Sierra Cascade Logging Conference

The 2020 Sierra Cascade Logging Conference was held February 6-8, in Anderson, California. It was a success on every level, and it set records!

The weather was spectacular, as temperatures reached the 70s. People were out in force enjoying the equipment on display, the wide variety of panels and seminars, and the live events. Over the course of the three days, a total of 800 high school students, elementary school children, and educators arrived by bus to tour the grounds, enjoy educational activities, and see the equipment up close. And they asked a myriad of questions. 

As in past years, attendees earned professional credits through a wide variety of seminars and panels covering topics such as fireline safety awareness, training the next generation of loggers, and handling the current political environment.

For those looking for a little entertainment, there was the President’s Ax Throw, the Logging Sports Exhibition (where college teams from across California competed in traditional logging sports events), and the World’s Strongest Logger Competition. One unique event required amazing operator talent — the Excavator Rodeo. It’s not often you see an excavator operator dunking a basketball.

One of the highlights of this year’s conference was the Lumberjack Banquet and Education Auction held at the Redding Civic Auditorium. An astounding 650 people attended the event, and the auction brought in a record-setting $250,000. All proceeds will go toward scholarships and assisting the next generation in their pursuit of careers in the forest industry.

It was truly a great conference, thanks to an amazing board and a host of incredible sponsors!

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