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Barko Tracked Feller Bunchers are designed with precision and built for serious work. The company consulted experienced forestry professionals on every design feature during the engineering process to create an intuitive, operator-focused feller buncher that increases efficiencies on any job site.

Barko chose electrohydraulic controls for smooth functionality, and a dedicated attachment pump delivers optimal performance. The spacious operator cab is the most comfortable cab on the market, says the company. It was created to make an operator’s job better with increased visibility, enhanced lighting, heated and cooled air-ride seat, programmable controls, and a large touchscreen display for superior control.

A 225 hp Cummins QSB6.7 Tier 4 Final diesel engine packs a powerful punch while delivering superior fuel economy to help reduce operating costs. Both models provide exceptional drawbar pull. The 240B model weighs in at 45,500 lbs. and comes standard with a D5 undercarriage that has an overall width of only 9’4”. The 260B model weighs 52,500 lbs. and features a larger D7A undercarriage that is 11’2” wide for added stability. The benefits of being lighter weight and more compact makes these machines more maneuverable, reduces ground disturbance, and allows for easier transport. Barko’s patented forward-sliding cab design, engine gullwing door, and removable access panels make these machines easy to maintain and repair. The tracked feller bunchers feature high-quality components designed to work under the toughest conditions.

deereJohn Deere

John Deere M-Series tracked feller bunchers are available in six models ranging from the 803M to the 959M. With various improvements over previous models, the 25 percent increase in horsepower and longer, wider undercarriage in this series provide customers maximum power and stability, even in the toughest terrain.

The 859M and 959M models feature a patented leveling system. This sensor technology maximizes the forward tilt angle (26 degrees forward), while electronically avoiding mechanical interference when also tilting to the side. Operator comfort and productivity are boosted through the optional tilt and leveling cabs — especially on steep slopes. Additionally, the M-Series machines provide up to 45 percent more tractive effort, enabling the machines to navigate extreme terrain.

M-Series cabs are known for their ergonomic controls including their adjustable armrests, air-conditioned seat, and climate-controlled cab for maximum comfort. Floor-to-ceiling front and side windows and an overhead skylight give 44 percent more visibility on the 800M machines and 22 percent more on the 900M machines.

Robust booms available in the M-Series feature thick plates and larger pins and bushings to ensure support and longer lifetime. Vast boom sets and felling heads can be combined to optimize productivity across a range of conditions.

The M-Series machines are compatible with TimberMatic™ Maps and TimberManager™, streamlined software solutions that offer loggers enhanced machine visibility and communication for a productive workday. TimberMatic Maps and TimberManager provide loggers with the ability to plan work that needs to get done in a day.


Komatsu America Corp.’s totally new XT-5 Series of track feller bunchers includes the XT430-5 (non-leveling), XT445L-5, and XT465L-5 models, which range in operating weight from 66,359 lb. to 74,516 lb.

All models feature a new, more fuel-efficient diesel engine that provides more horsepower, torque, and displacement. The new gull-wing style engine hood folds down to provide an elevated service work platform and excellent service access to all engine-related components. The totally new rear-mounted cooling system features a larger radiator, charge air cooler, and a single hydraulic cooler. All coolers have been relocated to the rear of the machine to reduce debris buildup and provide easier access.

A new high-performance hydraulic system provides high flow while requiring 55 percent less hydraulic oil. Lift capacities at full reach have been significantly increased with the XT465L-5 now readily capable of operating Quadco 24-inch cutting capacity disc saw heads. Boom, arm, and rear hydraulic tubes and hoses have robust forestry-specific guarding that improves protection and sheds debris. New rugged undercarriages provide significantly longer service life with improved track chain links, track rollers, idler bushings, and final drives.

The modern cab has been relocated to the left of the boom and other cab design changes provide superior lines-of-sight to each track. A standard rearview monitoring system and all LED lighting further enhance the operator’s view. Komatsu’s exclusive KOMTRAX remote equipment monitoring and management telematics system and the Komatsu CARE complimentary maintenance program are standard.

technologies elementTechnologies Element

ELTEC offers a full line of feller bunchers, from the 220L to the 410L. All boast a heavy-duty leveling system and have been designed to simplify the forester’s work. The system has a larger tilt angle, guaranteeing that the feller buncher works at the right angle, even in extreme forestry conditions.

Better stability is ensured by the chassis-carrier with a very long wheelbase. The spacious engine compartment with steel catwalks is designed to simplify service and maintenance. Once opened, the hood is transformed into a platform for component service. The filtration system is accessible for cartridge replacement. Excellent access to batteries is available as well.

All ELTEC feller bunchers have a soundproof and insulated cab equipped with a pneumatic suspension heated seat with multiple adjustments. The front full-height 32mm (1.25”) polycarbonate window provides a peerless overview.

The 210L is powered by a QSL9 T4 320 hp diesel engine, weighs in at 85,000 pounds, and has a lift capacity ranging from 15,428 to 16,761 pounds. Its boom reach ranges from 13’ to 28’6”. In comparison, the 410L is also powered by a Cummins QSL9 T4 320 hp diesel engine. It weighs in at 87,400 lbs. and has a lift capacity of 14,000 pounds and a minimum and maximum boom reach of 17’ and 32’11”, respectively.


The 845E and L845E track feller buncher take the popular 845 platform and adds all of the latest features found on Tigercat track carrier models. This new model incorporates the updated cab, more boom options, a larger main hydraulic pump, and more — all to increase productivity and improve operator comfort.

The 845E and L845E share the same cab as the 855E, which is designed to optimize ergonomics and improve sound reduction. Redesigned hinge geometry allows the front door to be closed with less effort. The new IQAN MD4 electronic control system interface includes an easy-to-use large color touchscreen for machine monitoring and function adjustment. The new skyVIEW and rearVIEW camera systems eliminate the need for a skylight while improving operator visibility.

The Tigercat 845E offers more boom options including a longer reach boom and a tight tuck boom to better match your machine to your attachment and application requirements.

The 845E model can be equipped with a range of Tigercat felling heads including a bunching saw or shear for smaller diameter timber, or the single post 5702 felling saw for larger trees and mixed diameter stands. In addition, the 845E can be equipped with the 5185 fixed felling saw for felling, bucking, and shovel logging high-value and oversized timber. A larger hydraulic pump on the E-series model provides more power and faster function to the clamp and accumulator arms to maximize productivity.

With a fuel-efficient engine and Tigercat’s unique ER boom technology, the 845E feller buncher achieves maximum tree felling productivity with minimal fuel burn.


TimberPro’s D-series feller bunchers were designed for today’s loggers who demand more efficient and reliable equipment to remain profitable. At the heart of every D-series is a Cummins L9 (9-liter) Performance Series Stage 5 engine, with an advanced, yet proven, hydraulic system, and it’s all controlled by a state-of-the-art energy saving control system.

TimberPro’s D-series bunchers offer more engine power while also being more fuel-efficient. The company says that it has led the market with the Stage 5 engine and also offers its superior closed-loop hydrostatic track drives, a technology TimberPro has used for nearly 30 years.

A spacious operator cab with oversized windows allows for fantastic visibility. A few other technologies offered in the D-series cabs are the high-output LED lighting system and Bluetooth stereo with handsfree calling. In addition, two different operator seats both utilize internal heating grids and ventilation fans. Underneath the machine is a meticulously designed and robust car body, optional four-way leveling that is simple, yet strong, and a forestry-proven undercarriage. TimberPro’s advanced equipment stems from a lineage that spans 50 years, from logging contractor to logging equipment manufacturer.

weilerWeiler Forestry

Weiler Forestry’s new B457 and B458 reduced tail swing track feller bunchers feature excellent multi-function capability with dedicated pumps, a new cab that maximizes operator experience, field proven components, and excellent serviceability. Both models are equipped with the latest Cat C9.3 engine that produces 298 hp and meets U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final emission standards.

The B457 is a non-leveling model best suited for plantation thinning, biomass harvesting, and medium-production select or clear-cut applications. The B458 is a leveling machine for steeper terrain and excels in select or clear-cut logging.

The B457 and B458 provide a leading combination of lift capacity, swing torque, and drawbar. Multi-function performance is achieved through dedicated pumps and optimized circuit configurations. The B458 has an extended track roller frame option that includes two additional bottom rollers for a total of eleven, enhancing overall machine stability in steep terrain. Unobstructed ground clearance enables unimpeded travel.

The spacious cab maximizes operator visibility with an open field of view to the work area and upward through a large skylight. An optional 14-LED-light package is available for improved productivity in night shift operations, as well as an optional heated and cooled seat. The cab also features a front window emergency escape, a 7” intuitive color touchscreen monitor, multiple storage compartments, and numerous charging ports. Innovative machine functionality helps to reduce the frequency of foot pedal motions in certain applications, reducing operator fatigue at the end of the day.

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