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Ponsse New FirefighterPONSSE’s New Firefighter

Firefighting equipment PONSSE offers a quick, easy and simple way to turn a regular forest machine into a firefighting unit. The 2,640-gallon water tank is equipped with a powerful pump and water cannon. The equipment is installed as a single package – and after it has been connected to the machine’s hydraulics, a firefighting machine is ready to operate. No separate power source is needed. The firefighting equipment needs a load space at least (9 feet) wide, a sufficiently powerful hydraulic pump and three connections to machine hydraulics.

Designed especially for firefighting, the hydraulically controlled water cannon rotates 360 degrees. The spray direction, angle and pattern, ranging from water mist to a solid stream, can be adjusted using remote control. The refilling pump is a centrifugal submersible pump, which fills the water tank from a natural water source in approximately seven minutes.

Husqvarna Launches the MADSAW

Husqvarna has set a new standard for professional pole saws with the launch of its latest industry-first innovation: the 525DEPS MADSAW. MAD is a commonly used industry term, an acronym for OSHA’s Minimal Approach Distances. The MADSAW is designed with operator safety in mind, as it is the first and only dielectric gas-powered pole saw individually tested to meet the OSHA standard for electric power generation, transmission, and distribution (OSHA 1910.269).

The MADSAW offers insulation to prevent electrical conductivity and extreme versatility with the ability to be operated aloft in a bucket, in-tree, or on the ground. The two available lengths will make it easier for operators to access hard-to-reach areas, reducing the amount of time climbing aloft — ultimately maximizing operator productivity.

Morbark Vtection SystemMorbark Vtection System – Protection from Hammermill Damage

Morbark recently introduced a new, patent-pending VTECTION System option for their 3000, 3400, and 6400 series Wood Hog Horizontal Grinders. The VTECTION system monitors rotor vibration to reduce damage from contact with contaminates or other causes of damaging vibration like an out-of-balance rotor, broken insert, defective bearing, or extremely hard wood. When coupled with Morbark’s Break-Away Torque Limiter, these devices provide customers with superior hammermill protection.

Ship-out kits are available for in-field installations on preexisting 3000X, 3400X, and 6400X horizontal grinders.

John Deere Purpose-Built 768-II Bogiw SkidderJohn Deere Unveils Purpose-Built 768L-II Bogie Skidder

John Deere expands its skidder lineup with the new 281-horsepower 768L-II Bogie Skidder, a purpose-built machine designed to navigate wet and steep slope conditions.

The 768L-II features heavy-duty bogie axles, outstanding tractive ability and floatation, increasing durability, and performance in challenging conditions. Additionally, a new arch design expands visibility while a long wheelbase and improved boom-arch envelope increase dexterity and maneuverability in the woods, significantly boosting productivity and performance.

The bogie skidder incorporates the customer-favorite features found in the L-II machines, including a comfort-boosting cab, redesigned electrical and hydraulic systems, and industry-exclusive Continuously Variable Transmission.

“The John Deere bogie skidder is hands down twice as good as a regular four-tire skidder. It’s just all-around better in my book for productivity and ground disturbance,” said Jason Dawson of Triple J Logging. “With the 768L-II, you can carry twice as much of a load, especially in wet conditions and on the steep terrain, without tearing the ground up.”

Vermeer TR6450 Trommel ScreenVermeer TR6450 Trommel Screen

Vermeer is updating its trommel screen line with the new Vermeer TR6450 trommel screen, which is capable of sorting up to three product sizes at once. The TR6450 features adjustable front-fines, rear-fines and overs conveyor for efficient multi-product production. With a 20-foot long, 6.5-foot diameter quick-change tension screen drum, the TR6450 can sort up to 180 cubic yards per hour with .5-inch screens installed and material with moisture less than 40%. It is powered by a 120-horsepower Cat 3.6L Tier 4F diesel engine, and its drum speed can be adjusted from 0 to 25 revolutions per minute based on material type and moisture content.

With a hopper infeed height of just 9 feet 6 inches from ground level at operating incline and capacity of 6.5 cubic yards, the TR6450 is built for quick loading cycle times. The unit’s Vermeer ACS controls system gives operators the ability to adjust conveyor heights and drum speeds from a machine-mounted DP10 display or handle transceiver remote.

John Deere Purpose-Built 768-II Bogiw SkidderTigercat’s 875 Logger Advances to E-Series

The 875E logger introduces several new features, including an updated operator station, two undercarriage options, and various grapple configurations to tailor the machine to your specific needs.

The 875E logger is a multi-purpose carrier with two boom options for loading or processing applications. The machine can be equipped with the Tigercat FPT N67 Non-certified, Tier 4f or Stage V engine, producing 282 hp.

The undercarriage is designed and built to withstand rigorous, full-time forest duty applications. Two options are available. The F7-150 undercarriage is standard. The larger footprint F7-162 undercarriage provides additional stability for heavy timber applications.

The 875E can be configured as a loader equipped with various power clam, butt-n-top, live heel, pulpwood, and log grapple options. The carrier can also be configured as a high-capacity processor capable of running large harvesting heads in demanding duty cycles.

Foley Engines Offers New Club Options

Foley Engines is a 105-year-old, three-generation family firm that specializes in Twin Disc/Rockford and WPT power take-off clutches. These clutches, often called “hand clutches,” are often used in tub grinders and wood chippers throughout the U.S.

Foley now offers both new and factory remanufactured power take-off (PTO) clutches with upgraded severe duty components including 100% Kevlar composite discs. These proprietary Kevlar composite linings have as much as a 300% longer service life compared to the molded fiber friction discs commonly used, and avoid failures caused by broken teeth.

Ponnse Scorpion HarvesterPONSSE Scorpion Harvester

Ponsse’s flagship, PONSSE Scorpion harvester, was first introduced to the general public in 2013. Immediately after its launch, the Scorpion became a global sales success and a symbol of responsible forestry.

Now, eight years later, the Scorpion has shed its skin. Ponsse introduces a new, extensively modernized Scorpion harvester that meets all the requirements of forestry today; from cab stability allowing for increasingly better work ergonomics to more holistic consideration of the environment, and from advanced OPTI 5G technology to unobstructed visibility.

In addition to numerous new features, PONSSE Scorpion and Scorpion King harvesters have been fitted out with an advanced fifth-generation PONSSE Opti 5G information system and a completely upgraded user interface. The user-friendly information system is the most modern on the market, and its smoothness and speed take the user experience to a completely new level.

Cat Next Generation 538 Forest MachinesNew Cat Next Generation 538 Forest Machines

The new Cat Next Generation 538 Forest Machine is more productive, more comfortable, and costs less to maintain so owners can spend their time moving more timber, loading more trucks, and maximizing their profit potential.

Available in Log Loader and General Forest configurations, the 538 has a new electrohydraulic control system with 10% more swing torque that allows the machine to do work with more power and precision. Updates to the drive system result in a 12% increase in travel speed, helping it cover more ground and move up and down slopes faster. High Wide undercarriage provides 15% greater ground clearance to help the machine pass over stumps and other obstructions with ease.

The 538 features an efficient Cat 7.1 engine that meets U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final and is flexible to run on biodiesel up to B20. Smart mode automatically matches engine and hydraulic power to working conditions to help reduce fuel consumption up to 5% without sacrificing performance.

The 538 offers a cold-start capability of -25˚ F and reliable high ambient temperature operation reaching 118˚ F. It efficiently operates at altitudes reaching 9,842 ft without derating. Fuel tank capacity is more than double the previous model, which means the new 538 can operate up to five shifts before refilling.

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