Oregon Logging Conference2017 Oregon Logging Conference Pictorial Review

More than 6,000 industry professionals from 37 U.S. states and ten countries attended the 79th Annual Oregon Logging Conference (OLC), held February 23 – 25, 2017 in Eugene, Oregon. In addition, the OLC also hosted another 6,000 local school kids and folks from the general public!

“The 79th conference surpasses the successful event from 2016, with more than 250 exhibitors displaying in over 90,000 sq. ft. of inside exhibit space and millions of dollars of logging, trucking, construction, and heavy equipment displayed on over 14 acres of outside exhibit area,” said OLC Conference Manager Rikki Wellman.

Oregon Logging ConferenceJeff Wimer, president of the 79th Annual OLC event was also pleased with the conference, saying it demonstrates that the logging and related industries are thriving. “Quality speakers spoke to packed rooms during the keynote address, panel sessions, and seminars, presenting timely information on hot topics in the industry today.”

 “Equipment exhibitors were happy with the interactions they had with those attending the conference, and the overall attitude was positive,” he added.

 Keynote speaker Merv George Jr., forest supervisor of the Six Rivers National Forest in northern California told a capacity crowd that collaboration is a key to moving forward. “If I have a gift, it’s getting people to work together,” he said. “We can do anything when people decide to come together.”


Wellman was also pleased with the Oregon Logging Conference Foundation Live Auction held during the Thursday and Friday morning breakfasts, which brought in more than $24,000 for college scholarships for the 2017-2018 school year. 

“We have an extremely supportive industry,” says Wellman proudly.

 The Desserts for Dreams Charity Event was also a success, bringing in over $5,000, 100 percent of which will be donated to SafeHaven Humane Society.

Oregon Logging ConferenceContests

There were a number of guessers when it came to the “Guess the Board Feet of the Loaded Log Truck” contest. In fact, four people were tied for the closest weight—all guessing 6,500 board feet — the actual number was 6,490.  

Twenty-five operators competed in the 8th Annual Log Loader Competition. This year’s winners were:

  • First Place – 3:14.75, Bryan Chipps, Green Diamond Resource Co.
  • Second Place – 3:20.25, Ross Cribbs, 
    Van Well Timber Co.
  • Third Place – 3:23.31, Zane Bryant, Bryant Logging Co.

New and Noted at the Oregon Logging Conference

Each year, many companies debut new equipment at the OLC. This year was no different. The following were some of the highlights:

KETO 873 PROCESSOR. The 7,400 lb. processor features 360 degrees of continuous rotation, has a capacity of 50,000 pounds, and is controlled from the head, so no boom lines are needed. It has a maximum opening of 34” knife tip to tip and 40” track link to surface. It features a self-cleaning butt-end find sensor, a new ‘MAX power’ saw system, and a pivoting track system and dual length measuring.

QUADCO 27C. Quadco introduced the largest of its C-Series felling heads—the 27C. It has a 27” cutting capacity and, like the others in the series, features a four-arm-up design with one cylinder and heavy-duty timing bar per set of arms. Optional 40° or 360° lateral tilt available for boom mount applications. Patented 360º wrist system using Quadco’s field proven double reduction gear box and two motors for maximum feller buncher versatility.

Oregon Logging ConferenceJOHN DEERE TIMBERNAVI. This innovative jobsite mapping platform is designed to optimise full scale logging operations. Available for L and M Series skidders, both wheeled and tracked feller bunchers, cabs are fitted with a 10’’ touch screen that provides operators an easy to use interface, simplifying operations, increasing visibility and reducing digital mapping time by up to 60%. No longer is a fleet manager, forester or harvest manager required to drive to site to hand an operator a cut-block map. Utilising JD linkTM a fully integrated machine monitoring and wireless data transfer system, managers can send updated maps, terrain details and instructions to operators from their desktop. JD link was launched at the OLC 2017 and received a great reception from both long term and new John Deere customers.

HAWKEYE MOTORIZED GRAP-PLE CARRIAGE. The 2,640-pound, 7.5 HP grapple carriage has a maximum opening of 52” and 360 degrees of rotation. The grapple has EMS, high tensile grapple tines and is mechanically opened and closed from a control screen. There are no rope clamps, but it does have integral lighting and an integrated camera system with infrared. It’s suitable for any yarding system.

KMC TRACTOR. The unique KMC High Speed Steel Track (HSST) Vehicle was introduced. It was designed for a variety of uses, including steep slopes, boggy areas, and environmentally sensitive sites. Its high-speed track and torsion suspension conforms to uneven ground and can complement winch assist directional felling on slopes up to 50 percent.

OLOFSFORS. Olofsfors introduced the Iggesund Forest BLUE LINE harvester bars. A unique alloy is used, in combination with improved tempering, to create a harvester bar that is stronger, more rigid and less prone to vibration. The BLUE LINE harvester bars also have enlarged lubrication holes for improved chain lube/grease flow to handle the toughest logging conditions

CAT 538RB. The Cat 538RB was designed to assist with general forestry work, like road building. The 164 hp machine comes equipped with a Cat C7.1 ACERT engine. It weighs in at 66,640 lbs., has a ground clearance of 26”, a 180.2 track length, and a swing torque of 59,300 lb. ft.

WARATAH FL-95. This steep slope HD felling head weighs 5,732 lbs. and has a maximum grapple opening of 62” inches (over 5 feet). It features a heavy duty ¾ pitch main saw with 43” saw bar, has a maximum cut diameter of 39” when in felling mode, and a maximum cut diameter of 27” when in grapple mode, as well as a 360-degree continuous rotation rotator.

Oregon Logging ConferenceEducation

The 2017 lineup of panels and seminars covered a range of topics, like tethered logging and fire prevention that drew big crowds on Friday.

In the morning, Matt Mattioda, CLT Manager of Miller Timber Services, kicked off the session with a presentation on the new Ponsse/Hertzog tethering system. Other issues such as OSHA safety concerns on tethered operations, updates on the new ODF riparian rules, and industrial fire protection were also presented. In addition, a hands-on session covered the basics of log scaling.

Oregon Logging ConferenceThe afternoon started with a fire prevention and suppression seminar presented by Link Smith, ODF Western Lane District forester. While Smith zeroed in on several new ODF fire rules, he cautioned that the rules will change once fire season starts. “The rules that we have today will be different in July,” he said.

Smith also explained that if the cause of a fire is determined to be a logging operation, the loggers face stiff penalties.

“We’re going to come investigate that fire, and if we find a violation that contributed to the start or spread of that fire, we are going to come after the logger for potentially the whole cost.”

After a short break, the subject turned back again to tethered logging as the pavilion filled up for the afternoon business seminar.

Brandon Miller, district forester for Potlatch Corporation in St. Maries, Idaho, presented on the topic of Steep Slope Logging from a land manager’s perspective.

Oregon Logging ConferenceAfter reviewing the many tethered systems currently available, Miller turned his focus to steep slope logging in the inland forest and outlined the five major concerns his company has regarding the new technology, including safety regulations.

According to Miller, cable assisted safety regulations were developed by using different elements from different agencies that were pertinent to tethered logging. Rollover protection and wire rope restrictions and other specifics rely on manufacturers recommendations and specifications.

“We need to identify sensitive areas and come up with a plan. We should see where technology will take us, rather than jump in and write a bunch of rules we might not be able to work with,” Miller said.

A Look Ahead to 2018

The 79th Annual Oregon Logging Conference was by all standards a success. Wellman says to be ready for an even better event in 2018.

“Not only will it be our 80th anniversary, but we already have exhibitors reserving spots,” says Wellman. “It looks like we may even have a bigger conference than this year.”

Make sure to mark your calendar for the OLC’s 80th anniversary, February 22 - 24, 2018. It should be quite an event.

Diamond MowersDiamond Mowers


The 60” Skid-Steer Forestry Mulcher from Diamond Mowers will mulch trees up to 6” and cut trees up to 14”. Throwing material away from the machine makes it safer for operators and easier on the gear. www.DiamondMowers.com

Cascade TraderCascade Trader

Cascade Trader specializes in new and used logging and construction equipment. Over the past ten years, our business has expanded to include sales, parts as well as service for Doosan Construction and Forestry Equipment. For the past five years, Cascade Trader has been one of the top five machine dealers in the USA for Doosan Excavators, Wheel Loaders plus purpose Built Log Loaders. www.cascadetrader.net

Eagle carriageEagle Carriage & Machine

Eagle Carriage & Machine has been building quality carriages since 1979, producing ten different carriages and grapples. The most recent to its line up is the Raptor. We also produce the hydrostatic, slack pulling Eagle VI, as well as the Super Eaglet carriages. Eagle Carriage takes pride in its service and customer satisfaction. Don’t let our geographical location get in your way, as we go out of our way to service our customers. www.eaglecarriage.com


Designed from the ground up with the driver in mind, EROAD’s highly intuitive in-vehicle device synchronizes with the engine to automatically record hours of service. The simple touchscreen lets drivers view, edit and add notes to their logs, and easily present their record of duty status during roadside inspections. Our ELD is part of our powerful suite of solutions, backed by EROAD’s exceptional customer care. www.eroad.com, 1-855-503-7623


Hitachi chose the OLC to introduce two of the four new Hitachi Forester log loader models to Pacific Northwest loggers. These machines feature completely redesigned cabs, new FT4 Isuzu engines, larger cooling systems with reversing fan and many other improvements. The ZX 260F-6 was configured as a road builder and the ZX310F-6 with rear entry cab was configured as a log loader. www.hitachiconstruction.com

Eroad ELDFeenaughty Machinery

Feenaughty Machinery Co. is excited to be growing its coverage for the Doosan, Kobelco and Takeuchi lines in the Eugene market. We look forward to providing better service to a market that we have been involved in for many years and growing with our customers. Stop by either store to see how we can help with your Doosan, Kobelco and Takeuchi needs. www.feenaughty.com

Eroad ELDGem Chain Bar

A global leader in manufacturing, GEM Chain Bar has over 25 years of experience proudly making harvester products in the USA. GEM’s full line of ¾ pitch and .404 harvester bars are precision cut and machined from premium grade material. GEM bar tips are replaceable, designed for longer wear life and field tested for improvements. GEM’s ¾ pitch and .404 sprockets have unique design features for improved cleaning and cooling, less chain stress and stretch and longer wear life. See GEM for a full product line and the quickest turn times. www.gemchainbar.com


For over 25 years Jewell has been designing and building attachments and yarding packages to help loggers be productive and profitable. For 25 years, the Original Jewell Shovel Logger grapple design has stood the test of time so well that others have tried to copy it. New at the OLC 2017 we showcased the Allied AH250 Yarder Winch, a purpose built mobile yarder winch built with optimal performance, maximum productivity and increased versatility in mind. Look to us today for best in class grapples, winches and other extreme duty attachments. www.paladinattachments.com

KomatsuKomatsu America

Komatsu Forest is a pioneer in the area of mechanized logging, developing and manufacturing forest machines as well as attachments. We have an extensive service and after-sales network with global availability of spare parts and professional advice. With a passion for technology, and product development that merges productivity, ergonomics, plus environmental strong points into cutting edge advantages, we are continuously expanding the forest possibilities. www.KomatsuForest.us

John DeereJohn Deere

John Deere Construction & Forestry displayed a wide variety of its equipment at the Papé Machinery exhibit area. Included in the line-up were many models of Deere’s new G Series Forestry Swing Machines. These can be configured as loaders, shovel loggers, processor carriers and road builders. Key features of the new G Series machines include a simplified electrical system, beefier structures and more robust cooling system with hydraulic reversing fan. Inside the Papé tent, loggers got a chance to better understand the benefits of TimberNavi, a fully integrated JDLink machine monitoring and jobsite solution. www.deere.com

Log MaxLog Max

Log Max engineers products that promote healthy forests, providing harvesting, as well as processing solutions, to its clients, big or small and in any type of forestry application. The 7000XT and 10000XT continue to be popular with the PNW loggers. However the demand for smaller heads has become apparent in the industry’s changing markets. Log Max has a wide variety of harvesting heads as well as processing heads for all applications, from the little 928 to the 10000XT, 12000XT and ProCut 2330. www.logmax.com


Olofsfors, a new exhibitor to the OLC this year, introduced Pacific NW loggers to the Iggesund Forest BLUE LINE harvester bars. A unique alloy is used, in combination with improved tempering, to create a harvester bar that is stronger, more rigid and less prone to vibration. The BLUE LINE harvester bars also have enlarged lubrication holes for improved chain lube/grease flow to handle the toughest logging conditions. Iggesund Forest is part of Olofsfors, the world leader in bogie tracks and wheel tracks. www.olofsfors.com

Pewag ChainPewag Chain

Pewag’s success is based on well-engineered, state-of-the-art quality traction chains, industrial chains as well as tire-protection-chains. Pewag has a long and proud history, of innovation in chain technology. In the past 40 years, Pewag has continued to establish itself as the innovator in the North American market. www.pewag.com

Pape MachineryPape Machinery

Papé Machinery was excited to unveil its Virtual Reality booth at this year’s OLC. Attendees wore a video headset that took them on a journey from a logging site, to the highway, to a lumber mill, to a warehouse…virtually! See you all next year. www.papemachinery.com.


Peterson designs and builds state-of-the-art equipment, which makes it possible for our customers to supply their clients with industry leading results profitably. For our customers, we will continue to be the most innovative company in our industry offering the world’s most advanced, productive, durable and environmentally friendly products, coupled with training, education, service as well as support that is far beyond anything offered by the competition. www.peterson.com

Pierce PacificPierce Pacific Manufacturing

What if you could combine the functionality of a log grapple and the versatility of a processor into one amazing work tool? And what if that tool costs less than a conventional processing head? The answer is more clear cut than ever with the Pierce Grapple Processor. The Pierce GP stands alone in its ability to sort, shovel, and load logs, as well as delimb, measure and cut. By doing the work of two machines, the Pierce GP saves you time, fuel, labor and maintenance costs. Learn about additional cutting-edge features on the Pierce GP at www.piercepacific.com, or contact us directly at 800.760.3270.

Precision MachineryPrecision Machinery

Precision Machinery, a new exhibitor to the OLC, has built one of the best reputations in the area for dependable, fast service the past 6 years. This is the foundation of their business, with 5 service trucks, and factory trained mechanics that average of 20 years of experience each. The 2017 OLC was a success with the display of the Rottne Harvester (H21 and H14) and Forwarder (F15) machines, along with the SP-LF (patented Low Friction) harvesting heads. For more information visit: http://precisionmachineryandmaint.com, www.rottne.com, and www.spmaskiner.com


Ponsse excels at diverse logging operations across North America. PONSSE Synchrowinch helps achieving high productivity in steep ground operations. It allows operating the same machines in flat and steep work sites with no need for additional machinery or methods.

PONSSE Synchrowinch preserves soils from rutting and erosion, saves fuel and reduces stress in drive transmission components. www.ponsse.com

Pierce PacificQuadco

QUADCO and Southstar have joined forces providing innovative technology with the largest selection of felling heads and processors to choose from in the forestry industry. QUADCO cutting tools are well known for its  Proven Quality–Reliability–Performance. All the QUADCO products along with the Keto Harvesters were displayed at this Year’s OLC. Thank you for your Business. www.quadco.com


Modern Machinery featured the Sennebogen 830M HDS single tire swing machine during the OLC. At home in mill yards, log export yards and in the bush, this versatile machine is equipped with a 164 kW Cummins engine and a proven hydraulic maX cab that can be raised and moved forward. Perfect as a trailer puller on uneven or muddy millyards, the 830M HDS generates up to 80 ton of pulling force and has over two feet of ground clearance. www.sennebogen-na.com


Tajfun Firewood Processors, world renowned under the brand name RCA, are essential for log processing into firewood. Tajfun products are constantly developed towards optimal and simple operation. The processors excel in: energy efficiency, simple and fast set up and take down, high capacity, compact and rugged construction, simple controls. Contact us at: (360)594-8877, www.tajfun.com

SouthstarSouthstar Equipment

Southstar Equipment Ltd is a world-leading forestry attachment manufacturer. We come with a simple mission; to be industry leaders in forestry attachments by providing world-class products for global conditions. This is achieved through progressive design thinking, service and listening to our customer requirements as we create low maintenance heavy-duty machinery that displays efficient, high quality performance while remaining affordable. www.southstarequipment.com

TigercatTigercat / Triad Machinery

Tigercat specializes in the design and manufacture of tree harvesting systems plus specialized machines for severe duty, off road applications. Tigercat forestry systems deliver processed wood to roadside at the lowest cost per tonne. Learn more about innovative Tigercat harvesting systems and off road industrial products. Find out how you can improve your productivity, plus reduce your cost per tonne at www.tigercat.com.


Modern Machinery brought a TimberPro TL765C, the largest of its 5 feller buncher models, to the OLC. The TL756C was configured as a directional feller—perfectly suited for winch-assist applications—with an integrated undercarriage tethering system and Southstar FD750 felling head. The TL765C offers best in class serviceability, a spacious cab designed for operator comfort, a powerful Cummins QSC8.3L engine and an advanced energy recovery hydraulic system. www.timberpro.com

Triad MachineryTriad Machinery / Link-Belt

Triad Machinery, is your Pacific Northwest Leader in forestry equipment, construction equipment, material handling equipment, wheel loaders,

rough terrain cranes as well as crawler cranes. Our equipment coverage spans Oregon, Washington, and Idaho. We specialize in new and used equipment, equipment rentals, parts and service. Our major lines include: Link-Belt Construction and Forestry Equipment, Tigercat, Link-Belt Cranes, Kawasaki Wheel Loaders. www.triadmachinery.com


Tractionline, from Technical Forest Solutions, is one of the leaders in the growing winch-assist business, with over 50 systems working worldwide. Tractionline’s two-cable, excavator-mounted system incorporates a unique, reversed bucket on the stick. This system helps to solidly anchor the machine in the soil or behind a stump, while keeping the tracks pointed down the road or skid trail, for easy movement when changing tethering positions. Automatic tension control keeps winch cables leading to the directional feller under constant tension.  www.tractionline.co.nz


With its expanded line-up of heads, Waratah took a large, outdoor exhibit space this year. One of the main features at the exhibit area was the new 5,700-lb. FL-95 directional felling head. Purpose built for winch-assist logging on steep slopes, Waratah’s FL-95 felling head delivers a productivity boost in even the most extreme applications. The FL-95 features a steep slope-specific tilt design for increased chassis rotation, which allows effective felling on 65-degree slopes without hitting the attachment stops. A large 62-inch grapple opening, with a fully retractable saw box, maximizes capacity and increases productivity when shovel logging large diameter timber. www.waratah.com

White Mountain ChainWhite Mountain Chain

Let White Mountain Chain give you the safety that only a high quality chain can give. The quality and durability of a chain does not solely depend on the quality of the steel it is made from. It also depends on the production technology and the quality control procedures that are used on the way from raw material to finished chain. In this process TRYGG chains are the market leaders. www.whitemountainchain.com

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