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AFRC Reports on Timber Sales Programs

Tom Partin reported on the results of the timber sale programs on the Colville, Deschutes, Idaho Panhandle, Kootenai, Lolo, Mt. Hood, and Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forests. “I am pleased to report that all of these forests hit their FY17 timber targets. Some forests exceeded their targets, a couple of forests had reduced targets due to unusual circumstances,” said Partin. “From my perspective, it is important to note that these forests do take their timber targets seriously, and I believe most are well positioned to ramp up and increase the pace and scale of management that is so desperately needed.”

The following are just some of the results: 

Colville National Forest. Supervisor Rodney Smoldon hit and/or exceeded targets using large landscape planning areas. He also put forward the A-Z project that required the successful bidder to perform the NEPA work and get approval before the project could be implemented. The Colville met its FY17 target of 58 MMBF with an additional 9 MMBF coming from the A-Z project.

Deschutes National Forest. Supervisor John Allen integrated the strong recreation demands with managing timber. The Deschutes hit its FY17 timber target of 52.7 MMBF; however, nearly half of that volume was non-saw. The forest is working hard to treat some of the higher fuels areas across the landscape that have seen many large wildfires during the past decade.

Idaho Panhandle National Forest. The Panhandle has been steadily ramping up their program since Mary Farnsworth became supervisor. The Panhandle’s FY17 program of 54 MMBF was met but was basically a deferral of their FY16 green timber sale program that was set back a year to allow the forest to successfully sell the Tower and Grizzly fire salvage sales in FY16.

Kootenai National Forest. The Kootenai did not hit its target in FY16 due to the Oly Moly project being held up. However, Region 1 boosted its target level to 70 MMBF for FY17 to make up last year’s volume. Despite numerous fires this summer, Chris Savage and his team sold 71.4 MMBF.

Lolo National Forest. The Lolo successfully implemented two salvage sales totaling 12 MMBF on the Copper King fire that burned during the summer of 2016. The Copper King timber volume plus the 7-Mag re-offer sale helped Tim Garcia and his team sell 60 MMBF, which is nearly double their usual timber target.

Mt. Hood National Forest. The Mt. Hood Forest had a reduced timber sale program in FY17 due to over achieving their target in FY16. Lisa Northrup and her team hit their target of 25 MMBF with a good portion of that volume (16 MMBF) coming from the Goat Stew project.

Okanogan-Wenatchee. The Okanogan-Wenatchee hit its timber target of 35 MMBF due in large part to selling the Huck project, which contained 28 MMBF. The potential for this forest is much higher than 35 MMBF, but Mike Williams and his staff are dealing with internal issues regarding management on Late Successional Reserve lands that have timber over 80 years of age.

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