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Waratah Forestry Equipment Debuts New Equipment

Waratah Forestry Equipment recently introduced the new H424, a highly maneuverable harvester head specially designed for mid-sized wheeled and tracked machines. With an excellent power-to-weight ratio, the H424 makes quick work of second thinnings and early regeneration cuttings, as well as processing or debarking applications.

A combination of features including a PerformanceEvo (PEVO) valve, Supercut 100S saw unit, and highly durable mainframe make it great for amplified productivity and durability.”

One of the main features of the H424 is the new SuperCut 100S saw unit, which provides automatic chain lubrication and tensioning for improved performance and increased uptime. The H424 has a cutting capacity of 24.4” superb performance.

Waratah also debuted a new model configuration of the HTH623C harvester head. The new HTH623C loader processor (LP) features a wide delimb opening for increased productivity while its short tilt frame improves reach for higher deck piles, making it more maneuverable and ideal for tight spaces.

The HTH623C LP takes great features of the HTH623C harvester head and expands on those for loading and processing applications with a shorter tilt frame and a larger maximum delimb opening.

One of the biggest differences from the HTH623C harvester head is the large delimb opening on the HTH623C LP, which allows for multiple logs. The maximum delimb opening is 37”— 9” larger than the HTH623C’s.

Olofsfors Improves Blue Lines SeriesOlofsfors Improves Blue Lines Series

Olofsfors Inc. is adding a powerful ¾” bar to its Blue Line series‚ the Blue Line Vyking™ Slasker Bar.

Specially designed for ground saws, the Vyking™ Slasher Bar has proven to be a reliable and productive saw bar in all conditions. The Vyking’s advanced metal alloy and the specific tempering technique is one the company believes operators will truly benefit from it. The Blue Line Vyking™ Slasher Bar can handle any tree species, length, diameter and operation.

The Vyking’s revolutionary endurance rails with its 60-degree rail angle, minimizes the chain wear on the bar. This small but ingenious change in the rail cut angle ensures less maintenance and longer life span.

Rottne Industri introduces new warranty
Rottne Industri AB introduces new warranty terms for its newly produced forestry machines. The new basic warranty foresees that Rottne Industri will replace free of charge either the machine parts that break down due to manufacturing, or material defects up to 3,000 working hours.

Previously, the warranty was 2,000 hours for the parts themselves and up to 1,000 hours for the work, so it is a significant improvement. Now the company compensate the machine owner for the work it takes to change the part up to 3,000 hours and the company is also responsible for the travel cost for the service technician, up to 186 miles per warranty case, until the machine has worked for 500 hours.

PonssePONSSE Firefighting equipment for forwarders

Ponsse is introducing firefighting equipment to be installed in the load spaces of forwarders for extinguishing wildfires. 

“Forest machine is the most natural and effective way to access a forest fire area. Operations in difficult terrain come as second nature to them, and they have more than enough capacity in their hydraulic system for demanding conditions”, says Juha Haverinen, Ponsse´s product manager of forwarders. “When the rescue authorities asked us if we were willing to develop this product together, we were ready right from the beginning, because rescue professionals and our customers had a clear demand for firefighting equipment.”

The firefighting equipment is available for PONSSE Buffalo and PONSSE Elephant forwarders. The minimum loader requirement is PONSSE K90+.

The firefighting equipment is delivered to the fire location as a single package – and after it has been connected to forest machine hydraulics, the equipment is ready to operate. The 10 m³ water tank of the firefighting equipment can be filled with its own pump from a natural water source or the tank of a fire truck. The water cannon has a range of 47 meters and a turning radius of 360 degrees.

feconFecon® Stumpex®

Fecon® has upgraded their Stumpex® auger-type stump grinder to include a 2-Speed hydraulic motor for faster stump removal, especially on soft woods.  Designed to maximize 100 percent of machine output, the Stumpex® 2-Speed improves cut time by up to 50 percent, removing 24-inch stumps in less than 3 minutes. 

In addition to faster stump processing, the new model reduces wear on blades and cones, allowing longer service life and extending the intervals between blade sharpening.  It is ideal for skid steer loaders and compact tracked loaders with 60+ horsepower.  Carriers with lower flow will achieve drastically increased cutting time compared to fixed displacement motors.  Easily transported in a pickup truck, Stumpex® 2-Speed stump grinders are ideal for arborists, landscapers, land improvement companies, parks and recreation departments, golf courses, municipalities, and wherever safe, efficient stump removal is desired.

Portable Security Gates 

American made Battery Operated Barriers are designed to keep unauthorized vehicles out while easily letting logging vehicles pass. The portable gates are also used for security, staging, parking, during emergencies, and for numerous day-to-day applications. Built for harsh environments, the safety gates are 100 percent self-contained, instantly deployed, and can be used in any type of weather. With the solar option, the units can function day and night without the need for external power or charging.  

The safety gates have standard features that include a reflective arm and tower for night duty, adjustable levelers, security anchor points, high impact urethane coating, enclosed battery box with security chain loops and ultraheavy duty components.  

Battery Operated Barriers have numerous options like wheel kits, wired control, radio control, auto exit sensors, keypad/card, and many others.

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