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Loggers and Haulers Economic Relief Update

The American Loggers Council reports that as of March 29, the CFAP 2 application that began April 5, 2021 will be for existing programs only. The funds for timber harvesters and haulers will not be available until the USDA sets up a program that could be subject to rulemaking process that could take up to an additional 120 days to complete. The Associated Logging Contractors are doing everything possible to expedite the creation of the program. Stay tuned and get the latest information at

Forest Hearing and Management

The AFRC reported that May 26, the Senate Interior Appropriations Subcommittee held a hearing entitled Rethinking Resiliency: Budgeting for the Future of Forest Management, its first under new subcommittee Chairman Jeff Merkley (D-OR). During his comments, Senator Merkley spoke about the devastating wildfires that impacted Oregon last year and reiterated his support for the Collaborative Forest Landscape Restoration Act (CFLRA), including a desire to double the funding available to the program, as well as the need to treat acres that have already cleared the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) review process.

Senator Merkley noted that two million acres of treatments have cleared the NEPA process in Oregon. Much of these areas are believed to involve noncommercial treatments and prescribed fire, as well as timber sales that make up the agency’s out-year timber program. Finally, Senator Merkley urged the agency to request the funding necessary to recover and restore the millions of acres burned in last year’s wildfires.

Since the administration has yet to release a formal budget request for the Forest Service, the hearing largely focused on overarching budget and policy issues. The issue of Forest Service fire borrowing is receiving renewed attention as the 2018 bipartisan agreement to end the practice was tied to the Budget Control Act, which expires this year. Congress will need to extend the budget caps that allow the Forest Service to access disaster funding when wildfire suppression spending exceeds a set level. Chief Vicki Christiansen, who represented the Forest Service, underscored the importance of maintaining the fire fix.

Pacific Logging Congress In-Person Conference in Palm Springs

Mark your calendars!

The Pacific Logging Congress is excited to host their annual conference IN PERSON, November 7–10, 2021, in Indian Wells, California (near Palm Springs). The event will include a number of dynamic speakers on industry topics, offer professional credits, and host a number of fun networking events and opportunities.

The PLC hopes to see you there. Details and registration will soon be posted on the website,

AFRC Annual Meeting Registration Open!

Registration is now open for AFRC’s Annual Meeting, which will take place August 2–4 at Skamania Lodge, Washington. You can visit the AFRC website to register, book a room, and view the meeting agenda.

The “in-person” conference will start with the annual golf tournament at Elk Ridge Golf Course, followed by a welcome reception at Skamania’s new Riverview Pavilion with spectacular views of the Columbia Gorge.

Attendees will hear from elected officials including Congressman Bruce Westerman and Washington Commissioner of Public Lands Hilary Franz; experts on forest management and climate change; a special report on the impacts of Oregon’s devastating 2020 wildfire season; Pacific Northwest journalists and media experts; Federal agency leadership during our fan favorite Regional Breakout Sessions; and more!

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Race to Recover Forest Fire Timber
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2021/2022 Buyer's Guide

Forestry Education Develops Lasting Tools During COVID
In 2020 educators were forced to pivot from in-person learning to virtual education. Despite challenges, new ideas and techniques were developed that will be applied hereafter.

Tech Review – Harvesting and Processing Heads
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