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Blake Manley Selected as Keynote Speaker for OLC

Fourth generation logger. Forestry and Natural Resources teacher at Sweet Home High School. Creator of “Manley Jobs,” the career video series that is getting our younger generation interested in logging and other natural resource careers.

That is the description of Blake Manley, who will be the keynote speaker at the 84th Annual Oregon Logging Conference (OLC), February 24-26, 2022. Manley’s selection “fits to a T” the OLC theme of Family, Friends and Forestry 2.0. Manley’s family has a history in logging. In fact, this is his dad’s 50th year in the logging industry. Manley also has a very special connection with his students and has been bridging the gap between industry and schools throughout Oregon. With his creative ability to reach out to youth, he has been successfully encouraging students to pursue logging careers, which is spawning the next generation of natural resources workers.

“Forestry has given so much to me, that to not give back, I feel like I am robbing society, and there’s not that many people doing this,” Manley said.

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Sierra-Cascade Logging Conference Seeks Executive Director

The Sierra-Cascade Logging Conference (SCLC), a California nonprofit corporation engaged in servicing the logging and construction industry, is seeking an Executive Director.

The goals and activities of the SCLC include an annual conference to enable manufacturers and dealers to display and demonstrate equipment, tools, and supplies relating to forest management. The annual conference includes sponsoring social events; providing an opportunity for the exchange of ideas among members in the fields of forest management and associated fields; promoting the art, practice, and standards of good logging and good forestry; encouraging and aiding in the training and proficiency of young people who are interested in logging, forestry, and related fields; and fostering a better understanding of the Forest Products Industry by the public. 

The Executive Director acts as the key management leader of the Sierra-Cascade Logging Conference and will report to the SCLC President while working at the direction of the Executive Committee and Board of Directors. For more information, visit the SCLC website,

Intermountain Logging Conference Set for April

Industry conferences are starting to get back on track after a rough couple of years. This includes the Intermountain Logging Conference, whose organizers are excited to be holding the 82nd annual conference April 6-8, 2022, at the Mirabeau Park Hotel & Convention Center. Expect an outdoor equipment display in addition to a wide variety of indoor exhibitors and exceptional speakers. Online registration will be opening soon at

Pacific Logging CongressPacific Logging Congress Raises the Bar

The Pacific Logging Congress (PLC) held its annual congress November 7-11 in Palm Springs. It was a unique event, with a host of engaging speakers (both live and virtual). Just a couple of highlights were Aaron Witt of Buildwitt who was excited to go back and “tell their story” and not be intimidated by social media, and Tony Spilde who explained how their workforce at Knife River had embraced change, which was a win/win for everyone.

The biggest highlight, however, was the Pacific Forest Foundation (PFF) auction. On the final evening, Ritchie Brothers helped the PLC raise a record amount for its foundation — more than $89,000. These funds will be used to create scholarships for future industry professionals, as well as help the PFF continue their educational program.

Mark your calendars. The next congress will be held in Scottsdale, Arizona, November 6-10, 2022.


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