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Sennebogen E-Series 835 Log LoaderSENNEBOGEN E-Series 835 Log Handler

SENNEBOGEN bid farewell to the old 835 C-Series and said “hello” to a bright new E-Series 835 electric drive! The new gantry-mounted 835 E-Series electric-drive machine comes with industry-leading features for safety and energy efficiency as well as a more powerful motor and longer reach.

As Constantino Lannes, president of SENNEBOGEN LLC, commented, “The Finkbeiner experience bears out what we’ve been saying all along about the value of our electric-drive machines. They cost less to operate and service, day to day. But they also deliver a significantly longer service life. Electric-drive results in less stress throughout the entire machine. They pay for themselves in so many ways; you can’t get a better lifetime value.”

Waratah FL100 Fellling HeadWaratah Announces New FL100 Felling Head

Waratah Forestry Equipment has released a new large felling head model, the FL100. The large directional felling head, designed for 30+ metric ton carriers, improves productivity, increases durability, and extends uptime for steep slope, shoveling, and traditional felling applications.

“The high-capacity Waratah FL100 gives our customers the benefit of added productivity in a very capable head,” said Brent Fisher, product marketing manager for Waratah. “It has high-capacity grapple arms engineered for improving operational picking and holding force of logs – this provides exceptional operational capabilities in traditional felling and steep slope shoveling applications. It also includes a valve-in-head design and our new TimberRite X-20 control system, simplifying installation.”

Waratah Forestry Equipment has released the new WaratahPlus mobile app, available as a free download from the App Store for Android and iOS platforms. The new app provides contractors and their equipment operators with more accessibility to information for setting up and servicing their Waratah 600 Series machines.

DoppstadtDoppstadt Releases Two Smart Shredders

Doppstadt’s slow-speed shredder line continues to expand! Doppstadt is launching two new models, the Inventhor Type 6 and Methor.

Inventhor Type 6 has been optimized for economic efficiency, ease of use, good accessibility, and minimized downtime. A unique direct drive principle, the VarioDirect Drive forms the core technology that combines high throughput, low fuel consumption, and optimum start-up performance even with difficult shredding jobs. The shredder is able to handle a wide range of applications in the area of pre-shredding thanks to its configurable shredding system with easy-to-replace teeth that are available in size M and L (including limiters at the time of market launch). This results in a perfect machine combination when Doppstadt’s robust separation solution, the Selector 800 with SWS 800 spiral shaft screening deck, is operated directly in line after the Inventhor Type 6. Doing so allows for the inline generation of a finished product.

The Methor is based on a different, new approach for Doppstadt. It leverages for the first time the advantages of Doppstadt’s high-performance technology for smaller volume flows, monobatches, or special materials and is geared to maximum flexibility. The Methor shredding system can be switched over within 60 minutes.

Tigercat InnovationsTigercat Innovations

There has been a lot going on at Tigercat. Tigercat continues to expand its range of harvesting heads with the new 568, a robust, productive four-wheel drive harvesting head for roadside processing. The new Tigercat 568 harvesting head offers excellent productivity and reliability. Optimized harvester head hydraulics maximize performance and efficiency, while robust, high-quality components provide long-term reliability. Large-diameter hoses and large-capacity valves provide ample strength to match the greater hydraulic flow and power of Tigercat carriers.

Tigercat also released the quick, compact, and fuel-efficient 602 grapple skidder, which is ideal for high-value selective logging in tight or challenging terrain. A fixed front axle with an oscillating center section allows the 602 to achieve a narrow overall width of 106”.

The Tigercat FPT N45 Tier 4f engine delivers 168 hp at 2,200 rpm while conforming to emissions standards for North America and Europe.

Lastly, the company introduced the Tigercat 850 processor, a purpose–built roadside processor that delivers outstanding performance and impressive fuel economy. Designed for high-volume roadside processing, the Tigercat 850 offers many advantages over excavator conversions including better service access, higher cooling capacity, and processor head optimized hydraulics. The Tigercat FPT N67 engine delivers 213 hp at 2,100 rpm for Tier 2 and Tier 4f emission compliance.

Softree offers new software making it easier for cable harvest planning

Softree Technical Systems Inc, a leader in forest road and engineering software, has released the RoadEng Version 9. This updated version offers a variety of new features for planning cable harvesting operations.

Cable harvest planning and analysis using RoadEng 9 can help determine landing locations and road infrastructure. Working off of a high resolution digital terrain model such as LiDAR, users can simultaneously explore multiple areas for deflection for cable harvesting suitability and conduct payload analysis. Harvest planners can review the potential locations in plan, profile, and in data views, allowing them to better determine optimum locations.

RoadEng 9 runs on a Windows tablet, which means users can bring the full engineering program with them to the field. The new version also includes an easier user interface and touch gestures which make working with RoadEng on a tablet easier than in previous versions. Furthermore, GPS integration means users can track their location in the field while visualizing LiDAR data and planned cable harvesting locations. This makes visualization and field verification easier than ever before.

Doleco’s DoRa Ratcheting Load Binder

Doleco USA, a manufacturer of lifting, sling and load-securing technologies, announced the introduction of its new, patented DoRa Ratcheting Load Binder.

At just three quarters as long as a standard load binder, the DoRa fits into tighter spaces, but expands to enable users to reach twice as far as any other. The compact size and extra length of the DoRa save users time and trouble, because they don’t have to detach and reattach chains when periodically retensioning cargo.

“With double the tensioning length, our patented DoRa Ratcheting Load Binder virtually eliminates the time and effort needed to disengage cargo securement chains for retensioning,” said Ralph Abato, president and managing director of Doleco USA. “And by engineering the DoRa to be 20 percent shorter than standard load binders, it can fit in spaces others simply can’t.”

MorbarkMorbark Introduces Two Horizontal Grinders

Morbark LLC debuted the 2400X and 3000X Wood Hog horizontal grinders at this year’s CONEXPO/CON-AGG show in Las Vegas, Nevada. Both machines can be equipped with tracks, and the 3000X can be built as a fifth-wheel/dual-axle unit (3000X) or pintle hitch/tri-axle.

One of the most important features of the 2400X and 3000X is their compact size. Their standard widths (2400X: 7’6”, 3000X: 8’2”) make them within the legal transport width in any country. The models also share design features like the sloped infeed sides, which improve operator sight lines for more efficient loading of material, and easy-to-load grate systems.

The 2400X ranges in horsepower from 188 to 203, while the 3000X has engine options from 350 to 577 HP.

QuadcoQuadco CEO Dan Webb on Customers and Service; New Service Facility

After several decades working in the southern U.S. for the company, the appointment of Dan Webb as President and CEO of Quadco Inc. in 2019 has seen him make a big move — to the North.

Though he is now based at the company’s head office in Montreal, Webb still has a busy North American travel schedule, visiting dealers and customers for the company’s products, which range from Southstar and Log Max harvesting heads to Quadco saw teeth and attachments.

Webb has had a 28-year career at Quadco, starting as Southeast U.S. Sales Rep in 1992 moving up to Branch Manager in Lexington, South Carolina, and on to Vice President of U.S. operations, and Vice President of North American Sales and U.S. operations. Webb was appointed the company’s President and CEO in August 2019.

“It’s been a challenge taking over as President and CEO, but a good challenge,” he said.

Webb was interviewed in January at the Truck Loggers Association (TLA) trade show held in Vancouver, BC, where he talked about his focus for the Quadco Group.

“We want to keep moving forward, being innovative and determining how we can best help our customers harvest trees in the next five to 10 years and beyond, with a focus on improving customer service,” Webb said.

He noted that the company has some very loyal customers for its products, but it is important to keep those customers satisfied and not take their business for granted.

“We have a really good team of people out there looking after our dealers and our customers,” he added, noting an additional focus for the company going forward is to develop new business.

Customers and dealers will be getting some further support from the Quadco Group with the opening of a 20,000 square foot warehouse/service facility in Kelso, Washington, in April. “This facility marks the first time we will have all three product brands — Quadco, Southstar, and Log Max — under one roof, outside of the management office in Montreal,” noted Webb.

In addition to such facilities, it is also Quadco’s people who deliver solid service every day to customers that distinguish the company. “The key to our success is our employees and the great products we sell and service,” he says. “I’m very proud of our team — let there be no doubt about it: we are dedicated forest industry people.”

And they are looking to grow their workforce team for the future. “We’re always looking for good service techs and service engineers.” Webb noted that those who work for the company can look forward to solid, and lengthy, careers. Among its 165 employees, the average time an employee has been with the company is 15 years, with some having been with the company for 25 years. There is a wealth of experience among such long-time employees, and new employees with innovative ideas and tech savvy are building on that very solid foundation.

“We’re very interested in meeting with our dealers and our customers, and learning from them on an ongoing basis,” says Webb.


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