2018 Oregon Logging Conference2018 Oregon Logging Conference Pictorial Review

It was a great showing at the Oregon Logging Conference, held February 22–24, 2018. The OLC attracted more than 6,000 industry professionals from 37 U.S. states as well as from Australia, Canada, Finland, Japan, New Zealand, Russia, and Sweden.


Here are just some of the highlights of the three-day event.

Career Day. This year the OLC offered something new — the Future Forestry Workers Career Day. On Friday, February 23, more than 400 students from surrounding high schools attended. They learned about career opportunities in the forest industry, reviewed equipment, and visited one-on-one with industry professionals.

Log Loader Competition. Spectators enjoyed the 9th annual OLC Log Loader Competition. The winners this year were:

  • First Place – 2:45:75 — Bryan Chipps, Green Diamond Resource Company
  • Second Place – 3:04:03 — Zane Bryant, Bryant Logging Company
  • Third Place – 3:40:63 — Layne Walker, Shovel Operator, Eugene, OR

2018 Oregon Logging ConferenceGuess the Net Scale. Of the 748 people who took part in the Guess the Net Scale competition, the prize went to Aaron Wainman who guessed 6,550 and received a Cabela’s gift card.

OLC Auction. The Oregon Logging Conference Foundation (OLCF) auction, held during the opening breakfast Thursday and Friday mornings, brought in over $20,000 that will go toward scholarships for future industry professionals.

OWIT Auction. The Oregon Women in Timber (OWIT) auction brought in over $123,000, which is dedicated to Talk About Trees, the organization’s statewide forest education program for pre-kindergarten through 8th grade students. The program has reached more than 3 million students since 1991. “We were overwhelmed with the overall support,” says Auction Chair Diane Washburn.

Keynote Speaker. This year’s keynote speaker was Kathy Abusow, president and CEO of the Sustainable Forestry Initiative. She spoke to the hard work that goes into logger training, which is recognized by the SFI, and the difference it makes.

New Products

What the Oregon Logging Conference is widely known for is the extensive, state-of-the-art equipment displays. Here are a few new pieces that debuted in the Northwest at this year’s show.

Boman Z-7900. Boman Industries Inc. has developed the all new Z-7900 SkyCar to meet new efficiency demands. It weighs 4,300 lbs. and is powered by a Cummins 160 HP 4-cyclinder high-torque turbo diesel. The drum capacity is 400 feet 5/8” and 500 feet 9/16”. The line speeds and pulls are 40,000 lbs. (mid drum) 550 ft./min. and 31,000 lbs. (full drum) 700 ft./min. It is also equipped with Boman digital radios for operating the carriage. www.smith-boman.com

Tigercat 1185. The 1185 is a 308 HP, eight-wheel drive harvester with powerful lift capacity. It blends high performance, with excellent fuel efficiency through the use of an advanced hydraulic system. Dedicated pumps power the drive, harvesting head, crane, fan, and cooling circuit functions. The closed-loop drive system provides excellent performance on steep slopes. It is equipped with Tigercat’s WideRange drive system, which increases working travel speed while delivering extremely powerful tractive effort. The crane has a unique design, for better sight and high performance when the full 36-foot reach boom is fully extended. At almost 29.5 feet boom extension, the harvesting head can handle up to 2.75 tons. www.tigercat.com

Ecoforst T-WINCH. The T-WINCH can be moved anywhere with a compact radio system. The diesel engine transmits the maximum torque to a double pump unit with adjustable delivery volume. These two pumps power both the closed hydraulic cycle of the winch transmission, as well as the open cycle of the additional auxiliary functions. Thus, the crawler movement drive and the movement of the plate can be controlled synchronously, which leads to maximum ease of use. To guarantee low fuel consumption, pressure, and volume, flow of both pumps is continuously adjusted to the active load by using a load-sensing system. It has a maximum traction of 60 kN and over 260 feet of rope capacity, with a maximum rope speed of 5 feet/second. www.ecoforst.at

Barko 270B. The 270B features a 225 HP Cummins QS86.7 Tier 4 Final engine. It has a boom reach of 29’7” and a drawbar pull of 66.700 lbf. It also has an overall width of 11’5.5” and a swing torque of 58,384 ft-lb. Operators will also appreciate the 275-gallon fuel tank. The hydraulic system is designed with power always available. Operators can instantaneously shift from function to function, allowing optimal picking, delimbing, cutting to length, and stacking. And load sensing hydraulics automatically adjust performance to the load. The IQAN control system provides programmable settings for individual operators, along with machine diagnostics and troubleshooting. www.barko.com

EMS HarvestLine: The versatile cable logging tool allows quick line shifts and efficient log extraction in difficult, short-to-medium distance cable extraction areas where the logistics of moving in a large yarder or tower are challenging. It is available in various configurations — a two-drum system running an optional carriage or a three-drum system with a grapple. The system is designed to be adapted and installed onto a 38.5-ton plus excavator-based carrier. The fold down mast and the ability to utilize a grapple or bucket make it a versatile cable logging tool. It has a 1,500-foot rope capacity, a maximum hydraulic pressure of 5,000 psi, and a maximum line pull per drum of 43,210 lbs. www.technicalforestsolutions.com

Caterpillar 548: The 548 LL features ultimate machine efficiency coupled with enhanced performance. It is powered by a Cat 204 HP C7.1 ACERT Tier 4 Final engine. Larger hydraulic pumps allow the engine to operate at lower rpms with increased performance to maximize efficiency. Component layout and back-to-back main hydraulic control valve reduce oil flow restrictions and aid in greater fuel economy. And an increase in swing torque of 19 percent on General Forestry models and 18 percent on Log Loader models provides added power to move trees, which enables more efficiency and productivity. It also features a 261-gallon counterweight fuel tank for extended machine operation and maximum uptime. Boom arrangements and hydraulic systems for specific applications enable more effective road building, loading, processing, shoveling, or millyard stacking, and the one-piece engine hood design, with two opening angles, allows easy access to engine and cooling compartments. www.cat.com

Summit SG160, SG120, SG80: Summit Attachments & Machinery had three grapple carriages on display. The SG160 large hydraulic grapple carriage features an 80 HP Deutz Tier 4 diesel engine, load sensing hydraulics, a 160” opening, and 360-degree continuous rotation skidding grapple (off a Tigercat 635 grapple skidder). It also had promotional remote control for open/close and rotate and is capable of skidding about a half truckload per drag (10-12 logs). The SG120 features a 38HP Perkins diesel engine and has load sensing hydraulics with a 120” opening and 360-degree continuous rotation. The smaller SG80 has a 15 HP Kubota liquid cooled diesel engine, 80” opening with 360-degree continuous rotation, and mil-spec long-range radio system and HD camera system. www.summitattachments.com

The 2018 Oregon Logging Conference was a success on all accounts. Mark your calendar for the next, which will be held February 21–23, 2019.


New exhibitor, Barko Hydraulics, unveiled its 270B purpose-built processor to northwest loggers. With a dedicated pump for the processing head, IQAN load sensing hydraulics, and exceptional swing torque and tractive effort, this 71,000-pound machine (without attachment) is ideally suited for fast, efficient stump-side and roadside processing. With a longer D7 sized undercarriage for low ground pressure and a powerful 225 HP Tier 4 Final Cummins engine, Barko's 270B offers excellent fuel economy. www.barko.com

2018 Oregon Logging ConferenceSouthstar Equipment

Southstar Equipment Ltd is a world-leading forestry attachment manufacturer. We come with a simple mission; to be industry leaders in forestry attachments by providing world-class products for global conditions. This is achieved through progressive design thinking, service and listening to our customer requirements as we create low maintenance heavy-duty machinery that displays efficient, high quality performance while remaining affordable. www.southstarequipment.com

barkoPeterson Cat

Peterson Cat and Caterpillar Forest Products featured equipment and services for harvesting and millyards. Front and center was the new Cat 548LL. The introduction of the Cat 548 and 548LL completes the lineup of 500 series forest machine models. All meet Tier 4 final emission standards and feature outstanding fuel efficiency and optimized work tools, while increasing horsepower, swing torque, lift capacity, and tractive effort. Attendees also viewed Caterpillar work tools and videos showcasing Cat attachments, and got the chance to speak with Cat Financial and undercarriage professionals. www.cat.com


Construction Equipment Company (CEC) is a leader in the manufacturing of heavy equipment. Specializing in high-quality rock crushing, screening, and conveyor systems for quarry, mining, plus recycling operations; serving dealers as well as direct customers worldwide. CEC excels at customizing this equipment to fit your needs. CEC is headquartered in Tualatin, Oregon and the fabrication facility is located in Sheridan, Oregon. www.ceccrushers.com

Diamond Mowers


The 60” skid-steer forestry mulcher from Diamond Mowers will mulch trees up to 6” and cut trees up to 14”. Throwing material away from the machine makes it safer for operators and easier on the gear. www.DiamondMowers.com

Feenaughty Machinery

Feenaughty Machinery Co. is excited to be growing its coverage for the Doosan, Kobelco and Takeuchi lines in the Eugene market. We look forward to providing better service to a market that we have been involved in for many years and growing with our customers. Stop by either store to see how we can help with your Doosan, Kobelco and Takeuchi needs. 

www.forestnet.com | March/April 2018 | TimberWest 

Gem Chain Bar

A global leader in manufacturing, GEM Chain Bar has over 29 years of experience proudly making harvester products in the USA. Through innovative design, advanced technology, extensive field testing, and cutting-edge materials, GEM is able to deliver maximized runtime, unmatched durability and consistent productivity. GEM offers harvester bars, sprockets, chain, chain loops, measuring wheels, and bar repair. www.gemchainbar.com


LoggingEncoders.com produces a rugged duty pulse generator specifically for the logging industry, increasing the lifespan of the sensor from months to years. At the OLC, Logging Encoders.com shared information on replacement sensors that fit Waratah, Valmet, Risley, Quadco, Log Max, Denharco, John Deere and Fabtek (CAT) harvesting heads.


John Deere

Papé Machinery showcased the proven John Deere 3156G Swing Machine during the 2018 Oregon Logging Conference. The 3156G machine is available with a standard elevated rear-entry cab and equipped with fatigue-reducing features including broad window visibility, ergonomic controls and isolation mounting. The larger hydraulic pump and hydraulic cooling package improves multifunctioning performance and increases reliability, durability and productivity in big wood applications. www.johndeere.com

Komatsu America

Komatsu Forest is a pioneer in the area of mechanized logging, developing and manufacturing forest machines as well as attachments. We have an extensive service and after-sales network with global availability of spare parts and professional advice. With a passion for technology, and product development that merges productivity, ergonomics, plus environmental strong points into cutting edge advantages, we are continuously expanding the forest possibilities. www.KomatsuForest.us

Log Max

Log Max engineers products that promote healthy forests, providing harvesting, as well as processing solutions, to its clients, big or small and in any type of forestry application. The 7000XT and 10000XT continue to be popular with the PNW loggers. However the demand for smaller heads has become apparent in the industry’s changing markets. Log Max has a wide variety of harvesting heads as well as processing heads for all applications, from the little 928 to the 10000XT, 12000XT and ProCut 2330. www.logmax.com


Olofsfors, the world leader in bogie tracks and wheel tracks used the OLC to introduce KovaX, the premium general-purpose track for all forestry machines and year-round use. Olofsfors offers a wide range of track models and linkage systems for the most demanding ground conditions. In addition, Olofsfors had the Iggesund Forest BLUE LINE of .404 harvester bars and the R9 ¾” bars on hand. Both these harvester bars utilize a unique alloy, in combination with improved tempering, to create harvester bars that are stronger, more rigid and less prone to vibration. www.eco-tracks.com. www.olofsfors.com


The Morbark Wood Hog is the best industrial-grade horizontal grinder you can get for processing brush, yard waste, clearing debris, storm debris, C&D waste, mixed woody feedstocks, and asphalt shingles into saleable products. Morbark offers its full line with optional tracked undercarriage to take the equipment anywhere you need it!

For more information, please visit www.morbark.com

Pape Machinery

Thank you for visiting the Papé Machinery display at this year's Oregon Logging Conference. We're proud to have served the needs of loggers throughout the West for 80 years with superior products and superior support. Learn more about our promise of consistent, quality customer

service at any of our 23 locations or papemachinery.com.


Peterson designs and builds state-of-the-art equipment, which makes it possible for our customers to supply their clients with industry leading results profitably. For our customers, we will continue to be the most innovative company in our industry offering the world’s most advanced, productive, durable and environmentally friendly products, coupled with training, education, service as well as support that is far beyond anything offered by the competition. www.petersoncorp.com


Ponsse excels at diverse logging operations across North America. PONSSE Synchrowinch helps achieving high productivity in steep ground operations. It allows operating the same machines in flat and steep work sites with no need for additional machinery or methods. PONSSE Synchrowinch preserves soils from rutting and erosion, saves fuel and reduces stress in drive transmission components. 

Pierce Pacific Manufacturing

What if you could combine the functionality of a log grapple and the versatility of a processor into one amazing work tool? And what if that tool costs less than a conventional processing head? The answer is more clear-cut than ever with the Pierce Grapple Processor. The Pierce GP stands alone in its ability to sort, shovel, and load logs, as well as delimb, measure and cut. By doing the work of two machines, the Pierce GP saves you time, fuel, labor and maintenance costs. Learn about additional cutting-edge features on the Pierce GP at 
www.piercepacific.com, or contact us directly at 800.760.3270.

Precision Machinery

We are Precision Machinery. You might know us as Precision Maintenance & Repair, but we are much more. Over the past 7 years, we have built one of the best reputations in the area for dependable, fast service to get you back running and making money as quickly as possible. This is the foundation of our business, and this will never change. We have 7 service trucks and our 10 factory trained mechanics have an average of 20 years of experience each. We are proud to be your full service and sales dealer for Rottne, SP Heads, and T Winch! 


Tigercat specializes in the design and manufacture of tree harvesting systems. One of the many machines that Tigercat brought to the OLC was the new 34-tonne, 1185 harvester. Designed for high production in extreme terrain and the most demanding operating conditions, the eight-wheel 1185 employs the Tigercat designed bogie axles and drivetrain. Tigercat forestry systems deliver processed wood to roadside at the lowest cost per ton. Learn more about innovative Tigercat harvesting systems and off road industrial products at www.tigercat.com


QUADCO and Southstar have joined forces providing innovative technology with the largest selection of felling heads and processors to choose from in the forestry industry. QUADCO cutting tools are well known for its  Proven Quality–Reliability–Performance. All the QUADCO products along with the Keto Harvesters were displayed at this Year’s OLC. Thank you for your Business.www.quadco.com


Roll•Rite, a new exhibitor at OLC, manufactures STS lock down tarps for chip and wood residue trailers. The Roll•Rite system creates a safer environment for drivers, while reliably containing and protecting wood chips/hog fuel payloads. The system features a dual-arm power kit engineered to automatically stop the tarp at the right time and position. Designed for easy retrofit installation on a full range of trailer configurations, Roll•Rite is a leading manufacturer of state-of-the-art automated tarping systems, trailer tarps, gear motor technology and automated power solutions. www.rollrite.com

Cascade Trader

Cascade Trader specializes in new and used logging and construction equipment. Over the past ten years, our business has expanded to include sales, parts as well as service for Doosan Construction and Forestry Equipment. For the past five years, Cascade Trader has been one of the top five machine dealers in the USA for Doosan Excavators, Wheel Loaders plus purpose Built Log Loaders. 

White Mountain Chain

Let White Mountain Chain give you the safety that only a high quality chain can give. The quality and durability of a chain does not solely depend on the quality of the steel it is made from. It also depends on the production technology and the quality control procedures that are used on the way from raw material to finished chain. In this process TRYGG chains are the market leaders.www.whitemountainchain.com


TimberPro’s new D Series buncher didn’t make the OLC, but showed up at the Intermountain Logging Conference in April. It has been fitted with a new larger cab and high output LED lighting for increased visibility, as well as a digital climate control system. The D Series also utilizes the new Cummins L9 - 338 HP Tier 4 final engine with increase horsepower, torque and better fuel economy, all within the zero tail swing design. TimberPro bunchers offer best-in-class serviceability and an advanced energy recovery hydraulic system. www.timberpro.com

Triad Machinery / Link-Belt

Triad Machinery is your Pacific Northwest Leader in forestry equipment, construction equipment, material handling equipment, wheel loaders,

rough terrain cranes as well as crawler cranes. Our equipment coverage spans Oregon, Washington, and Idaho. We specialize in new and used equipment, equipment rentals, parts and service. Our major lines include: Link-Belt Construction and Forestry Equipment, Tigercat, Link-Belt Cranes, Kawasaki Wheel Loaders. www.triadmachinery.com


With an industry leading range of harvesting and processing heads both the 624C 4x4 and 625C were featured at the OLC. Built to perform the high torque feed motors of the four-wheel drive 624C provides unyielding delimbing power and responsive feed speeds. The 625C easily handles 35” wood and has exceptional tree control and delimbing with twin bottom delimb arms. Also, featured at the OLC was the FL-95 directional felling head, purpose built for winch assist logging on steep slopes.www.waratah.com

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