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Maintainer Launches New Lube TruckMaintainer Launches New Lube Truck

Maintainer Corporation has launching its new Lube Truck design, which focuses on overall owner profitability and operator safety.

Efficiency in the new design is a result of a new operator-friendly reel compartment layout. The operator can access most functions right from the reel box. Among other thigns, the extended step bumper has been removed and product moved lower to the ground, reducing the need to climb, and the center deck access to the tanks is wider, with an illuminated stairway.

The new design uses lighter, stronger materials in conjunction with more advanced finite element analysis (FEA), which allows full product tank capacity while still be road legal and in compliance with bridge laws.

Clutchless Option Now Available For Select Bandit Hand-Fed Chippers

Now available on select Bandit disc and drum-style hand-fed chippers, the clutchless drive option replaces a traditional friction plate clutch with a mechanical engagement of the drive belts.

The clutchless drive reduces maintenance (including greasing and adjustment) and downtime associated with maintaining friction plate clutches. This design significantly reduces chipper maintenance and downtime by eliminating drive belt adjustments, engine position adjustments, and grease points associated with the clutch.

Only the drive belt requires replacement when needed as per standard operation, and the clutchless drive will not decrease belt life under normal use.

Peterson’s new 3310 Drum ChipperPeterson’s new 3310 Drum Chipper

Peterson Pacific Corp. debuted the new Peterson 3310 drum chipper at the 2017 CONEXPO-CON/AGG show. With a 540 hp Caterpillar engine, the 3310 has the power to handle up to 24-inch diameter logs. The fully enclosed engine compartment keeps things clean but is easily serviced by large access doors on both sides of the machine.

The 3310 is the smallest model in Peterson’s lineup of drum chippers. Like the other larger Peterson drum chippers, the 3310 is equipped with sizing screens and an intelligent control system that provide superior fuel economy and consistent chip quality.

At just under 24 feet long, the 3310 utilizes a transverse-feed design allowing for a much smaller operations deck than typical drum chippers. The rotatable end load or optional top load spout design allows for trailers to be loaded in a variety of positions. The compact size allows for easy maneuverability, and it can be transported in a 40-foot high cube container for overseas shipment.

The Pierce PD5500M DelimberThe Pierce PD5500M Delimber

The new PD5500M delimber represents the best of both worlds: the design integrity of industry leading Pierce and Denharco stroke delimbers, plus the new cutting edge processing technology.

Introducing wireless communication. Never replace a boom cable again! Instead of transmitting information through a cable that can easily be damaged, send it right to the head wirelessly. The PD5500M also features a high-powered variable displacement cable drive system offering both speed and torque when you need it most. Curtain-style hose hangers minimize hose damage. A safe and simple cab-operated transport system. All of this, and more, powered by Pierce’s color touch screen Z5 control system — specifically designed for the stroke delimber application.

New John Deere Knuckleboom LoadersNew John Deere Knuckleboom Loaders

John Deere 437E and 337E Knuckleboom Loaders are now equipped with new grapples manufactured by John Deere to further improve productivity and machine durability. The E-Series machines deliver five percent more swing torque and lift force over previous models, and the new grapple complements these features by improving rotator torque and response times, and enabling higher side loads and rotator lift capacity. The new grapple, available with a 48- or 52-inch opening, is made with a more durable cast design and a larger, more robust rotator, providing loggers with a heavy-duty machine designed to withstand the toughest of jobs.

Built with high impact and wear-resistant custom steel, its key features include rotator lift capacity of 123,000 pounds and rotator torque of 36,200 pounds/inch.

The New WSM Pin Chipper

The new WSM Pin Chipper is a high capacity fiber preparation machine that converts lower value mill residuals (shavings and hogged wood) and alternate fiber supply sources into a high percentage of “pin chips” with long fiber length for use in the Pulp & Paper Industry.

The WSM Pin Chipper is available in rotor diameters of 42”, 48”, and 60” and rotor lengths from 36” to 88”, and it typically operates with 200 to 800 hp. Modular and adjustable tooling includes either rigid or swing hammers with replaceable tips, and combined with modular sizing screens, allows adjustment to product sizing. Field proven performance at rates up to 75 tph, and when combined with a WSM pre-screen, the processing rate is confirmed at 150+ tph.

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