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LoftnessLoftness Introduces Hydraulic Oil Cooler Attachment

The Cool Flow hydraulic oil cooler from Loftness Specialized Equipment greatly reduces the risk of overheating in skid steers and hydraulically powered attachments when operating in demanding applications and hot work environments. The automatic thermostat-controlled fan provides adequate cooling to the system whenever needed to boost machine efficiency, even when an attachment is not being used.

The Cool Flow attaches to the roof of a skid steer cab where it is less susceptible to vibration, back pressure, debris, and potential impact damage. It is specially engineered to allow full hydraulic flow to the attachment in either direction without risk of damage to the cooler. This unique feature allows operators to run the attachment in reverse when needed, and it also protects the unit in case hydraulic hoses are accidentally reversed.

A self-cleaning design helps the Cool Flow run efficiently. To further simplify maintenance, the bottom screen slides out for easy cleaning, and the hinged fan assembly can be raised to access the cooling core.

The Cool Flow has up to 40-GPM flow capacity and is compatible with all brands of skid steers. Operators can keep the unit continuously mounted to provide cooling for multiple attachments used on one skid steer.

Indexator’s New Technology in Tomorrow’s Harvester RotatorsIndexator’s New Technology in Tomorrow’s Harvester Rotators

Indexator’s new generation of harvest rotators is based on a new principal adapted specifically for use on applications in tough environments and demanding jobs.

“We are using a patented torque transfer solution, meaning that external forces acting on the bearings do not affect the motor inside the HX rotator. This extends the rotator’s service life significantly,” says sales manager Johnny Karlsson.

This technology has already been successfully applied to Indexator’s largest compact rotators, the XR-series, and a similar solution is now being transferred to the upcoming new generation of harvest rotators.

Indexator’s New Technology in Tomorrow’s Harvester RotatorsJohn Deere Announces JDLink Ultimate Subscription Price Reduction

John Deere Construction and Forestry is decreasing its prices for annual JDLink Ultimate subscriptions, providing customers with an affordable, streamlined data solution that boosts productivity and maximizes uptime. Additionally, the division is consolidating JDLink Ultimate Forestry with the larger JDLink offering.

Beginning in April, the annual subscription for JDLink Ultimate was reduced to $200, and the JDLink Ultimate Dual subscription is now $630. Tier pricing has been eliminated, and customers can purchase up to three years of a subscription.

Additionally, the Forestry Ultimate and Forestry Ultimate Dual subscriptions will be eliminated and consolidated with JDLink Ultimate and JDLink Ultimate Dual. Moving forward, the Wireless-Data-Transfer and Limited Internet features offered in the Forestry Ultimate subscription will be included with all Ultimate and Ultimate Dual subscriptions.

Indexator’s New Technology in Tomorrow’s Harvester RotatorsDoosan Introduces Three New Mini Excavators

Doosan Infracore North America now offers its U.S. and Canadian customers a wider range of excavators — from 3.5 to 50 tons. The updated line now includes the popular 3.5-, 4-, and 5-ton size classes, complementing the existing DX63-3 and DX85R-3 models. All three models will be manufactured in the United States for fast delivery to our U.S. and Canadian dealers and customers.

Doosan DX35-5, DX42-5, and DX50-5 mini excavators will each be available with an enclosed cab (with heat and air conditioning) or an open canopy configuration. Both configurations allow for excellent all-around visibility, especially to the excavator’s attachment.

A standard suspension seat provides all-day comfort for operators, while a strategically positioned deluxe instrument panel provides valuable machine information for operators. A standard keyless start system helps to reduce unauthorized machine use and theft.

Customers can choose between a standard arm or a long-arm option. The long-arm option gives operators more dig depth and reach and reduces the amount of machine repositioning for enhanced productivity. A blade comes standard with all three new models, and an angle blade is available as a factory option.

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