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It’s tougher than ever for any company involved in the forest industry to find the highly skilled people they need—but TimberWest magazine and Logging and Sawmilling Journal, through their combined website,, are now making that job much easier, and faster.

ForestnetJobs—at —was recently launched, and it offers both those seeking experienced people, and job hunters, a central online employment opportunities website.

Replacing Skilled Workers

While the industry is currently affected by a market cycle, forest product companies have hired thousands of workers in recent years, mainly to replace retiring baby-boomers. The pace of hiring is set to further increase as the industry transforms. Industry groups like the American Wood Council and the Forest Products Association of Canada say the need for people in the forest industry is only going to become greater in the next few years.

Forest products companies, similar to those in other sectors, are reporting difficulties in replacing skilled workers. The sector is currently in need of all types of workers such as millwrights, pipefitters, engineers, forest technicians, truck drivers and management personnel.

Companies, and individuals looking for work, have used general online job sites—but offers extremely targeted markets—it is now the “go to” online source to find employees, and jobs

forestjobs.com24/7 Access has been designed to be extremely easy and straightforward to use—and the site starts working immediately for you, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Users can access it, and respond anytime, night or day.

There is often a long lag with job ads that companies post in print media, such as local newspapers where a sawmill is operating—and the ad only appears in one issue vs. the continued presence of an ad on These local print ads also have a limited geographical, and non-targeted, reach.

Some studies have shown that the cost of posting jobs/searching for candidates on specialized online job sites can be up to 90 percent lower than the cost of using search firms or traditional advertising methods. There are also no limits, cost-wise, on the size or length of what you want to post on

Online hiring is also said to be, on average, 70 percent faster than traditional hiring methods and the recruiting cycle is speeded up at every stage from posting, to receiving resumes to filtering to managing the contacts and workflow.

forestjobs.comGreat Value

The cost of posting on offers great value—a basic job listing, for a full year, is only $95. A highlighted job listing is only $125.

Those looking for a job can benefit immensely from the wider scope they gain through online job sites, such as They are able to access jobs in companies and locations they may not otherwise have learned of—and can apply immediately with the click of a mouse. By posting their resumes online, they can be contacted by employers/recruiters directly for opportunities that may not even be advertised.

Forest companies can use their job ads to project a consistent brand and company image/values to prospective job seekers. With the pressure to attract top forest industry talent, candidates can be very particular about who they work for and these company descriptions often serve as a basis for their application decisions.

User Friendly was designed to be user-friendly, and easy to use. “We wanted to make very straightforward, so companies and people can post jobs and resumes easily and quickly,” says Anthony Robinson, Publisher of Logging and Sawmilling Journal, and Associate Publisher of TimberWest.

“Within a few minutes, and a few clicks of a mouse, postings can be on the site, and companies are on their way to finding the new employees they need, and people are connecting with potential new employers—we’re helping people find jobs and companies find the right, skilled people.”

As soon as a post is up on, the many thousands of industry people who view the main website have immediate access through the website, explained Robinson. Between the readership of Logging and Sawmilling Journal and TimberWest, e-newsletter reach, and social media platforms, targets over 50,000 industry professionals.

“ is very unique, and very, very targeted,” added Robinson. “We believe it will be a key part of companies attracting, and keeping, the next generation of forest industry professionals—and we are partnering with key forest companies, universities and professional associations to achieve that.”

Companies and individuals can start using ForestnetJobs today by going to

Please contact us for even more options to find the right fit for your company…at [email protected]

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