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AFRC Welcomes New Members

AFRC has two new members from the Northwest, Tricon Timber and T2 Inc. Tricon Timber is the largest privately owned mill in the state of Montana. It’s a full-service facility, which utilizes 100 percent of all wood products with zero waste.

T2 focuses on grinding, logging, chipping, land clearing, biomass consolidating, and forest thinning. Launched in 2006, T2 is headquartered in Sweet Home, Oregon. T2 uses 100 percent of all raw materials coming from the forest; sawlogs go to the lumber mills, tops are classified as chip logs and are processed onsite into clean paper chips, and the left-over limbs and bark are ground onsite for biomass. 

Steve TalagaRegion 6 2016 Timber Stats

The AFRC reported that Region 6 awarded 96 percent of the target assigned to it by the Washington Office, selling 589 million board feet (MMBF) of the 610 MMBF target. Approximately 70 MMBF of the accomplishment came from salvage sales. As seen in the chart below, the accomplishments ranged from a low of 12 percent to a high of 122 percent. Forest level shortfalls were mostly from no-bid sales.

Some other statistics for the total program are: 83% Sawlogs, 9% Biomass, 8% Fuelwood, 30% Stewardship contracts


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