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Komatsu XT-5Komatsu Upgrades XT-5 Family of Tracked Feller Bunchers

To better meet customer needs, Komatsu is upgrading its XT-5 family of tracked feller bunchers, adding performance and operator improvements, as well as covering the machines with a special 2-Year/5,000-Hour warranty program. The XT430-5, XT445L-5 and XT465L-5 models were introduced in 2018, and these advancements were made based on customer feedback.

Komatsu XT-5 machines let customers travel, operate the swing, arm, and tool simultaneously, for maximum usability. To further boost multi-functioning performance for its customers, Komatsu added 7 percent more horsepower (331 hp vs. 310 at launch) to the Cummins QSL9 engine and increased the hydraulic flow, while maintaining excellent fuel efficiency.

Additional lighting elements improve nighttime visibility of the right track and when using the rear camera, for a total of 13 LED lights brilliantly illuminating nighttime operations.

Tigercat 718Tigercat 718 Advances to G-Series

Tigercat engineering recently completed the drive-to-tree feller buncher line-up with the release of the 718G. One of the last Tigercat machines to receive a Tigercat FPT Tier 4 engine, it was a challenge to package the additional after-treatment componentry required for Tier 4 compliance, while still retaining the nimble size of the industry’s finest thinning machine. The designers have succeeded, incorporating all of the features of the larger G-series family members, as well as additional enhancements, while maintaining the approximate size of the previous E-series machine.

The 718G gets its power from the Tigercat FPT N45 Tier 4f engine which provides 170 hp at 2,200 rpm. The completely redesigned engine compartment allows for a high capacity cross-flow cooling set-up with a hydraulic driven, automatic variable speed fan, and an automatic reversing cycle.

The new accumulation mode allows the operator to choose between normal and auto-accumulate for bunching head arm operation. Simultaneous open and close of the clamp and accumulator arms can also be programmed on a joystick button.

Titan OTRTitan expands two OTR tire lines

Titan International, Inc. (Titan) — producer of Titan Wheels and Titan Tires — has introduced the industry’s highest ply ratings for two of its existing OTR product lines — the Titan CM100 and the Titan CM150. This higher ply rating allows for carrying significantly heavier loads and doing so with greater durability and a longer life.

The CM100 and CM150 were engineered to withstand the toughest conditions and highest weight load requirements, making them ideal for applications such as gantry cranes used at ports and shipyards, forestry log stackers in wood mills, steel mill pot haulers that move slag and more.

The CM100 comes in the 37.5-39 size, but in two options: an E-3 with 52 ply rating and the new dual rated E-3/L-3 with the industry’s highest 60 ply rating. The CM150 comes in three sizes 18.00-33, 33.25-35 and 37.25-35. The newest addition is the 33.25-35, which is now offered as a dual-rated E-4/L-4 with the industry’s highest ply rating of 56.

Doosan DL580-5Doosan introduces the DL580-5 wheel loader

Doosan Infracore North America, LLC, is expanding its wheel loader lineup with the new DL580-5-wheel loader. This machine offers customers a two-pass fill wheel loader for over-the-road, 24-ton capacity trucks, improving operational efficiency and reducing load-out cycle times.

The Doosan® DL580-5 wheel loader is designed to serve customers in mining and aggregate work, and it is capable of heavy-duty construction tasks. The wheel loader is equipped with an enhanced front workgroup that features a reinforced Z-bar, a larger profile arm, and lift cylinder geometry that work together to improve lifting capacity and performance.

The model also has a larger volume steering pump and cylinders, which help to maintain steering efficiency with larger loaded weights. In addition, Doosan provides a heavier counterweight to offset larger load capacities.

Doosan DL580-5Waratah introduces the H212 harvesting and processing head

The new H212 from Waratah Forestry Equipment is a lightweight, agile harvesting and processing head. Waratah’s smallest harvesting head, designed for 8-16 metric ton tracked carriers or 16-18 metric ton wheeled carriers, provides enhanced productivity for early thinning operations. The multi-purpose head can handle mixed hardwood and softwood stands as well as multi-tree harvesting, processing or debarking applications.

The H212 features the new and highly efficient SuperCut 100S saw unit with improved auto tensioning and easier servicing, which can fell and process trees up to 520 mm (20.5 in.) in diameter. The delimb arms, which are designed to provide premium delimbing, complement the feeding power and grip of the drive arms on large or crooked stems. Likewise, the processing arm option, with an extended upper and lower knife offset, enables picking stems from the ground or piles to reduce processing time.

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