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Ergodyne Launches New Skullerz Safety Helmets

Ergodyne announced the launch of the Skullerz Safety Helmets with built-in Mips technology to protect workers from dangerously overlooked angled impacts.

Available in Class C and Class E, the new safety helmets are integrated with the company’s Mips Elevate — a low-friction layer that slides multi-directionally to redirect rotational energy that otherwise could be transferred to the head upon falling or impact. The integration fills a protection gap left by traditional hard hats that were designed to provide protection from direct impacts only.

“Over 18,000 workers suffered traumatic brain injuries in 2019,” explained Tim Gallant, Ergodyne product director. “By adding Mips technology to our best-selling Skullerz Safety Helmets, we are taking a step to help reduce the risk of brain jarring and tearing that can ultimately lead to lifelong brain damage.”

TigercatTigercat Innovations

Tigercat released 822E series feller bunchers and harvesters with the latest features and upgrades.

A redesigned engine enclosure provides improved roof access for clearing debris. A boom slider also reduces debris buildup in hard-to-reach areas. The clamshell style enclosure and drop-down side platform allow easy access to all sides of the engine, valves, and daily service points.

The updated E-series cab includes a new parallel action air ride seat with integrated heating and cooling. The reclining seat is fully adjustable with seat angle and seat extension adjustment. The wider seat cushion and lumbar support provide operator comfort all day long.

Tigercat Simulators

In March 2021, Tigercat partnered with CM Labs Simulations to develop a series of simulators that will replicate the functionality and behavior of Tigercat log forwarders and wheel harvesters. The wheel harvester simulator is the first to be completed.

Tigercat simulators are equipped with three screens, a motions platform, and all the associated Tigercat machine control software and hardware. The simulator’s software communicates directly with the Tigercat machine control software so the controls are identical to the actual machine. Any adjustments that can be made on the machine can be made on the simulator, which in addition to developing an operator’s motor skills will also teach them the effects of the many machine adjustments available on the equipment.

Tigercat simulators are equipped with an actual operator’s seat, including all control pods, the machine’s computer control system, and the harvesting head control system on the harvester simulator. The transition for new operators from virtual to actual is almost seamless.

KomatsuKomatsu 931XC 8WD Harvester and 855-3 Forwarder

Komatsu now offers two new machines, the 931XC-3 8WD harvester and the 855-3 forwarder.

The 931XC-3 (eXtreme Conditions) harvester is designed for extreme conditions from smarter thinning to heavy-duty final felling and is exceptionally maneuverable in most types of forests and terrain. With an effective mix of power, torque, and fuel economy, the harvester’s system has been optimized for low working speeds, including a broad powerband and high torque backup for challenging operations.

The 8WD unique double Komatsu Comfort Bogie drive system follows the terrain more closely than other 8WD machines with a fixed rear-axle design, greatly reducing rear ground pressure. The powerful parallel crane promotes enhanced production with a single control lever movement that extends the boom/arm on a parallel path. The three-pump hydraulic system enables simultaneous slewing, feeding, and maneuvering.

With the 855-3 forwarder, operators can monitor and control everything from engine and crane to the transmission and service ladders with the state-of-the-art MaxiXT system. All operator-specific functions can be fine-tuned to achieve the sensitivity and speed each individual operator prefers.

Chassis and suspensions were designed to maneuver through even the most rugged forests when fully loaded. Komatsu Comfort Bogie axles with a high portal offset and V-shaped frames provide high ground clearance.

FeconFecon Introduces Wider Mulcher for Standard Flow Skid Steers 

Fecon introduces the RK6015, a new, wider, standard flow mulcher head that is ideal for use with most standard skid steer loaders, Avant-type wheel loaders, and other carriers that are able to provide 17-27 gpm of hydraulic flow, have enclosed cabs that can be properly protected with the appropriate polycarbonate guarding, and have the ability to carry the 1465-pound attachment.

This new brush cutting tool allows those with standard flow skid steers up to 75 HP to expand their capabilities and enter the brush cutting arena without a large capital expenditure. A bite-limiting split ring rotor holds 26 knife or carbide-type cutting tools and has a 60-inch working width. Operating at 2400 rpm, it can easily shred brush and small trees up to 5 inches in diameter.

The new mulcher head is easily handled by the carrier, yet stout enough to provide a long service life. Overall width is approximately 71 inches with a cutting width of 60 inches. The overall height is 47 inches and the depth is 33 inches.

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