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Advanced Forest Equipment

Advanced Forest Equipment

The RDM52EX is designed for 20-30 metric ton carriers. The ridged steel mounting system allows you to pick your excavator up and turn on a dime. It also showcases our digging spade feature which is designed to load logs, pull out tree stumps and aids when moving the excavator. You can mulch an overgrown road and restore it back to nearly new. 

There are no belts, pulleys or shivs. Advanced Forest Equipment systems are direct drive. The power goes directly into a bearing box, transferring 100 percent of the power to the cutting disc. RDM technology transfers more power to the attachment, eliminating the need for expensive extra hardware. The RDM forestry mulcher owners report as much as 40 percent  increases in productivity. The RDM52EX has a 52” diameter disc and made with Weldox 700 T-1 steel. It is productive up to 14” in diameter, depending on hydraulic flow.


Bandit mulchers include the Model 60FM and Model 72FM. The Bandit® Model 72FM high-power mulching head is an easy-to-use skid steer attachment that’s ideally suited for land and right-of-way clearing, trail maintenance, and selective forest thinning. It features raker-style teeth that regulate the cut, allowing operators to topple trees, grind down the stumps, then mulch the felled material straight into the soil. The Model 72FM attaches via a quick-attach plate in seconds, and runs off the skid steer loader’s hydraulic system. A minimum of 30 GPM hydraulic HIGH FLOW rate is required to effectively operate the Model 72FM.

Bandit forestry mulchers are available in either a 60 inch or 72 inch wide cut. And are ideal for clearing thick brush and small trees, grinding material and mulching it directly into the ground.


The Bradco MM72 is designed for land clearing, and DOT right-of-way clearing and maintenance. The MM72 is a skid steer mounted mulcher that is able to cut and mulch 8’’ standing trees and is also available CE certified. Fixed hammers with reversible and replaceable carbide and claw teeth can be easily interchanged without needing to rebalance the rotor. The synchronous belt drive system eliminates belt and drive sprocket slippage. The heavy-duty bent axis variable displacement piston motor offers better performance optimization, and allows the mulcher to be switched easily to other prime movers without having to change out hydraulic motors, belts, or belt drive sprockets/pulleys.

It features a 72” cutting width, has a patented tooth design, and easily interchangeable tooth design options. Also includes replaceable abrasion resistant AF400 wear plate on skid shoes and deflector door standard to control particle size and discharge direction.


BRON offers a mulcher series ranging from 275 HP and 27,500 pounds to 700 HP, weighing in at 10,000 pounds. The mulchers have wide tracks that provide stability and low ground pressure. They are designed with an upfront cab with an ergonomic seat, climate control, and easy-to-read gauges.

For easy cleanout and service, machines have recessed fasteners for a smooth underside. The large belly pan below the engine is hinged for access. Frames pivot freely with heavy-duty chain guides for constant surface contact and maximum traction. Wide tracks add stability and flotation in sensitive environments. Options include hydraulic winch, compressed air hose reel, front window guard and more.

Brush HoundBrush Hound

The FX36 Defender Forestry Mulcher is the latest in the Defender line of mulchers. Engineered to work efficiently with mid-sized excavators from 16 to 32 thousand pounds, it is the perfect tool for property maintenance, to clear a right-of-way, open up a view, or to create a defensible space in areas where wildfires are a threat.

Like all Brush Hound Attachments, this brush cutter is durable, dependable and easy to maintain. Cutting capacity up to 8” continuous. The FX36 is a fixed-tooth brush cutter that weighs 1,635 pounds. It is designed to operate on the standard thumb circuit on all 8-16 ton excavators. Quadco cutter knives have four positions and will make short work of trees up to 8 inches in diameter, as well as vines, grasses and other material.

D&M MachineD&M Machine

D&M offers the Slashbuster – from the SLASHBUSTER® LX 330 to the extreme duty HD 480B. The 480B Cuts and mulches trees to 18” diameter, has a 52” cutting swatch and the third boom and material hander are standard. It features an automatic wire seer, rotating hub debris guard, and is adaptable to any excavator being from 40,000 to 100,000 pounds. A Magnum drive system comes standard and has an optional 90-dgree tilt mount.

The smaller XL 330 is recommended for mini excavators, has a 33” cutting swath and a blade bar cutter. It has an optional quick disconnect and weighs in at 200 to 300 pounds.


DENIS CIMAF is ideal for land clearing, firebreak creation, pipeline, road, and electrical line development and maintenance. The DAH, boom-mounted mulchers models range from the DAH-065B, for 5- to 8-ton excavators to the DAH-150Er, for 27- to 35-ton excavators. The boom-mounted mulcher attachment can be installed on all mast-type hydraulic carriers with sufficient hydraulic lines, weight, and power. Able to attach to a wide range of carriers, there is no land clearing or right-of-way maintenance job the DAH cannot handle.

The DAF, front-mounted mulching heads, range in size from the DAF-150D, for carriers with a minimum of 75 horsepower, to the DAF-250Ex, for carriers with a minimum of 250 horsepower. The DAF mulching heads can be installed on any type of front-mounted carrier with sufficient hydraulic lines, weight, and power.

banditDiamond Mowers

Diamond Mowers offers a variety of mulchers. Just the skid-steer attachments alone include a skid-steer drum mulcher, available in 60” to 72” cutting widths. They mulch up to 9” diameter trees and brush, and include low-flow and high-flow hydraulic machines.

The Skid-Steer Forestry Disco Mulcher, a high-flow hydraulic machine, is available in a 60” cutting width and mulches up to 14” diameter trees or brush.

The Skid-Steer Rotary Mower is available in 60”, 72” and 84” cutting widths, cuts up to 10” diameter trees or brush and is a low-flow or high flow hydraulic machine.


Fecon is home of the Bull Hog brush cutting and forestry mulching attachment, which comes in a wide variety of configurations— excavator, skid-steer, and hydraulic, to name a few.

The excavator mulching head is ideal for clearing trees and brush along roadsides, ravines, creeks, riverbanks. The CEM36 model can provide fixed tool durability and performance on as small as a 7-ton excavator.

It features a 3 rotor system, and many cutting tool options — double carbides, chipper knives, stone tools, and single carbides. Fixed tool durability and aggressive counter-cutter rake teeth are features that ensure you have the toughest excavator mulcher head made.

FMX Series offers 36” and 50” models with a split-ring rotor design and knife tools for maximum performance. Designed for 5 – 10 ton excavators from 12 – 40 gpm. This lighter design also allows you to mount on back hoes and side arm booms.

GB EquipmentGB Equipment

GB Equipment offers a new line of professional mulchers for excavators — FAE BL1/EX — equipped with Bite Limiter technology. Special steel profiles limit the depth of blade action, ensuring a great power control and guaranteeing exceptional performance. The FAE BL1/EX is suitable for excavators from 4.4 to 8.2 tons and has an operating width of 2.6 feet. It’s compact and maneuverable, with an ultra-light reinforced steel frame, and can mulch logs up to 4.7 inches in diameter. Its revolutionary rotor comes with a heat-treated forged steel tooth holder and is equipped with special fixed reversible blade teeth. The head also has a belt transmission for managing operating loads efficiently, ensuring that machine components last longer. 

The BL1/EX guarantees maximum versatility and operating mode customization. The hydraulic piston motor with manually controlled variable displacement and the flow control valve make it possible to easily use the mulcher with different types of excavators using different oil flow rates. The motor, completely incorporated into the frame, also has a relief valve and an anti-activation valve.


The Gilbert GM-6 brush cutter -mower is an innovative roadside maintenance product designed to substantially reduce the cost of clearing operations. The GM-6 is the most cost-effective roadside maintenance piece of equipment, thanks to the patented concept that cuts vegetation as opposed to mulching it.

The cutting head is mounted on a folding-boom arm, which offers excellent manoeuvrability with a total reach of 16 feet. It can be easily installed on any existing carrier system, including graders. It is the ideal tool to brush cut ditches, back slopes, and trim the trees as required on forestry, municipal, secondary roads, etc. The company says that the per-kilometre cost is up to ten times lower than similar products, with an average operating speed of three to six km/h, four times faster than any other similar equipment on the market. The Gilbert GM-6 brush cutter-mower provides unparalleled efficiency, versatility, and finish.


Gyro-Trac offers four mulching machines ranging from the 140 HP to 350 HP.

The company uses its new Sabre-Tooth Technology to deliver superior performance. You are now able to pulverize wood into sawdust-like mulch while utilizing less weight, less energy and substantially less fuel. The small, rapidly bio-degradable mulch left creates a park-like effect that won’t wick fire.

The new design uses the wider tooth for better cutting coverage. The knockout under the tooth allows the chip to curl into the relief with little resistance, and Sabre-Tooth design uses a splitter block between the two control ribs (that control the depth of the bite) so you can further reduce the size of each chip.

The cutter-head is self-cleaning, resulting in few clogs and high productivity, with less maintenance. And, with only one bolt to remove, replacing the teeth has never been faster or easier.


Loftness has introduced the new S Series of its Battle AxÔ horizontal drum mulcher, designed specifically for skid steers with 50 to 120 hydraulic HP. The 17-inch-diameter Battle Ax rotor features built-in depth gauges, which function similarly to raker teeth on chain saws to prevent the attachment from engaging too much material at one time. This unique design is more ideal for managing the amount of material being fed into the attachment than competitive ring-style rotors, which many operators find to be overly limiting.

The Battle Ax rotor is optimized for use with all cutting tooth styles. Customers can choose from Quadco planer blades, hard-surface Quadco blades and carbide teeth. The cutting teeth are mounted to the rotor with a single hex bolt for easy removal on the jobsite. It also features a two-stage cutting chamber, allowing material to be cut twice by the rotor and help produce some of the smallest particle sizes in the industry.


With Finnish design, engineering and manufacturing, and its fifty year history, MeriCrusher is designed from the ground up to work from the ground down. PTO or hydraulic power, from 50 to over 700hp, with working depths to an honest 16 inches, and working widths to sixteen feet, MeriCrusher has a model to suit your land clearing and crushing needs. US and Canadian warehouse locations, large spare part stock.

promacPromac Equipment

Whatever the size or scope of your job, Promac’s full-line of excavator mounted rotary cutters and drum mulchers will get the work done safely, quickly and efficiently.

Promac’s brush mulchers feature heavy-duty structural frame construction of a fully welded plate, rated for use as a pusher pad; wear-resistant drum liner constructed of QT100 plate; Promac-designed and precision-manufactured components, including tooling, rotor, bearing housings, shaft and drive system; low maintenance cogged poly belt drive with roller tensioner; and a forward exposed rotor, effective for cutting into standing trees without the need for a hinged tilter.

In addition, Promac provides engineering and design services to customize mulcher drive ratios that match our customers’ auxiliary hydraulic flow in order to attain the desired rotor operating speeds; available custom designed mounting bracket to match our customers’ excavator; and multiple cut widths, motor, tooling, rotor style and wear guarding options to suit the application.


Quadco offers extremely heavy-duty brushcutter heads. Pair with Quadco mower teeth for a complete mulching system, including the 56” timed-belt driver mower and the new 45” direct-drive mower.

The 56” mower mulches vegetation into fine material, discharging directly to the ground. It’s ideal for light brushing to heavy, full tree mulching. Operating costs are minimal with the low-maintenance, belt-driven, 26 staggered-tooth drum, which comes with a choice of rotatable teeth to fit the application—reversible, beaver, concave, or carbide. Simple and easy to use, only using 3 hydraulic lines.

The 45” mower features rugged, roller bearings on the drum shaft, easy access doors, wear-resistant anvil plate, and fits all 20t+ excavators or feller-bunchers. Optional boom adapter or quick-attach available for most carriers, and high-strength 1/2” plate used on main frame. Cutting tools to match the application; Reversible, Beaver, Concave or Carbide teeth.


For a mulcher that is capable of crossing roadways and sensitive turf but still has the power and in-woods characteristics of a dedicated forestry machine, the Rayco’s C120R Forestry Mulcher is the answer. It features a 120 HP Cat diesel engine, 6 ft Predator mulching head, 17.7” rubber tracks, two-speed travel, reversing fan, winch, back up camera, and radio. The new C120R also offers attachment interchangeability.

seppiSeppi M

Seppi M provides a wide assortment of mulchers —  PTO forestry mulchers, mulchers for compact loader, excavator mulchers, flail mulchers, and pick-up mulchers.

There are six PTO forestry mulchers, ranging from the MiniForst, which is 60-100 HP ideal for right-of-way and vegetation management, to the MaxiForst, a high-performance forestry mulcher, that is 300 to 500 HP and can handle any type of vegetation. The MaxiForst has a working width of 89” to 118”, features an aggressive new generation patented rotor with efficient tools of the type MINI DUO™ with tungsten carbide tips, an extremely strong frame, and great exposure of the rotor to the trees for better felling. It also has rakes on the hood for an easier handling of the material to be mulched. Different types of guard frames for felling operations available.

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