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With a travel speed of 45 mph, the Albach Diamant 2000 can be driven on local and state highways from job to job, even hundreds of miles apart. At the tree stand, its full-time, four-wheel drive allows it to navigate even rough terrain. Upon arrival, the operator pushes one button and the Diamant 2000 converts from transportation mode to chipping mode automatically in 30 seconds. With its aggressive infeed, it can immediately be put to work handling and processing timber. The Diamant 2000 standard rotor offers a choice of six or 12 knives. With six knives it is possible to produce wood chips between 0.39” and 1.57” in size.

The Diamant 2000 is equipped with its own 33 ft. crane to accommodate independent use or offer added efficiency.

The Albach chipper provides a safe 360° view at 15’9” eyelevel that allows the operator to keep the surroundings under control. The chipper’s comfort seat swivels 180° for optimum operating efficiency and to reduce body strain. The Albach operating terminal (touch screen) offers easy accessibility to real-time information and controls.

Other features include two vertical side-infeed rollers to make whole tree chipping easy;

advanced safety features against foreign objects to avoid rotor damage; a pivoting counterknife with angle sensor that will automatically turn off infeed and rotor-drive if activated by no more than 3% of its rest position; and a 16.1 liter Volvo engine that offers high power and excellent torque output.

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The Beast Model 2460XP is equipped with a 60” wide by 30” diameter cuttermill, and a 60” wide by 24” mill opening. This machine uses a 30-tooth cuttermill running Bandit’s patented saw-tooth style cutterbodies that regulate the size of the tooth’s bite. Most of the material is sized in the initial cut, so material exits the large screening area quicker.

The wide variety of tooth options that are available for the other Beast recyclers are available on the 2460XP, ensuring that you can produce the perfect product for your markets. It excels at processing larger diameter material, stumps, and chunk wood.

Caterpillar steel track undercarriage can be added to the 2460XP. This feature allows it to travel over rough terrain not accessible by towable units. It also eliminates the need to forward or skid material to the 2460XP — the operator can take the chipper to the trees.

The Model 2460XP is maintenance-friendly with simple hydraulic and electrical systems and easy access to wear items. Screens are simple to change using the standard screen changing arm, and ladders, steps, and handrails help operators feel secure while climbing and working on the machine. There is easy access to the mill for changing teeth and cutterbodies.

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Continental Biomass Industries (CBI) offers both the ChipMax 484 and the 754 Disc Chipper.

Compact, yet enormously productive, the CBI ChipMax 484 whole tree chipper focuses on productivity and customer flexibility. The rotor, chipper box, and feed system are the strongest in its class, says the company. Featuring two rotor options, the CBI ChipMax can make high-quality fuel chips custom sized from 12–25mm or “micro-chips” from 2–12mm from logs up to 24” in diameter. These wood microchips produce a consistent fiber length that dramatically reduces the overall cost of producing pellets as well as improving the function of small boilers. If you’re looking for a drum chipper solution for your application, the ChipMax is an extreme-duty biomass production workhorse. It’s equipped with a Cat C18 755 HP engine, 500 mm triple grouser tracks on tracked models, and rotating discharge chute for top loading of trailers and 290° rotation for broadcast chip spreading to minimize truck relocation during loading. Available in straight, flexible, or vertical configurations.

The Magnum Force Disc Chipper 754 is a portable unit that provides the pulp and paper industry with a highly productive disc wood chipper. Capable of producing up to 150 tons per hour of uniform wood chips, this disc chipper features a 75” diameter, 4-knife chipper disc to produce wood chips from 5/8” to 1”.

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As a pioneer in the wood grinding industry, Diamond Z has established a global reputation for manufacturing one of the highest quality, most productive, and most durable industrial grinders available. 

Diamond Z manufactures both tub and horizontal grinders ranging in size from 30,000 to over 160,000 lbs with horsepower from 440 HP to well beyond 2000 HP.

All tub and horizontal Diamond Z grinders are offered with Tier 4 Final emission-rated engines (either diesel or electric) as well as track, wheel, and stationary.

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Doppstadt’s newest grinder, the AK 310 EcoPower (310 HP) may be the smallest, but it easily handles many grinding tasks. This compact mobile machine allows for a great variety of applications and ensures the highest flexibility. With its upgraded electrical system, hydraulic belt-tightener, more powerful main drive, and modular design, this machine is highly customizable to fit your operation.

Shredders are equipped with fluid coupling power transfer to eliminate clutch failures, a breakaway shredding comb to pass unshreddable material, and a heavy-duty solid-steel shaft with bolt-on teeth for maximum performance.

The grinders are equipped with a heavy-duty scraper floor and load-sensing feed system for consistent material flow, fluid-coupling power transfer to eliminate clutch failures, and easy-change sizing screens for flexible, efficient production.

The quick-change drum and star screen insert mean that finished product can be changed in less than fifteen minutes by simply backing out of the feeder module, lifting the drum off the urethane wheels, and replacing it with a different drum or the optional star screen insert.

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The DuraTech Model 3010 Industrial Tub Grinder is a mid-sized tub grinder that can handle logs up to 32” in diameter. This machine is a step above the company’s 2009. It is among the most efficient and productive grinders on the market and features a 30” wide oscillating stacking conveyor and self-cleaning radiator screen. It is powered by either a CAT C15 475 horsepoweror 540 horsepower Tier III Diesel Engine, with a PT Tech Fluid Clutch system that drives a heavy-duty hammermill.

The 44,620 lb. unit has 20” tracks that will climb a 50 percent incline. The tub is 10 feet wide and 46 inches deep, with a diameter of 8 feet at its base. It features a stacking conveyor 10’6” in length and 30” in width. The 44” rotor is mounted on a 6” rotor shaft with 4” oil bath bearings. In addition, the enclosed engine compartment quiets and protects the engine from dust and debris buildup. An optional hydraulic tub cover is available to control flying debris.

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Morbark LLC, a leading manufacturer of forestry, biomass, tree care, sawmill, and wood recycling equipment, listened closely to its customers when developing the 6400XT Wood Hog.

The 6400XT includes many feature improvements first introduced in the smaller 3400XT. The infeed bed has sloped sides and is 24 inches longer than previous Morbark grinders in the 1,000-plus horsepower range. This configuration improves operator sight lines for more efficient loading of material. The standard removable infeed chain return floor allows excess material to fall away to minimize the wear on the floor, bed chain, and inserts, which is particularly useful in land clearing or other applications with dirty material.

The 6400XT weighs in at less than 96,500 lbs. and measures 11’5” wide with the standard Caterpillar 325L undercarriage with 600mm double grousers, allowing the unit to be transported to nearly all domestic and international markets.

The 6400XT has several operator-friendly features focusing on accessibility for daily maintenance, including an extended 31.5” wide (25 percent increase) platform between the hood and engine for ease of changing grates and access to diesel engine; a fixed work platform for better access and safety during common grate and hammermill maintenance; and larger feedwheel 40” diameter (more than 15% increase), which raises higher to allow better access to the hammermill during insert inspection.

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The Peterson 6310B Drum Chipper is suited for high-volume biomass producers who have a wide variety of feed material, from logs up to 36” in diameter, to brush and small feedstock. The 6310B is designed for operations requiring high production and frequent moves between jobs, is track-mounted, and weighs 86,000 pounds. The 6310B Drum Chipper is powered by a 1050 HP C27 Caterpillar engine and has an optional Tier IV engine available.

The 6310B drum chipper has two drum configurations, an 8-pocket drum to make standard biomass chips, or a 16-pocket drum to make microchips.  An optional grate system has been redesigned to allow for adjustment from a microchip to a 1¼” chip with the same grates. Traditional Babbitt-type knife systems are standard equipment, or an optional Key Knife system is available.

The chipper utilizes a 50” diameter by 60” wide drum. Other key features include a sloped feed deck for the ease of feeding and wear-resistant AR400 surfaces on the drum pockets and shell. The feed chain has been upgraded to WDH120 for improved strength and long life.

The chip accelerator system adds load density and throws chips well away from the machine for land clearing operations.

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Precision Huskey offers a variety of mobile chippers and grinders including its whole tree chipper models — 1858, 2366, 2675, and 3086.

All four sizes have rugged frame construction, oversized stabilizers, air compressors, trash separators, and more powerful fans that pack more chips per van. Power options range from 400 to 1050 HP.

The Precision chipper design allows 25% more anvil contact, preventing wood from slapping and turning. This produces a smoother slicing action, ensuring uniformly sized chips while using less horsepower. Knives are positioned in the disc to allow 10% to 15% more roundwood capacity than others of the same size, says the company. Discs are made from high-quality steel and are stress-relieved prior to machining, and all bearings are heavy-duty double spherical rollers.

Options include end loading discharge, top loading discharge, bed infeed chain conveyor, knuckleboom loader, trailer or track mounting, and radio remote control.

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Rayco offers both the RH1754-160 (160 HP) and RF1754-240 (240 HP) Track Horizontal Grinders with a 17”hx54”w infeed.

Designed to be productive horizontal grinders, they are priced within the reach of the small contractor. With low operating costs and versatility to process a wide range of materials, Rayco’s RH1754 is the economical solution for reducing green waste, pallets, lumber scraps, etc. and making high-quality mulch. Various tooth and screen options allow operators to tailor the end product to achieve the desired result.

Despite its compact size, the RH1754 is outfitted with the same features found on larger grinders. A wide infeed opening accepts pallets and bulky material. Easily removable debris screens and reversing fans keep the radiator clear and extend service intervals. A magnetic head pulley on the discharge conveyor sorts out nails and light metals. And the screens can be changed in minutes to minimize setup time. The towable version is light enough to be easily transported from one job to the next. For those who want the ultima te in mobility, the RH1754 is available on a heavy-duty steel track undercarriage.

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Rotochopper offers five diesel grinders, including the B-66L (1050 HP), B-66 (1050 HP), FP-66 (755 HP), MC-266 (535 HP), and MP-2 (350 HP), to meet a range of needs.

The largest of the line, the B-66L, features a steel slat infeed conveyor, funnel infeed hopper sides, patented screen installation system, aggressive concentric lift powerfeed, and replaceable mount rotor. Options include RotoLink remote monitoring system, Generation II Colorizer System, and Generation II Transport system. The unit weighs in at 93,000 to 100,000 pounds and has a 66’W x 38’H infeed clearance, as well as a 38” throat opening.

The smallest grinder is the MP-2, which is compact enough to tow with a two-ton truck, but sophisticated enough to simultaneously grind and color mulch with “Perfect in One Pass” Rotochopper technology. It weighs only 26,500 to 32,000 pounds, but still has a 56”x18” infeed clearance and boasts many of the features of the larger models.

With the company’s patented colorizer, Rotochopper grinders can transform virtually any clean wood fiber to premium landscape mulch with the size, texture, and colors that consumers demand. And the company’s grinders have a range of mechanisms to protect your machine from detrimental downtime including its StopWatch monitoring system and ferrous metal removal devices.

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The Trelan 646-WRC Extreme (35,000 lbs.) has a 5”-thick, full mass extreme cutter wheel, plus a heavy 1”-thick replaceable face plate attached to the front, making it an impressive 6” thick overall. The wheel allows this unit to slice its way through high volumes of wood with ease. It comes standard with three full 21” Babbitt-style knives and counter knives held in with heavy-duty clamps and holders and features a diesel engine ranging from 440 HP to 600 HP. It is equipped with a replaceable belly-band, reversible bottom anvil, and hydraulically driven feed wheels designed with internal hydraulic torque hubs.

The Model 686-WRC Extreme (55,000 lbs.) is an ideal whole tree chipper in combination with stand-alone flail debarkers. It’s easily repositioned at the job site, using a skidder. The 800-1,000 HP unit comes standard with a wireless radio remote control. It can be equipped with a curved discharge chute that will discharge the chips toward the towing end of the chipper. 

The Model 786-WRC Extreme (55,000 lbs.) is the ultimate whole tree chipper. When it comes to extremely large capacities, high production rates, high quality chips, low maintenance, and long knife life, the 786-WRC Extreme has it all combined in one compact heavy-duty rugged machine. It comes with a 3-knife full mass cutter wheel with optional 4-knife or 6-knife cutter wheel, as well as a radio remote control and a hydraulic hand-operated hood opener. It can be equipped with a curved discharge chute.

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The 755 HP HG6800TX horizontal grinder is designed for large-scale land-clearing contractors to help maximize productivity and efficiency. Its series III duplex drum is built off the proven cutting performance of previous Vermeer duplex drum designs and makes maintenance more convenient with enhancements such as an independently secured wedge system and enhanced drum balancing.

The optional chip drum produces a consistently chipped end product, rather than traditional shredded material, for uses such as biofuel. The patented SmartFeed system monitors engine rpm and adjusts grinding speed to increase productivity. And the open-ended wind infeed table makes material loading easy and efficient.

The track-drier grinder offers onsite mobility, with a remote control for easy maneuverability. The DT6 optional integrated dolly transport system eliminates the need for a dedicated trailer to move between sites.

The feed roller is fully enclosed for protection from debris and offers a tighter clearance between the feed roller and mill housing, helping reduce material blockage and draft on the feed roller circuit. 

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