, into smart, wireless connected assets. This new innovative solution is designed to detect potential asset disturbances and planned maintenance before the reliability, productivity, and safety of machinery are impacted.

The smart sensor fits to the surface of the asset, collecting and transmitting data via smartphone or gateway to a secure cloud service. Advanced algorithms analyze the data to provide real-time insights into the condition and performance of monitored assets. The asset to be monitored is chosen during commissioning. All components of a powertrain can be monitored via one portal, either individually or as part of the complete powertrain.

The ABB Ability Smart Sensor is ideal for application in hazardous areas and harsh environments. The sensor’s enclosure is designed to withstand high vibration levels and protects from total dust ingress (IP66/67). The sensor is certified for ATEX, IECEx, and NEC 500.

FeconFecon FMX28 Bull Hog Mulcher

Fecon introduced the FMX28 Bull Hog Mulcher for compact excavators. Designed for 3.5 to 8-ton compact excavators with hydraulic flows from 12-40 gpm, the FMX28 is optimized for those in the 3.5-to-5-ton range.

This new mulcher model features 14 flippable knife tools on a bite-limiting split-ring rotor to achieve a 28-inch cutting width. Aftermarket carbide tools are available for ground engaging applications. Ideal as an entry level vegetation management tool, the FMX28 can replace hand crews and workers wielding chainsaws, making the technology much safer and more productive, especially when working on slopes.

The unique rear throat design ensures that no unprocessed material is left behind, thus maximizing productivity when sweeping along the ground. Capable of mulching overgrowth, underbrush, and small trees up to 5-inch diameter, it is ideal for clearing property lines, pastureland, fencerows, invasive species removal, and more.

MecalacMecalac 106MRail

Mecalac offers the 106MRail, the world’s most compact dedicated rail excavator, to the North American market. Compact and versatile, the tracked 106MRail is also highly agile, nimbly driving on and off the rails by lowering or raising the integrated rail gear. It excels at working in light to medium applications as well as tunnels and confined spaces for urban railways, subways, and tramways.

The 10-ton 106MRail is a tracked model based on Mecalac’s MCR crawler skid excavator concept and is designed to be the ultimate utility machine for a variety of service and maintenance tasks, such as fine grading, working with ballast, and ditch cleaning. With a 75hp engine, it can travel up to 6.2 mph on the ground and 14.3 mph on rails.

The machine’s articulated 2-piece boom with offset provides excellent versatility, offering both maximum reach and compactness.

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