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Tigercat Releases 1165 Wheel Harvester

Tigercat has introduced the 1165 wheel harvester — a mid-sized harvester well suited for thinning, selective cut, and final fell applications. With strong swing and leveling capabilities that exceed the competition, the 1165 is well suited for steep slopes. The machine is available in both six-wheel and eight-wheel drive configurations.  

Powered by the Tigercat FPT N67 engine, the 1165 provides full emissions compliance for Tier 4 final regions, along with excellent fuel economy, all in a simple and reliable package. Both Tier 4f and Tier 2 options deliver 282 hp at 2,000 rpm. 

The 1165 uses the same swing components as the larger 1185, as well as the oscillating and articulating center section components used on Tigercat forwarders. The new active oscillation balancing technology provides unparalleled machine stability even while travelling. This allows crane operation while driving, thus increasing productivity. 

LinkLink Introduces 52K Air Link Gen 3 Tandem Drive Suspension

Link Mfg. Ltd., a leader in specially engineered suspensions, announced the introduction of its new 52K Air Link Gen 3 Tandem Drive Suspension. The suspension has been specifically reconfigured to meet the needs of states, municipalities, and road maintenance contractors using tire chains on heavy equipment with 315 tires. The new suspension features maintenance advantages, is 50 pounds lighter, and carries an extended three-year warranty.

Many entities with responsibilities for large-scale snow and ice management operate heavy equipment, with dump trucks and refuse vehicles often being pressed into service during winter months. Unfortunately, for those fleets running 315 tires, the use of tire chains can cause damage to a vehicle’s suspension and undercarriage due to inadequate clearance.

The 52K Air Link Gen 3 Tandem Drive Suspension also features larger, high-volume, low-frequency air springs that deliver a smoother ride whether the vehicle is under load or empty. Dual height-control valves maintain proper ride height, leveling the vehicle independent of load and maximizing its roll stability. Weighing in at only 875 pounds, the 52K Gen 3 is now 50 pounds lighter than its predecessors and lighter than competing suspension offerings.

OrbitOrbit ¾” and 3/8” saw chain

Wallingford’s Inc. expanded its Orbit saw chain offerings to include both 3/4” and 3/8” pitch chain. Orbit saw chain is manufactured with high quality alloy steel and offers professionals the superior balance of quality and value. The Orbit ¾” pitch saw chain will have micro radius semi-chisel cutters and increase kerf width similar to Orbit .404 pitch chain. Both Orbit lines of harvester chain are engineered for maximum performance and fast cutting speed. The Orbit 3/8” pitch saw chain is full chisel, non-safety chainsaw chain, expanding the company’s offerings to the professional loggers using handheld saws. All Orbit saw chain is manufactured with enhanced multi-layered chrome plating.

OrbitJohn Deere Announces New Forestry Swing Machine Options

Utilizing invaluable customer feedback, John Deere is rolling out increased options on its G-Series forestry swing machines, to help lower daily operating costs, boost productivity, and increase uptime. New updates, including improvements to the machine design and the addition of more standard features, provide loggers with a streamlined, reliable machine.

The improved machine design includes changes to the boom and arm cylinder guards, hood, and underdecking. Additionally, the larger undercarriage offered on the 3754G and 3756G swing machines is now available on the 3145G and 3156G models, increasing productivity. A new front sunshade increases operator comfort and visibility in sunny conditions. The inclusion of a deck handrail increases operator safety while traversing the upper deck, and the redesigned 7-inch tool tray improves access and security.

OrbitWSM Releases New Peat Moss Bale Breaker and Coir Breaker

The innovations continue at WSM. First, they announced the revolutionary Bale Breaker. Operations can now increase peat moss recovery and reduce material handling by feeding 4’-8’ bales directly into WSM’s Bale Breaker. The unit effectively deconstructs compressed bales and can operate as a stand-alone unit or be integrated into the soil processing line.

WSM also offers a unique Peat Moss Fluffer — a multi-rotor unit that further breaks up the peat moss and fluffs it prior to hydration. It includes spring-operated stators to bypass oversized material, and the discharge conveyor can be equipped with hydration spray bars. The Peat Moss Fluffer can be integrated with the Bale Breaker for a complete, sealed unit, allowing for continuous operation.

WSM also released the game-changing Coir Breaker. Companies can save time and money by deconstructing and processing pallet loads of compressed coir blocks — all in one operation. The system includes pallet tipper, infeed conveyor, and discharge screw. Replaceable screens help with final product sizing. Maintenance-friendly features include complete access to rotor.

John Deere 959MLNew John Deere 959ML

The new John Deere 959ML Shovel Logger is designed for felling and log handling in difficult terrain. Available in one of two configurations from the factory — shovel logger or directional feller — the 959ML machine boosts productivity, even in the most challenging applications.

One of the key features of the 959ML machine is the boom geometry. Available in two configurations, 36-foot live heel shovel logger boom and the 30-foot and 34-foot directional feller booms. All boom options have excellent downhill reach capability, ensuring that each boom configuration can reach the downhill side of the ground, even at a full leveler tilt.

Equipped with a strong, purpose-built live heel, the 36-foot shovel logger boom is designed to incorporate grapples up to 60 inches or mid-sized directional felling heads. There is also an option available to quickly switch between the two. The directional feller booms, available in either 9.12-meter or 10.34-meter reach, are specifically designed to support any large directional felling head applications.

The patented leveling control system uses sensor technology, maximizing the forward tilt angle (26 degrees forward), while electronically preventing any possible mechanical interference when tilting to the side.

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