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Delta Air Lines Interested in WSU Aviation Biofuel Research

Delta Air Lines has shown interest in Washington State University’s (WSU) research on aviation biofuels.

WSU reported that Delta Air Lines, as part of a $2 million investment along with its partner Northwest Advanced Bio-fuels LLC (NWABF), is studying the potential for a sustainable biofuel refinery in Washington state, where researchers already have shown that wood waste can be converted into aviation fuel.

The sustainable biofuel would be produced from locally sourced forest residuals such as limbs and branches that remain after the harvesting of managed forests.

The fuel produced by the NWABF facility in Washington State is expected to be used in Delta operations at Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.

Delta Air Lines announced that it expects the feasibility study to be complete by mid-2020. At that time, Delta will evaluate the next steps in moving forward with the project’s development.

Old Timber Mill Gets New Life

It’s been almost 30 years since there has been any activity at the old timber mill site in Crescent Mills, California.

The Sierra Institute for Community and Environment (Sierra Institute) is redeveloping the site in order to create a wood products campus to address “declining forest health, increasing risk of catastrophic wildfire, and poor socioeconomic conditions within a community which historically had a strong timber industry presence,” said Sierra Institute’s landscape stewardship apprentice Danielle Berry.

Once completed, the Indian Valley Wood Products Campus will consist of a variety of businesses that generate value-added products out of small-diameter trees and other woody biomass.

Carbon ConnectionWood Product Carbon Connection The USFS

The cycle of seed, plant, grow, and harvest makes trees a natural renewable resource -- and this is something the USFS would like everyone to know.

The USFS has created a helpful illustration to help communicate how wood is not only renewable, but that by building with wood, we’re opting to store additional carbon in everyday products and buildings. If a wood house stands for 150 years, it will store carbon until it decays or is replaced. In that time, the forest will have regrown resulting in additional carbon storage.

Using renewable wood products is like choosing a few clean, respectful tenants who stay for the duration of the lease, instead of hundreds of unwelcome tenants who never move out.

Wilbanks Trucking to Haul U.S. Capitol Christmas Tree

Wilbanks Trucking Services of Artesia, New Mexico, will literally be bringing holiday cheer to the nation when they transport the 2019 People’s Tree from New Mexico’s Carson National Forest to the West Lawn of Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C.

An annual gift to the nation, the U.S. Capitol Christmas Tree is nicknamed the People’s Tree because it is decorated with handmade ornaments created by people from the hosting state.

Hailing from New Mexico, the 55th People’s Tree will arrive in style in a Kenworth W990 specially decaled for the event.

Wilbanks Trucking, experts in hauling oversized, overweight loads, will also provide crane support in early November when the tree is cut and prepared for the 2,000-mile journey, which will include a series of 30+ community celebrations, culminating with the official tree lighting in early December.

Kenworth Truck Company proudly returns for a sixth year as a sponsor.

1,100-Acre Fuel Break Project

The U.S. Forest Service and Truckee Fire are planning a combined 1,100-acre fuel break known as the Glenshire Brockway Fuel Break Project in Truckee, California. The break will decrease the risk of a wildfire spreading from adjacent wildlands to the community of Glenshire, to allow for rapid suppression and to create openings that allow aircraft to drop retardant more effectively.

The project will be located east of the Truckee airport; from Glenshire Drive south to Brockway Summit. Six large landowners are participating in the project including Truckee Tahoe Airport District, Truckee Donner Land Trust, United States Forest Service, Vail Corporation, Teichert Aggregates, and Sierra Pacific Industries.

This project is being funded through Cal Fire’s California Climate Investment grant obtained by the National Forest Foundation. If approved, project work may occur as quickly as early winter 2019, with most work occurring in the summer and fall of 2020 and 2021.

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