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Brass Knuckle Gloves

Brass Knuckle Glove

Demonstrating just how important appropriate hand protection is, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that 70 percent of workers who experience hand injuries are not wearing gloves. Matching the hazard to the proper level of protection is key. Equally important are protective gloves that are not only comfortable, but so dexterous that they make the task easier. Brass Knuckle SmartCut BKCR2403 delivers for jobs that not only need cut and abrasion resistance, but still require a focus on long-wearing grip, dexterity, and flexibility.

This light-duty, cut-resistant glove offers ANSI Cut Resistance Level 2 protection balanced with extreme dexterity for tasks calling for very fine motor skills and tactile sensitivity. Its composite yarn includes a blend of high-strength filament fibers for unbeatable cut resistance, upwound with nylon and spandex to create push-the-button, set-the-gauge, or pick-up-the-nail dexterity. The 18-gauge HPPE (high performance polyethylene) and glass-fiber shell is lightweight and provides the ANSI cut level 2 protection. A black polyurethane palm coating delivers reliable abrasion protection and enhanced grip.

TigercatTigercat Adds High Horsepower Mulcher Carrier

Tigercat adds to its mulcher line-up with the release of the 760B mulcher and the 4061-30 mulching head. The new 760B is a 550 hp class mulcher carrier that shares major components with the field proven and similarly classed Tigercat 480B track driven mulcher as well as the popular M726G wheel driven mulcher.

The 760B was designed primarily for silviculture applications. Forestry companies require the capability to efficiently clean up residual post-harvest forest debris and grind stumps to ground level. The 760B meets this requirement, and the machine will also find application in large-scale land clearing and ROW projects.

In stable, well-drained soil types, a high horsepower wheel-driven machine has many advantages including quicker travel speeds, lower operating costs, and more. As such, Tigercat also designed a 9.8’ wide mulching head to complement the new carrier. The new 4061-30 mulching head is based on the original Tigercat 8.2’ 4061, with several updates and enhancements. The 8.2’ 4061 will be rebranded as the 4061-25 when similar updates are introduced in early 2021.

The 760B will be equipped with boom float, LogOn (Tigercat’s wifi based machine monitoring system), ground level fueling, and Tigercat’s WideRange transmission.

Werk-Brau Introduces Productivity Package 

Werk-Brau’s Heavy Duty Excavator Buckets, when paired with a Progressive Linkage Thumb, and D-Lock Coupler, allow quick coupling for superior versatility and productivity. The Heavy-Duty Excavator Bucket is built to last with high-quality T-1 steel utilized in all critical or high-wear components, and heavy-duty horizontal wear straps protect the bucket bottom. Each bucket is engineered with tapered side plates and a dual taper radius that reduce wear and make dumping easier. When paired with the Progressive Linkage Thumb, the Heavy-Duty Excavator Bucket is ideal for material handling. 

The D-lock allows operators to quickly, safely, and reliably switch between attachments, so that the proper tool is always at hand. With capacities from 3.5 to 40 MT, this Werk-Brau productivity package is ideal for land clearing, demolition work, and more. 

The Progressive Linkage Thumb features a full 180-degree range of motion, allowing it to match the bucket through its entire work cycle. The integrated collapsible linkage design also allows the thumb jaw unit to close further, preventing damage to the machine’s arm while in transport position. Each tine has a minimum of three points of grip to securely hold materials.

Wood MizerWood-Mizer Introduces Entry-Level Bandsaw Blade Sharpener

Wood-Mizer introduces the entry-level BMS25 bandsaw blade sharpener designed for sawmillers in rural areas.

The BMS25 runs on a 12V battery and can sharpen a variety of bandsaw blade profiles at a rate of 30 teeth per minute, which is up to five times faster than comparable sharpeners. The index arm automatically advances the sawmill blade as the grinding wheel sharpens the face and gullet of each tooth. The index arm also has a jog feature to advance the blade manually for easy set-up.

The BMS25 is built in the USA and comes complete with a 5” grinding wheel, wheel shaping tool, and a durable stand; the battery is sold separately. When sawmill blades need to be sharpened on-site in rural areas, the BMS25 can connect to a 12V DC battery of a sawmill, truck, tractor, or other automotive-style batteries that are able to maintain a 10-amp load. In addition, the sturdy stand includes 1-3/16” diameter pipe legs for durability and a wide base for extra-stability.


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