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Pacific Forest Foundation Awards 2021-22 Scholarships

This year 20 students received $24,500 in scholarships from the Pacific Forest Foundation (PFF) for the 2021-22 school year. It was a diverse group ranging from New Zealand to Arizona.

The scholarship winners this year are:

  • $2,500 Scholarships – Dylan Miller, Hunter Hinners, and Savannah Wakeman
  • $2,000 Scholarships — Matthew Scheuber, Colton Fuller, and Jared Frasca
  • $1,500 Scholarships — Matthew Howley, Jacob Mitchell, and Samuel Weir
  • $1,000 Scholarships — Dustin Morgan, Kimberly Ortiz, and Arlo Eades
  • $500 Scholarships — Dougal Shepherd, James Power, Claire Tyson, Alli Kohrman, Ethan Mulhair, Michael Lilburne, and Quentin Comus

“It was exciting to see how many students were interested in the forest industry,” says Pacific Logging Congress President Wayne Settle, referring to the 29 qualified applicants the PFF received.

For more information about the PFF scholarships, visit

Sierra Cascade Logging Conference Held Event in May

The Sierra Cascade Logging Conference (SCLC) was excited to hold its annual event this past May. The event was well attended and included great speakers as well as equipment available for viewing. There were also highlights like the Keith Foster Excavator Rodeo and the Strongest Logger Competition.

“In spite of having to change dates of the events, cancel some events, and/or offer venues in a different format... the Sierra Cascade Logging Conference was able to move forward with our Annual In-Woods Demonstration, Education Auction, and Logging and Construction Conference,” say SCLC President Delbert Gannon.

He adds, “Words cannot express our appreciation to all our volunteers, vendors, supporters, sponsors, donors, and — most of all, committees and committee members — for their tireless effort.”

Incoming president Bryan Taylor has already begun plans for the upcoming Sierra Cascade Logging Conference, which will be held February 10-12, 2022, at the Shasta District Fairgrounds.

TEAM Safe Trucking Annual Meeting

TEAM Safe Trucking’s annual meeting will be held in Coeur D’Alene, Idaho, on October 6, 2021. You can register now at

One set of speakers will be Brandon Wiseman and Jerad Childress of Trucksafe Consulting L.L.C. Having spent the last decade representing some of the nation’s largest and most sophisticated motor carriers and helping them build and maintain cutting edge safety programs, Wiseman and Childress are passionate about equipping carriers of all types and sizes with the tools and services they need to stay compliant — and more importantly, to reduce highway accidents. The tangential benefits of reduced insurance costs and improved safety metrics are just the icing on the cake!

Oregon Logging Conference Foundation Awards 20 Scholarships

More than $40,000 in financial assistance has been awarded to 20 students by the Oregon Logging Conference Foundation (OLCF). These students represent the next generation of those who will carry on in the logging and forestry industry.

Twenty students applied for scholarships this year, and each student qualified to receive this financial assistance to support them in their educational pursuits.

The OLCF accepts scholarship applications each year, beginning on December 1, with the deadline for submission April 1 of the following year.

Of special note, recipient Justin Helgren was awarded the Carl Welle Memorial Scholarship. Helgren is studying Forest Management at Oregon State University.

The Carl Welle Memorial Scholarship fund was established to honor Welle, who graduated from Thurston High School and pursued a career as a paramedic until he bought his first D-4 Cat and found his true passion for logging. He turned his passion into owning his own company, Riverridge Excavating and Logging. It is the hope of Welle’s family that the recipients of this scholarship will pursue forestry, natural resources, or other careers that involve a life spent working in and enjoying the forests. Welle’s family believes this is a way of paying tribute to Carl, while giving a worthy student the boost forward that Carl would have appreciated.

New Forest Education Book Designed for Beginning Readers

More Than Trees, the latest educational booklet to be released by the Oregon Forest Resources Institute (OFRI) K-12 education program, is designed specifically for students who are just beginning to read.

The 16-page publication for the “early reader” uses familiar vocabulary and appealing illustrations to teach about forests and the wildlife that depends on them. The format allows children to read and enjoy the booklet by themselves.

Inserts with smaller text throughout the publication provide more details about Oregon’s forests, offering additional context and insights for more advanced readers, parents, and educators.

To view the book, go to

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