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Albach Diamant

With travel speeds of 45 mph, the Albach Diamant 2000 can be driven on local and state highways from job to job, even hundreds of miles apart. At the tree stand, its full-time, four-wheel drive allows it to navigate even rough terrain. Upon arrival, the operator pushes one button and the Diamant 2000 converts from transportation mode to chipping mode automatically in 20 seconds and with its aggressive infeed can immediately be put to work handling and processing timber. The Diamant 2000 allows a tight control on the chip sizing, from microchips all the way to 2.5”. This way, the chips can be used for multiple applications.

Customizable overall to meet an arborist’s particular geographical or application needs, the crane-equipped Albach Diamant 2000 can churn out up to 500 cu. yds. of chips per hour.

Once the Albach chipper is driven to the job site, its computerized cabin is transformed from a highway-mode transport pod into an elevated work station providing the operator with an eye-level view of timber handling, chip production and delivery. The spacious, high-tech, air-conditioned cab is comparable to that of the world’s most modern agricultural and construction equipment.

For the accurate placement of chips, the unit’s extended-angle chute can be swiveled up to 270 degrees and adjusted up and down by up to 10 ft. This allows chips to be loaded directly into trucks parked in nearly any position nearby.

albachBandit Industries

Model 2460XP effectively grinds chunk wood, brush and whole trees. It is equipped with a 60” wide by 30” diameter cuttermill, a 60” wide by 24” mill opening. This machine uses a 30-tooth cuttermill running Bandit’s patented saw-tooth style cutterbodies that regulate the size of the tooth’s bite. Most of the material is sized in the initial cut, so material exits the large screening area quicker. This leads to a more uniform end product, and less wear and tear on the grinding mill. The track-type infeed conveyor efficiently feeds material to the 60” wide by 30” diameter feed wheel yoke, the same size as the 3680XP.

The mill turns down against a fixed anvil. The infeed conveyor butts closely to the anvil to limit wedging of material between the conveyor and anvil. The down-turning mill and feed system ensure a smooth, controlled flow of material to the mill, maximizing production while adding to the uniformity of the finished product.

Like the larger 3680XP, the 2460XP has a unique waste gate that makes it easy to remove any contaminants from the mill and screening area, limiting damage to the mill and wear parts.

The Model 2460XP is maintenance-friendly with easy access to wear items, and simple hydraulic and electrical systems. Screens are simple to change using the standard screen changing arm, and ladders, steps and handrails help operators feel secure while climbing and working on the machine. There is easy access to the mill for changing teeth and cutterbodies.


Driven by a 520 hp engine, Barko’s CH6025 whole tree chipper is ruggedly built with an 8-inch reinforced tube frame to handle trees up to 22 inches in diameter. The machine offers enhanced hydraulic control features and patented ConeHead.

The unique ConeHead drum offers a 35-inch throat opening that makes fast work of big jobs. The drum’s knife design includes 8 steel in-pocket knives with two usable edges per knife. Instead of chopping, the ConeHead drum utilizes a more efficient slicing motion that delivers more chip loads per gallon of fuel. The slicing action also produces higher quality and impeccably consistent wood chips for biomass fuel systems.

The CH6025 features an infeed table with replaceable floor. One horizontal and two vertical hydraulic feed rollers consume mounds of limbs and tops quickly, and large carbon steel fan blades on the drum ends throw chips forcefully into collection trucks to pack in more material. Electrohydraulic system comes with wireless remote for safe, effective operation.

Dual air-brake axles are each rated to 22,500 pounds.

BruksBruks Rockwood

The Bruks Mobile Chipper has been a leader in biomass processing for over 60 years in Scandinavia, which means it was born in an environment where hard and softwood biomass has less than a 30 percent moisture content.

The Bruks Drum Chipper has either 2 or 3 full length knives, depending on the application, (i.e. for the production of energy or microchips). There is no introduction of dirt, which is inherent in other chipping systems utilizing skidders.

This one machine system has a low operation cost per hour and provides more flexibility since only one machine has to be moved from site-to-site versus 3 to 4 machines.

The Bruks Mobile Chipper is available for forwarder and truck configurations.

Continental Biomass IndustriesContinental Biomass Industries

Compact, yet enormously productive, the CBI ChipMax 484 whole tree chipper focuses on productivity and customer flexibility. The rotor, chipper box, and feed system are the strongest in its class, as this drum chipper provides owners with years of trouble free service. Featuring two rotor options, the CBI 484B can make high-quality fuel chips custom sized from 12–25 mm to “microchips” 2–12 mm out of logs up to 24” in diameter. These wood microchips produce a consistent fiber length, reducing the overall cost of producing pellets and improving the function of small boilers

The CBI is available as a portable, track-mounted, or truck-mounted drum chipper that can be used at any remote location. Configured as a truck-mounted unit with a hydraulically-operated, 360-degree swing bearing, it is road legal in both width and height for ease of transport.

The CBI ChipMax is powered by a CAT C-18, 765 hp engine and features a Parker IQAN control system. It gives machine operators the opportunity to monitor the vitals of the machine for increased performance awareness.

cw millCW Mill

There are 20 standard models of HogZilla MONSTER grinders, including self-propelled track-driven and self-loading units. These grinders are built in sizes ranging from mid-sized to MASSIVE and can be configured as stationary, fifth wheel portable, track mounted, or as a mounted grapple unit. 

HogZilla can handle the tough jobs while providing high production rates. HogZilla Grinders are ideal for waste reduction, recycling, land clearing, construction demolition or any other tough grinding application.  From stumps and logs to railroad ties or tires.

The HogZilla is valued by operators for its added efficiency, torque, proven production, reliability, visible quality, durability, solid value, and unparalleled service and support. There are currently HogZilla Grinder’s out there with over 30,000 hours.

diamond z manufacturingDiamond Z Manufacturing

The Diamond Z grinder is one of the premier grinders in the heavy industrial waste reduction equipment industry. These grinders have the ability to process large stumps and logs, while still producing a fine consistent finished product at fast production rates. Diamond Z horizontals are designed for processing brush, yard waste, clearing debris, storm debris, C&D waste, other mixed woody feedstocks, and asphalt shingles into salable products.

The grinders allow operators to more efficiently achieve small particle sizes required for boiler fuel, landscape mulch, animal bedding, and other finished products. As a rule, horizontal grinders better process longer, pre-organized material typically found in land-clearing operations. This is because of the long infeed opening which reduces the need to shorten material significantly before grinding. Machines range from 30,000 to over 160,000 pounds, with horse powers ranging to well beyond 2,000.  Diamond Z grinders are transportable and move conveniently and are cost effective even for the smaller jobs. 

All Diamond Z grinders are offered with Tier 4 Final emission rated engines as well as track, wheel and stationary mounted either diesel or electric powered.

duratech industriesDuraTech Industries

The 9564 Horizontal Grinder is equipped with a 48” wide oscillating stacking conveyor swings 40° from side to side and allows the operator to load material into a truck or onto an existing pile. An optional aluminum chute removes ferrous material from the finished product. The 9564 is powered by a 1050 hp Caterpillar electronic diesel engine, housed in an enclosed engine compartment to protect the engine and reduce noise.

The 9564 horizontal grinder comes equipped with a 64”, 12,100-pound hammer mill with 24 hammers, which is fed by a self governing floor apron and feed roller though a 60”x40” feed opening. The high capacity 315 cu. ft. hopper will handle the largest trees and stumps.

A rotary self-cleaning screen provides constant air to the engine and radiator while reducing maintenance and providing easy access to the radiator for service. Four hydraulic stabilizer legs provide a steady platform while grinding.

It also comes with a PT Tech HPTO-15 self adjusting wet clutch which is controlled by a microprocessor with a built in torque limiter and brake that provide protection for the engine and drive line. The wet clutch is connected to the hammer mill by a 10-groove belt drive. Duratech also offers a complete line of tub grinders.

Ecoverse IndustriesEcoverse Industries (formerly Doppstadt)

In 2015, Doppstadt partnered with Ecoverse Industries, but the quality remains the same. Doppstadt’s DW-Series Slow Speed Shredders shred various materials such as biowaste, C&D, waste wood, tree stumps, MSW, commercial and industry waste, and aggregates. The company uses a single-shaft roller and a nitrogen accumulator, which allows the comb to break away and reposition during operation, preventing uncrushables from damaging the machine and teeth.

The DW shredders feature a hydraulic cooling system and fluid coupling power transfer. Options include Bio-Power, a tougher drive unit, higher throughput capacity, and an aggressive shredding roller offering 42 teeth (twice the standard 21 teeth). Other available options include a powerful Neodym Magnet for iron separation and a remote control for all main functions, making it easy for one-man operation.

These machines are powered by fuel efficient Mercedes Benz diesel engines that provide up to 610hp. Fuel consumption is as low as 11gph depending on the machine and material being fed.


The Stumpex is a low speed, high torque stump grinder, creating a safe environment to grind stumps without shutting down streets and sidewalks. It works on any species of wood and bores 20 inches into the ground while cutting feeder roots.

The Stumpex can be mounted on backhoes, skid steers (20-42 GPM,) CTL, the Fecon FTX128 and 8-12 ton excavators. With no stump grinder teeth to replace, it is cost effective. The Auger Bit action is designed for safety with slow rotation action (7-16 RPM.) The Stumpex requires minimal maintenance (light daily blade sharpening, grease gearbox every 1000 hours) and is easy to operate.


An important feature of the 3400XT is its 8’4” standard width, making it within the legal transport width in any country, no matter what engine. It accommodates engines from 540 to 800 hp, so it is ideal for a broad range of applications in a wide variety of markets worldwide.

Like all Morbark Hogs, the 3400XT also is available with electric power. The infeed bed is an additional 24 inches longer with sloped sides. This configuration improves operator sight lines for more efficient loading of material. Standard on the 3400XT is a removable infeed chain return floor, which allows excess material to fall away to minimize the wear on the floor, bed chain and inserts, particularly useful in land-clearing or other applications with dirty material.

The variable-speed infeed system consists of one 34-inch diameter top compression feed roll; a direct-driven internal planetary drive with no chains and sprockets for lower maintenance, more torque and better durability; and four strands of WDH-120 chain in a staggered configuration. The area between the hood and the engine has been reconfigured to provide an additional 12 inches of working space.

The 3400XT is equipped with the Morbark Integrated Control System—or MICS which allows the operator to automatically adjust feed rates and monitor pressures and feed wheel position to maximize production and engine efficiency.

Other standard features include an 11 hp air compressor for general maintenance and changing inserts and the self-contained rod puller for changing rods in the hammermill.


Peterson 6310B Drum Chipper is suited for high volume biomass producers who have a wide variety of feed material, from logs up to 36” in diameter, to brush and small feedstock. The 6310B is designed for operations requiring high production and frequent moves between jobs, is track-mounted and weighs 86,000 pounds. The 6310B Drum Chipper is powered by a 1050 hp C27 Caterpillar engine and has an optional Tier IV engine available.

The 6310B drum chipper has two drum configurations, an 8-pocket drum to make standard biomass chips, or a 16-pocket drum to make microchips.  An optional grate system has been redesigned to allow for adjustment from a microchip to a 1¼” chip with the same grates. Traditional Babbitt type knife systems are standard equipment, or an optional Key Knife system is available.

The chipper utilizes a 50” diameter by 60” wide drum. Other key features include a sloped feed deck for the ease of feeding and wear resistant AR400 wear surfaces on the drum pockets and shell. The feed chain has been upgraded to WDH120 for improved strength and long life.

The chip accelerator system adds load density, or throws chips well away from the machine for land clearing operations.

rawlingsRawlings Manufacturing

With over 40 years of experience in the forest and sawmill related industries, Rawlings delivers wood grinding equipment with a reputation for durability, performance and reliability.

Rawlings Manufacturing Inc. manufactures and installs custom wood grinding systems. Rawlings offers a complete line up of wood grinders in a full range of sizes and models. Each customer’s operation is unique with its own challenges. With this in mind, the Rawlings design team treats each system specifically to the customer’s operation and specifications. There are a wide variety of available options, such as work platform decks, choice of belt, chain, vibrating in-feed and out-feed conveyors, metal, or magnet protection, product screening and separation, providing the flexibility to customize the perfect wood grinding system. The HZX Horizontal model is ideal for processing logs, railroad ties, construction , demolition debris and urban wood waste. Horizontal HZX models are available in stationary, portable, diesel or electric-powered units.

raycoRayco Mfg.Inc.

The RH1754 Track Horizontal Grinder is now available in a self-propelled version that rides on a heavy-duty, steel track undercarriage. This adds another element of versatility to the 240 hp RH1754, making it easier to move the machine around job sites and perform tasks like windrowing material or sorting material into different piles.

With low operating costs and versatility to process a wide range of materials, the RH1754 is the economical solution for reducing green waste, pallets, and lumber scraps while making high quality mulch. A variety of tooth and screen options allow operators to tailor the end product.

Despite its compact size, the RH1754 has a wide infeed opening that accepts pallets and bulky material. Easily removable debris screens and reversing fans keep the radiator clear and extend service intervals. A magnetic head pulley on the discharge conveyor sorts out nails and light metals, and the screens can be changed in minutes to minimize set-up time. The towable version is light enough to be easily transported from one job to the next.

On tracks it weighs just 20,500 lbs. and is just under eight feet wide, to avoid the need for trailering permits. A wireless radio remote operates each track independently to provide precise control, and two- speed final drives allow for creep speed or high speed travel.


Rotochopper, Inc., has introduced several new features to their current equipment lineup.  Upgrades include increased horsepower engines, the second-generation RotoLink Remote Monitoring System, and the Generation 2 Colorizer System.  

“To maximize your margins in your operation, you must not only optimize production rates and mulch quality, but understand the numbers that drive your bottom line,” said Art de St. Aubin, Rotochopper President/CEO. “Our Generation 2 Colorizer and RotoLink Monitoring Systems allow producers to track and fine tune the important numbers from the control panel, loader cab, or office and work with our factory-direct customer service team to maximize profitability. These systems deliver a holistic view of your operation, and provide the insight needed to proactively grow your business.” 

Increased horsepower options are available for the B-66 (up to 1,050 hp), B-66 Electric (up to 1,000 hp), and FP-66 (up to 765 hp) in Tier 2 or Tier 4 Final configurations for diesel models through 2017. 

RotoLink Remote Monitoring Systems allow grinder owners and operators to record, analyze, and adjust critical machine settings in real-time. Track inputs like colorant usage and fuel consumption and work with Rotochopper’s factory-direct Customer Service Team to monitor equipment performance with a direct connection to the machine’s control panel. The second-generation RotoLink program provides customizable notification to multiple contacts when a fault alarm occurs.  

Rotochopper’s Generation 2 Colorizer’s secondary colorant atomization system provides higher production rates and minimizes waste without compromising color integrity. Colorant application is easily adjusted to match varied feedstocks and mulch specifications.   

trelan manufacturingTrelan Manufacturing

The Trelan Model 646-WRC EXTREME (35,000 pounds) produces fuel chips and has the ability to produce paper chips or microchips as well. It features a 24-volt electrical system and operated by remote control. Standard are 3 full 21” babbited-style knives and counter knives. The unit is also equipped with a replaceable belly-band, reversible bottom anvil, and hydraulically driven feed wheels designed with internal hydraulic torque hubs. These hubs are continuously bathed in oil for long life. It features a diesel engine, ranging from 440 hp too 600 hp, coupled to a spread-bearing clutch.

The Trelan Model 686-WRC EXTREME (45,000 pounds) is an ideal whole tree chipper in combination with stand-alone flail debarkers for producers requiring the absolute best in quality and consistency in paper chips. Roundwood producers find it a good fit for chipping tops coming from their slasher. The Trelan 686-WRC EXTREME is maneuverable and easily repositioned at the job site, using your in woods skidder. It comes standard with a wireless radio remote control and as an option may be equipped with a curved discharge chute.

The Trelan Model 786-WRC EXTREME (55,000 pounds) handles extremely large capacities and high production rates. It comes standard with a 3-knife full mass cutter wheel and can be ordered with a 4-knife or 6-knife cutter wheel, as well. Standard are radio remote control and a hydraulic hand operated hood opener.  It can also be equipped with a curved discharge chute that will discharge the chips toward the towing end of the chipper.

vermeerVermeer Manufacturing Co.

The HG6800TX horizontal grinder is designed for large-scale land-clearing contractors to help maximize productivity and efficiency. The feed roller on this machine can climb up to 50” to help tackle the tough material elements.The new infeed on the HG6800TX was designed with low sidewalls to help the operator more easily load material into the machine. This feature allows larger loads to be dropped on the infeed with less interaction and manipulation of the material.

Equipped with the latest technology from Vermeer, the HG6800TX features the patented Series III duplex hard-faced drum. In addition to providing long-lasting durability, maintenance time is decreased with the ability to remove and flip or replace single hammers, as well as being able to externally balance the drum

The remote control puts the machine control menu and machine operating information at the user’s fingertips.

With the optional Damage Defense system, contractors who deal with contaminated wood can help protect their equipment by reducing the likelihood of major machine damage caused by certain metal contaminants entering the hammermill. The system reacts to the initial contact of metal by reversing the feed system to allow for removal.

The HG6800TX also features SmartFeed and the Thrown Object Deflector (TOD). SmartFeed optimizes machine performance and production electronically and allows the operator to focus on loading raw product, and move finished product about the jobsite. The function stops and reverses material from feeding into the hammermill when engine rpm’s drop below efficient operating range. 

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