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ALLU Group Announces Dealer for Southwestern United States

ALLU Group Inc. is pleased to announce Bejac Corporation as its newest dealer, covering California, Nevada, Arizona, and Utah. Based in Los Angeles/Placentia, California, Bejac represents the heavy range of ALLU D-Series Transformer and ALLU Crusher material processing attachments within these states. Bejac provides sales and rental of ALLU’s unique attachments, as well as complete aftermarket service and spare parts. The company has eight branch locations in California, two locations in Nevada, one location in Arizona, and one in Utah.

Established in 1953, Bejac began business as a pipeline contractor. Since 1985, with Ron Barlet at the helm, Bejac has adapted and transformed into a successful equipment distributor. Barlet attributes the company’s growth to acquisition and adding new top-of-the-line products. Over the past several decades, Bejac has become a successful expert on niche industries.

DroneSeed Acquires Largest Private Forestry Seed Supplier in the Western U.S.

DroneSeed announced it has acquired Silvaseed Company, a 130-year-old titan in the forestry seed collection and seedling supply business. The move expands DroneSeed’s reforestation services beyond aerial drone-based seeding to span seed collection, seedling cultivation in nurseries, and on-the-ground tree planting services. The acquisition comes at a critical time in the forestry industry, with skyrocketing demand for reforestation and many tree nurseries facing significant seed and seedling shortages. 

 “With the compounding crises of climate change, wildfires, and forest loss, accelerating the pace and scale of reforestation is essential,” said Grant Canary, CEO of DroneSeed. “By creating the industry’s first vertically-integrated reforestation company, we now offer a one-stop-shop of reforestation services for landowners and foresters — starting from seed supply, to aerial enhanced seeding, to seedling cultivation, to traditional replanting, and more. We’re thrilled to build on Silvaseed’s track record and are doubling capacity at Silvaseed to meet intensifying demand.” 

INFLOR Partners with American Forest Management

INFLOR, the Latin American leader in bio-asset management, partnered with American Forest Management (AFM) to implement efficient forestry technology to expand across the United States, as well as globally.

Being at the forefront of providing forestry solutions from seed to harvest, INFLOR unifies companies’ systems in order to control and manage data across the board. Through the recent partnership, INFLOR has been able to expand business for AFM, the largest land consulting and real estate brokerage firm in the U.S., by integrating data, reducing costs, and creating better solutions across the company. In return, AFM has allowed INFLOR to grow their business in the United States – the forestry software company now manages over 2.1 million acres in the U.S. 

“We’ve perfected a unified system to manage companies’ forestry needs,” said Antonio Tatagiba, CEO at INFLOR for the United States. “We are not just an IT company; we are able to create a relationship, exchange data, and achieve the goals and results for each company we partner with. With AFM we were able to provide them the solutions they needed for growth.” 

BarkoBarko Celebrates Two Years Injury-Free and Counting

Barko Hydraulics (Barko) is proud to report two years of injury-free work at their manufacturing facility.

“At the end of the day, our employees and their safety come first,” said Justin Rupar, president of Barko. “Our employees work with some of the most powerful machines in the industry. Recognizing two years of injury-free work at our facility highlights Barko’s commitment to safety in the workplace, as well as our employees’ sense of responsibility to one another. We are very proud of our team.”

PonssePonsse Manufactures 17,000th Forest Machine

The 17,000th PONSSE forest machine has rolled off the production line in Vieremä. The milestone machine, a PONSSE Elk built in mid-August, will start its career in the sure hands of Kuusmoto Oy.

“It is a special privilege to hand over the 17,000th PONSSE machine to the Finnish Kuusmoto Oy. I wish to thank Kuusmoto for their trust and fantastic cooperation as we continue our journey together,” said Sales, Service and Marketing Director Marko Mattila.

“We are happy to receive this excellent machine and its plaque. Our current plan is to put the birthday boy to work in Posio or Ranua. It will be a fine addition to our fleet,” said Tomi Kuusela, managing director of Kuusmoto Oy. 

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