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Candrone is a robotics consulting firm that specializes in aerial and ground-based solutions. Candrone offers a full spectrum of services, including consumer drones, enterprise drones, custom engineering, and training to make the introduction and integration of robotic technology into your company as easy as possible.

With more than a decade of building drones and robotics, Candrone can handle almost any request. It can equip your drone with different payloads and industry-specific sensors to expand your toolset, collect more data, and give your business the competitive advantage.


DroneSeed is a vertically integrated reforestation company that utilizes both rapid response and interplanting of seedlings to regrow healthy forests lost to wildfires. The company offers seeds, seedlings, planting, and aerial seeding services to landowners and land managers, as well as CO2 removal-based offsets to companies seeking carbon-neutral or carbon-negative status. 

DroneSeed’s FAA-approved drone swarms use LiDAR technology to build a three-dimensional terrain map of the burned area. After processing the information, DroneSeed selects specific spots that are most promising for planting and sends in the pre-programmed drones (three to five per pilot) to seed the area with specially designed, proprietary ecosystem-correct seed vessels that contain nutrients and other material to support a higher yield of new trees. Each 8-foot diameter aircraft has six rotors and carries 57 pounds of seed vessels. 

Using drones allows DroneSeed’s team to achieve reforestation in terrain that is inaccessible or potentially too dangerous for hand-planting. The aerial seeding enables deployment in the same season as the fire, rather than waiting years for the seedlings to be grown. DroneSeed later follows up with hand-planting additional seedlings to achieve the best results.

flash forestFlash Forest

Flash Forest, Canada’s first-to-market and largest drone reforestation company, uses UAV hardware, aerial mapping software, automation, and biological seed-pod technology to reforest.

The team behind the Flash Forest reforestation company says they have developed drone technology that maps out the best areas for planting trees to absorb the most carbon dioxide, with an average density of 2,000 trees per nearly 5,000 acres.

Flash Forest claims that one drone operator has the potential to plant 100,000 seed pods per day, with hopes to offset carbon emissions “enough to have a significant and measurable impact on climate change within the next decade.”

Green Valley InternationalGreen Valley International

Green Valley International (GVI) currently offers a wide array of advanced, but easy-to-use, aerial, terrestrial, and mobile laser scanning technologies. The firm’s extensive product line features multiple high-precision 3D mapping hardware solutions including LiAir (unmanned aerial vehicle LiDAR), LiBackpack (handheld/mobile LiDar), LiEagle (fixed-wing/helicopter LiDAR), and LiMobile (vehicle-mounted LiDAR).

Along with the cutting-edge hardware, GVI provides versatile software solutions from mission plan (LiPlan) to data acquisition (LiAquire, LiBackpack Desktop), and from GNSS/IMU data processing (LiNav) to georeferencing (LiGeoreference). Additionally, LiDAR360 is a comprehensive point cloud post-processing software suite developed for terrain mapping, forestry applications, powerline survey, etc. GVI also provides customers with cloud-based services (LiCloud) to more easily process 3D data and manage their hardware systems.

Hilltop AerialHilltop Aerial

Hilltop Aerial is a heavy-lifting drone manufacturing company that provides products and services to a variety of industries. The company’s focus is on providing solutions for logging and creating faster and more efficient road layouts. With Hilltop Aerial technology, operators are able to fly a specialized rope across the draw, eliminating the need to hand-pull heavy haywire. Jobs such as an entire road change that usually take hours to days can be done within minutes by flying the rope.

Hilltop Aerial constructs two different models; the Hexacopter features 6 motors, and the Quadcopter features 4 motors, providing versatility to various operations. The company creates its drones to be versatile tools custom-fit to any operation. Custom additions include a variety of cameras such as thermal imaging or high-quality real-time video, loud speakers, and transport boxes. Spray tanks can be added for agricultural purposes.

For firefighting applications, Hilltop Aerial provides quick safety procedures to deliver rescue equipment to people in need on the ground or in the water. The company prides itself on service and will help in every way possible to successfully integrate its technology into all operations.

Green Valley InternationalInDro Robotics

InDro Robotics is a leading Canadian UAV, ground, and sea robotics research and development company that is proud to hold a number of industry firsts. One of only four companies in Canada with Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) certification, InDro Robotics has accumulated thousands of safe and compliant flight hours.

Collaborating with leading bodies such as Transport Canada and NASA, InDro is constantly developing new equipment and technologies to expand use-case scenarios. The first Canadian UAV company to obtain Cargo certification, it is proud to work with First Responders, First Nations, and others putting this incredible technology to positive use. 

InDro Robotics drones feature some of the following intelligent flight modes to assist with data collection:

  • Spotlight  –  The camera locks onto a subject while the aircraft moves freely.
  • Point Of Interest  –  The aircraft circles around an object in a smooth, continuous orbit.
  • Tripod – Safely navigates confined environments with precise UAV and gimbal control.
  • ActiveTrack  –  The aircraft follows an object while keeping it in frame.

Hilltop AerialStrategic UAV

Strategic UAV is a combination of foresters, biologists, GIS analysts, and incident management professionals, using drones to benefit clients. Everyone is capturing data with drones these days, but few are automating and extracting the best value from the data. That’s where Strategic UAV’s team is focusing its drone efforts, concentrating on three main sectors for adding value with Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS): forestry, mapping and surveying, and incident management.

The company operates seven main drones, and the number is expanding. Some of the drones can operate in inclement weather, which is important when traveling to project sites.

Strategic UAV has learned that the professional experience of the drone operator is a crucial component of getting the best value from drone use. Interpreting what the drone sees, having a vision for the data, and capturing the right scenes and metrics are best accomplished with seasoned field staff.

Green Valley InternationalTimberDrone

TimberDrone offers a variety of services to the forest industry, with a diverse fleet of equipment. The Mavic 2 Enterprise Edition, which carries an FLIR Lepton micro thermal imaging camera, is ideal for capturing hot spots. The Phantom 4 Pro’s uprated camera is equipped with a 1-inch 20-megapixel sensor capable of shooting 4K/60fps video and burst mode stills at 14 fps. The Inspire 1 is a powerful drone that carries the high-end Zenmuse X5 16-megapixel camera. The Inspire 2, with exceptionally long battery life, is great for carrying a load or flying in high winds and carries the Zenmuse X4S 20-megapixel camera for top-notch imagery.

The TimberKraken, designed by TimberDrone’s lead engineer, is a heavy-lift drone capable of hauling a 50-pound payload. Potential uses include herbicide spraying, tree bag shuttling, hose and fire equipment delivery, and tower rigging layout for cable logging jobs. The Mavic Pro 2 has an upgraded high-performance 1-inch CMOS and an active sensing area four times more effective than Mavic Pro, which means higher image quality with superior light and color performance.

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