New ProductsChelsea Collection by Helly Hansen Workwear

Chelsea Collection by Helly Hansen Workwear

Helly Hansen Workwear has a new offering called the Chelsea Collection, which is ideal for construction, logging, and any rugged trade use. The Chelsea Construction Pant, in particular, is fairly innovative, bringing new value to the work pant. They feature reinforced nylon knees and built-in tool holsters that can be tucked away in the front pockets when you clock out. Other features include a 79% Cotton/21% Polyester blend that is more durable and breathable, reinforced areas of 100% Nylon Cordura - 219 g/m² (7x stronger than non-branded reinforcement), reflective elements, higher back to prevent plumber’s crack, and much more.

Caterpillar Introduces Seat Suspension Technology for Wheel Skidders

Caterpillar Forest Products has introduced the Cat Advanced Ride Management (Cat ARM) seat suspension system—a semi-active suspension that dampens vibration and minimizes end stop events, significantly improving operator comfort.

Semi-active means the suspension can adjust the rate of damping in real time. The suspension senses the suspension motion and adjusts its rate of damping in response to changing ground conditions. Cat ARM automatically applies higher damping in rough ground conditions like those found in clear-cut applications and applies lower damping under smoother conditions, such as well-kept skid trails.

The benefits of Cat ARM include better stabilization, elimination of end stop events (reducing accelerations operators may be exposed to by up to 80 percent), and potentially improving tire life of high-ply rated tires while maintaining a smoother ride.

John Deere G-SeriesJohn Deere G-Series Wheeled Harvesters

The John Deere G-Series harvesters are now available to loggers in North America. Perfect for final felling and late thinning, the John Deere 1270G and 1470G Harvesters combine high productivity with excellent fuel economy.

“Designed based on customer feedback, the updated G-Series harvesters build upon the popular features of previous models to create a powerful and efficient machine, ideal for all types of terrains. The new machines boast increased power, torque, and tractive force, as well as upgrades to the controls, improving efficiency,” said Keith Berger, wheeled cut-to-length forestry instructor.

As a key feature of the G-Series, Standard Processing Power Control (PPC) optimizes fuel efficiency by matching the appropriate processing level to the work conditions and size of the tree. Simply select Energy Saving, Normal, or Boost Mode, and PPC does the rest of the work.

Nokian TyresNokian Tyres Launches Forestry Skidder Tires

Nokian Logger King LS-2 is the ultimate workhorse for full-tree forestry work. The completely new design provides brilliant features in a very robust form. Logger King is targeted for use on skidders, and it comes in five sizes of 23.1-26, 28L-26, 24.5-32, 30.5L-32, and 35.5L-32. The two largest sizes also have an extreme version available for the most demanding forestry work when normal is just not enough.

The new product comes in two versions: Logger King LS-2 and Logger King LS-2 Extreme. The standard version is suitable for the majority of the environments and machines starting from small to medium sized skidders. Both versions feature a new rubber compound resulting from a test period of many years in the most demanding conditions all over the world. Logger King LS-2 Extreme has a more robust carcass structure and extra steel layers giving it a high ply rating and ultimate protection against punctures.

Fedon Mobile Balancing SystemFecon’s New Mobile Balancing Systems

Fecon introduced its new mobile balancing systems, the FMB-100 and FMB-200.  The mobile balancing systems work on any make or model of forestry mulcher.  It is an extremely cost-effective solution to the damaging vibration caused by rotor imbalance. The FMB-100 mobile balancer tells you how out-of-balance the rotor is (magnitude) and where adjustments are needed (phase/angle). Once balanced, the difference is amazing.

The Fecon FMB-200 is a state-of-the-art dynamic balancer, with full spectral analysis, not only walks you through the balancing process, indicating where to add weight and how much, it also analyzes all frequencies to help troubleshoot vibrations not caused by rotor imbalance. It can tell the difference between a rotor imbalance, a failing bearing, and other issues that cause damaging vibration.

Ridewell RAR-251Ridewell Introduces RAR-251 Stub Axle Air Ride Suspension 

Ridewell Suspensions expands its air ride suspension line with an integrated stub axle suspension system for heavy haul applications. The RAR-251 Stub Axle Air Ride Suspension contains two beam assemblies that can be integrated with a 32” track Ridewell axle configured with Wabco PAN 19 disc brake assemblies.

“The unique pivot design and excellent lateral stiffness of the RAR-251 suspension provides a significant increase in capacity for trailer manufacturers wanting a multi-tire configuration that provides a 40,000 pound capacity per axle line,” says Bruce Barton, director of Engineering at Ridewell Suspensions. “In addition, the air ride suspension offers a better ride quality for trailer owners seeking an alternative to mechanical trunnion suspensions.”

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