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Trilink Harvester Chain

TriLink Introduces New Harvester Chain

TriLink Saw Chain introduced the new ¾” pitch machine harvester chain complementing their .404” pitch harvester chain and bars.

TriLink Harvester chain is manufactured from high-quality alloy steel and precision engineered for maximum dependability. The CAD-designed semi-chisel cutters have excellent cutting speed for increased board feet production. The chrome-plated aggressive cutting edge is designed for extreme cutting conditions from the coldest winters in Sweden to the hottest summers in the Western U.S.

Ponsse Active Crane

The Ponsse Active Crane offers a new way of seamlessly controlling the loader and boosting work. With the innovative Active Crane, the driver controls the grapple movement instead of using individual functions, allowing the driver to concentrate efficiently on loader work.

The Active Crane is easy to control using two control levers, one of which controls the grapple height from the ground and the other the direction of movement. Also, the driver does not need to control all the functions simultaneously. When the desired grapple location is specified for the machine, the system performs the lifting, folding, and extending operations automatically.

John DeereJohn Deere’s Upgrades and New Equipment

John Deere is rolling out upgrades to its FR22B and FR224B Felling Heads. Compatible with select M-Series Tracked Feller Bunchers, the updated models have been redesigned to increase durability and extend the life of the wrist and head.

The new felling heads feature improved flow capability, increased hydraulic hose size and routing, and updated ring gear and frame welds, all resulting in increased durability.

John Deere also offers Intelligent Boom Control (IBC) on the 1470G Harvester – the largest harvester model available in the John Deere lineup. The IBC technology, first introduced to the harvester category in 2018, increases precision and accuracy during operation, boosting operator productivity.

In addition, the new John Deere 910G and 1010G Forwarders provide a reliable solution designed with a logger’s needs in mind. Equipped with ultra-comfortable cabs and available with a variety of boom, load space, axle, and cabin options, the compact, versatile 910G and 1010G machines deliver power and productivity and can be customized.

The six- or eight-wheeled configurations are ideal for early-to-late thinning operations and smaller end final felling applications. The improved design features a shorter frame in front of the engine to reduce overhang, making operation easier in challenging terrain. Balanced bogie axles, rigid front axles on the six-wheel model, and an unbalanced front bogie axle option offer increased durability.

Both models are available with a fixed or rotating and leveling cab, which reduces vibration and helps prevent operator back stress. The 290-degree cab rotation provides a better view of the boom and grapple, while large windows allow for virtually unrestricted all-around visibility.

Weiler Forestry Introduces B457 and B458 Track Feller BunchersWeiler Forestry Introduces B457 and B458 Track Feller Bunchers

Weiler Forestry announces the launch of two new reduced tail swing track feller buncher models, the B457 and B458. They feature excellent multi-function capability with dedicated pumps, a new cab that maximizes operator experience, field proven components, and excellent serviceability.

The B457 and B458 have the latest Cat® C9.3 engine that produces 298 hp and meets U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final emission standards. A Tier 3 engine option is also available.

The B457 is a non-leveling model best suited for plantation thinning, biomass harvesting, and medium-production select or clear-cut applications; the B458 is a leveling machine for steeper terrain and excels in select or clear-cut logging.

The B458 has an extended track roller frame option that includes two additional bottom rollers for a total of eleven, enhancing overall machine stability in steep terrain. In addition, a standard or heavy counterweight option is available for a diversity of harvesting conditions.

The spacious cab maximizes operator visibility. An optional 14 LED light package is available as well as an optional heated and cooled seat. The cab also features a front window emergency escape, a 7” intuitive color touchscreen monitor, multiple storage compartments, and numerous charging ports.

Tigercat Releases E-Series 845 Feller BuncherTigercat Releases E-Series 845 Feller Buncher

The new 845E and L845E track feller bunchers have been upgraded with several new features to promote increased productivity and improved operator comfort, including a new cab, a larger main hydraulic pump, and a longer reach ER boom system. 

The cab has been redesigned to optimize ergonomics and reduce in-cab noise levels. Redesigned hinge geometry allows the front door to be closed with less effort. The new IQAN MD4 electronic control system interface includes an easy-to-use large color touch screen, and the new skyVIEW and rearVIEW camera systems eliminate the need for a skylight and improve operator visibility.

The 845E boom offers a longer 28 ft. reach and a tighter tuck for better performance in thinning applications. Tigercat’s energy-saving ER boom technology, along with the fuel-efficient N67 engine contributes to outstanding productivity and fuel efficiency.

The 845E model can be equipped with a range of Tigercat felling heads including a bunching saw or shear for smaller diameter timber or the single post 5702 felling saw for larger trees and mixed diameter stands. The larger hydraulic pump on the E-series 845 provides additional power and quicker functioning of the clamp and accumulator arms to maximize productivity in smaller diameter timber. The 845E can also be equipped with the 5185 fixed felling saw for felling, bucking and shovel logging high value and oversize timber.

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