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Werk-BrauWerk-Brau Introduces Hydra-clamp Bucket

Werk-Brau has introduced the Hydra-clamp bucket with a built-in rotary actuated thumb that maintains consistent clamping force on the load through the entire rotation, for improved flexibility and precision.

Constructed of abrasion-resistant, wear-resistant, and high-strength AR400 steel in all critical areas, this versatile attachment is ideal for handling heavy, awkward, or bulky items, moving debris, or sorting scrap, riprap, or other demolition rubble.

A helical actuator provides up to 54,000 ft. lbs. of torque at 3000 psi, considerably more clamping force than a traditional bucket and thumb set-up, with no exposed cylinders to become damaged. Consistent clamping force throughout the thumb’s 120-degree range of motion allows operators to maintain control of materials regardless of positioning. Werk-Brau Hydra-clamp Buckets include serrated side plates that help secure debris while moving and are available in various sizes to match a machine’s capacity. 

John DeereJohn Deere Introduces New Equipment and Options

There are a lot of new products coming out of John Deere. First, the company has introduced the new, small-size H423 harvester head and the large-size H425 and H425HD. These attachments replace the previous H413, H415, and H415HD models. Like their predecessors, these heads have 4WD feed.

The H423 harvester head works on the 1070G, 1170G, and 1270G base machines and is ideal for thinnings and other fellings, where the tree diameter at chest height (BHD) is 150-350 mm. With improved hose routing from boom to harvester head and from valve block to feed motors, this attachment offers improved durability, easy hose replacement, and improved hose protection with modifications to the frame.

The H425 harvester head for the large-size class is available on the 1270G and 1470G base machines. This attachment is ideal for final fellings and other fellings where the tree diameter at chest height (BHD) is 250-500 mm. Also including improved hose routing from loader to harvester head and from valve block to feed motors, the hoses are routed through the frame and well protected within the structures, improving durability. Additionally, the H425HD harvester head added to the H425 model offers an HD tilt frame, expander pins in the upper end of the tilt cylinder, feed motor arms, and lower delimbing knives.

In addition, John Deere now offers a 330-horsepower option for the 853M Tracked Feller Buncher and 853MH Tracked Harvester, equipped with the optional Dedicated Travel System feature. The combination of the travel and horsepower options on the 853M and 853MH machines enables John Deere to deliver enhanced performance in harsh conditions.

This new horsepower option on the 853M and 853MH further enhances the functionality of the Dedicated Travel System, which provides focused hydraulic functionality for the tracks, while providing independent hydraulic power and performance to the swing, boom, and attachment functions. This hydrostatic control of the travel function increases overall machine efficiency, especially during heavy multifunctioning. The additional horsepower is fully available for additional work, adding to the increased performance and productivity of the equipment.

TigercatTigercat Introduces LSX870D Shovel Logger and 880E Logger

Tigercat has raised the bar again with the introduction of the LSX870D shovel logger. Based on the popular LX870D series track carrier platform, the machine is designed for extreme duty steep slope logging. With the choice of attachments including the new Tigercat BG13 grapple with a live heel boom or the SC08 shovel clam grapple, the LSX870D is suited to pre-bunching and shovel logging in challenging terrain.

The addition of the LSX870D to the Tigercat lineup provides a higher power, closed loop drive alternative to the LS855E. Where the LS855E provides higher swing speed and lower ground pressure, the LSX870D allows for improved multifunctioning ability and quicker, more responsive travel speed, says Tigercat. The Tigercat FPT C87 engine supplies 330 hp, which combined with the dedicated attachment pump, provides plenty of multifunctioning power.

Tigercat also released the 880E Logger, a multi-purpose forestry carrier that can be configured for loading, shovel logging, or processing applications.

The 880E introduces several new features including an updated operator’s station and various grapple configurations to tailor the machine to your specific needs.

The 880E is powered by the Tigercat FPT N67 engine, producing 308 hp. The F7-163 undercarriage is designed and built to withstand rigorous, full-time forest duty with exceptional stability for heavy timber applications.

The spacious cabin has a new heated operator’s seat. Controls are integrated into both sides of the joystick pods, eliminating the need for any bolt-on control pods. Also, the quiet interior helps the operator enjoy the auxiliary audio input port, Bluetooth audio, and hands-free calling.

The 880E can be configured as a loader equipped with various power clam, butt-n-top, and log grapple options. Equipped with a live heel boom system, the 880E is a highly capable shovel logger with excellent stability, tractive effort, and swing torque. The carrier can also be configured as a high-capacity processor capable of running large harvesting heads in demanding duty cycles.

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