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Barko forwarders implement technology exactly (and only) where it’s needed, thus simplifying machine design and serviceability while delivering consistent production capabilities. Equipped with intuitive controls for smooth operation, Barko forwarders provide ample load capacity in combination with excellent stability and maneuverability.

The Barko 612 forwarder offers a full 20-inch ground clearance and provides excellent weight distribution for steep grades. Low operating weight keeps ground pressure low to minimize ground disturbance, while access panels contribute to easy servicing.

The 612 is powered by a fuel-efficient 200 HP Volvo Tier 3 diesel engine and features a responsive Danfoss Plus+1 hydraulic control system. Power demand joystick-controlled steering includes full oscillation lock and 40-degrees of side-to-side articulation. To enhance performance and help save customer money over the machine’s life cycle, the forwarder is engineered with increased cooling capacity, updated torque converters, and improved cab mounts and frame.

eco logEco Log

Eco Log launched in 2020 its new F-series Forwarders, equipped with Stage V engines from Volvo Penta. Like their predecessors, the engines are characterized by high reliability, efficient performance, quick response and environment friendliness — characteristics that have now been also strengthened with a Stage V upgrade. The Forwarder cabin provides the same, great operator comfort as before, while the rest of the machine has been developed for even better service conditions and higher quality. 

The forwarders in the F-series feature: a grill that swings open for easier access and cleaning; a hood that opens with electric actuators - to facilitate service; a new larger-dimensioned fenders house easier-to-access batteries, as well as the tool box; a urea tank has been placed together with the central lubrication unit, fuel and hydraulic tank to facilitate easy access and re-filling; and a new gear box in model 594, which increases the tractive effort of the machine, giving it even better performance when working in difficult terrain.

The machines are also equipped with new radiators optimized for Stage V.


Narrow design with wide tires – this basic principle of all HSM forestry machinery has proven to be particularly effective in the development of their crane forwarders. This is reflected in the high load capabilities and the very high level of ground protection.

Whether 208F or 904F, all of the models from the HSM forwarder series stand for inventive engineering, with their state-of-the-art drive technology, efficiency and customer-orientated design. Above all, the 208F steep slope version is currently in a league of its own.

With their experience in the construction of crane forwarders, HSM is at your service to provide reliable, economical harvesting technology adapted to the latest harvesting techniques.

HSM uses axle technology produced by NAF. In addition to the high level of craftsmanship and sturdy design, HSM adheres to its philosophy with bogie axels tool.

The long lasting, high fuel economy engines from IVECO with modern common rail technology offer the perfect combination of top performance, very low fuel consumption and remarkable smooth running with optimal exhaust emission values. Engines range from 134 HP to 235 HP.

John DeereJohn Deere

Available in a six-wheeled or eight-wheeled configuration, the 910G and 1010G models are ideal for early-to-late thinning operations and smaller end final felling applications. Both feature an improved design, including a shorter frame in front of the engine to reduce overhang. Balanced bogie axles, rigid front axles on the six-wheel model, and an unbalanced front bogie axle option offer increased durability. Additionally, the 1010G is designed for improved, terrain-friendly operation and soft soil performance, and is available with a low-ground pressure rear bogie axle option. Both can be equipped with one of two large load space options, narrow and wide, and the headboard offers better load area better visibility.

Three cab options – fixed, rotating, or rotating and leveling – are available on all G-Series machines. Available with a cab rotation of 290 degrees, these machines provide a clear view of the boom and grapple. Decreased operator fatigue and increased productivity are ensured due to the large windows, comfortable ergonomic armrests, fully adjustable air-cushioned seat and automated climate-control system. Optional Intelligent Boom Control on the CF5 boom boosts productivity. Models feature a high tractive force transmission, Adaptive Driveline Control and TimberMatic control system, and are compatible with the TimberMatic Maps and TimberManager technology.


Komatsu has updated its 875 and 895 forwarders with improvements and new features designed to increase productivity, simplify daily maintenance, and maximize profitability. The 875 (16-metric ton) and 895 (20-metric ton) have more engine horsepower and torque; 875 is at 254 HP and 895 is at 287 HP. These engines feature a new more user-friendly DEF system, a new exhaust system and new lower-maintenance hydraulic lifters. The diesel heater heats the batteries, engine coolant and hydraulic oil for improved cold weather starting.

Both models feature the totally new ‘future-proof’ control system called MaxiXT, which continuously monitors and optimizes engine, transmission, hydraulic, and crane performance for the operator. A new drive-by-wire steering system replaces the former steering wheel and allows for higher travel speed. The cab has increased side window wiper sweep area for improved rainy weather visibility, more storage space, and a standard GPS receiver.

The HST transmissions have a special hydraulic retarder overspeed protection that keeps key driveline components from over-revving. The HST also has an active feed pressure control system which decreases feed pressure when standing still, which saves horsepower and reduces fuel consumption. The FlexGate headboards have a low gloss paint finish to reduce operator glare.


Logset offers a variety of forwarders. The main components have been carefully selected to ensure the best reliability: Less downtime, more money.

The successful combination of the Logset TOC 2 control system and the Agco Power diesel engine makes Logset forest machines the most fuel efficient on the market. And, Logset machines have ergonomically essential elements like first class comfort, an unobstructed view, user friendliness and easy service access. 

A great advantage of the Mesera crane is its boom geometry. The crane is especially designed for forwarders, and both loading and unloading is comfortable and easy. The model 83 has reaches from 23.6 feet to 32.8 feet, and it comes with integrated hoses.

The diesel engine in the Logset forwarder range has the best combination of good fuel economy and outstanding power, but it is also environmentally friendly. Thanks to the 49.5 gallon fuel tank capacity, the driver can extend the work shift without refueling. The correct dimensioning of the oil tank in each machine model ensures a longer lifespan of the hydraulic components.

The hydrostatic transmission gives the best performance, even in the most difficult terrains. It is powerful, accurate and reliable.


PONSSE Bison is the only forwarder with a transmission equipped with a stepless gear ratio change. When it is no longer necessary to stop when switching to the fast range from the slow range, working in all types of terrain is much faster. Just hit the throttle. With Active Frame as standard equipment, it dramatically prevents the cabin, and the operator, from swaying. These help you to drive faster in all types of terrain. To top it all off, the engine rpm remains nearly constant, regardless of your speed. Of course, this has a significant impact on fuel consumption. Bison’s low-emission engine is highly economical.

The fuel economy and emissions of its Mercedes-Benz / MTU engine have been optimized to meet the strictest requirements. Equipped with the Active Crane boom control system, the grapple becomes an extension of the operator’s hand. It goes where you want it to go, easily and effortlessly. Bison carries 16 tons with unprecedented ease from forests to landing.

For demanding terrain and challenging conditions – use the higher tractive force of the CVT technology. The advantages of a high tractive force materialize, in particular, when driving on steep slopes, in soft terrain and in deep snow.


Rottne offers six fowarders — the F10, F11, F13, F15, F18 and F20.

The F20 offers 22-ton load capacity, withstands tough handling and you can choose between a wide load or wide load XL. It has variable transmission that is both unique and powerful, and a strong a quick crane. Operators will enjoy a spacious cab with Comfort Line, and it’s compatible for bearing or drawing tracks on all wheel pairs.

The balanced bogies, with large, wide wheels, provide excellent floatation capacity and smooth and gentle travel.

It features a well-balanced power train with a diesel engine that can be run at a low working engine speed, as it achieves maximum torque between 1,000 and 1,500 rpm. The variable hydrostatic transmission with a tractive force of a full 29.7 tons, which means the forwarder can maneuver without problem in all types of terrain and can maintain a high driving speed even with maximum load.

The crane, with designation RK 160, has top-class performance. The RD 160 has a large oil flow and the valve package is mounted on the crane close to the cylinders.


Tigercat forwarders, ranging in capacity from 15.5 to 27.5 ton, are designed to achieve high production and lowest cost in the world’s most demanding transporting applications. Tigercat forwarders are built tough for high duty-cycle applications, heavy loads and challenging terrain.

The low-wide log forwarder bunk system allows easier crane operation and decreases loading and unloading cycle times. In combination with the new series of hooked cranes, the low-wide bunk significantly reduces the chance of crane contact with the gate or bunk stakes. The working envelope of the crane is expanded for reduced machine travel and improved productivity.

Operator visibility and ergonomics are enhanced. The operator enjoys a clear sight line to the top of the load, increasing log placement accuracy and decreasing cycle times. In addition, the grapple stays within the operator’s view through the entire loading cycle for reduced strain.

Tigercat FPT engines meet the stringent Tier 4 emission level requirements without the need for a variable geometry turbocharger, an EGR system, a higher capacity cooling system, an intake throttle body or a diesel particulate filter. No ‘regens’ are required.


The TimberPro D-Series 20 ton (830D) and 22 ton (840D) forwarders have been fitted with the new Cummins L9 338HP Performance Series engine.

The Cummins L9 Performance Series StageV engine contains an EGR-free architecture and compact Single-Module™ aftertreatment system. Because of reduction in size of the emissions components, TimberPro was able to still meet all the requirements of Tier 4 Final, increased the horsepower and torque rating, but still able to keep an almost zero tail-swing design.

The new L9 engine also boasts increased fuel economy and longer maintenance intervals over the previous models, contributing to a reduced cost of operation and lower overall total cost of ownership. The new TimberPro D-Series also boasts an increase in production and still maintains the reliability and customer support that TimberPro has always been known for.

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