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Oregon Logging Conference

Oregon Logging Conference Review

“This year’s gathering was the biggest since 2008. We had more exhibitors this year, both outside and inside,” according to OLC Conference Manager Rikki Wellman. “This year’s show exceeded our expectations, with the addition of 25,000 sq. feet of inside exhibit space, and the outside display area was packed with the latest industry technology.” Attendance was also up, with an estimated 6,000 coming through the gates.

Big money was raised during the conference too. During the two-day auction, the Oregon Logging Conference Foundation brought in $27, 000 that will provide scholarships to deserving students who are studying forestry and/or logging- related fields.

And some loggers made off with awards. The 7th Annual OLC Log Loader Competition winners were just seconds apart. First place went to Zane Bryant of Bryant Logging Company with a time of 3:29. There was a tie for second place between Ross Cribbs of Van Well Timber LLC and Bryan Chipps of Green Diamond Resource Company, both with a time of 3:32.

Roger Goodwin, a retired Rosboro timber cruiser, demonstrated his expertise in log scaling in the Guess the Net Board Feet contest. He guessed 5,890 board feet Net Scale. Gross (total before defect reductions) scale on the load was 7,860 board feet.


Oregon State University Dean of Forestry Thomas Maness and Vancouver, BC, architect Michael Green spoke at the opening session about how the use of wood for constructing tall buildings will be “game changing.”

Maness said Oregon can “lead the way” in the new demand for cross-laminated timbers that will be created when wood is used for tall building construction.

Green called using wood to build tall buildings “the most environmentally appropriate way to build our cities in the future,” noting that buildings with cross laminated timbers are planned for Portland and the Oregon State University campus in Corvallis.

The last speaker was Wiremu Lee Edmonds, sponsored by Waratah. Known for his inspirational talks, Edmonds didn’t disappoint. The audience was moved as he spoke about the tragic loss of his son during a logging accident in 2013. He brought home the need for the industry to focus deeply on safety and to see everyone in your company as family.

Oregon Logging ConferenceSeminars and Panels

Following the Thursday morning official opening ceremonies, panels and sessions got underway. Notable were the afternoon sessions featuring five presentations that covered the wide range of steep slope cable logging and new equipment.

Moderated by Jim Dudley of the Swanson Group, the standing-room-only crowd listened intently to the initial presentation on Winch Assist Harvesting Efficiency and Innovations by Dzhamal Amishev from Harvesting Operations Group, FPInnovations out of Vancouver, BC.

Amishev outlined the history of winch assist and the technique’s current status in the industry. Originally developed in New Zealand by Ross Wood (the grandfather of winch assist) the various methods are actively applied in New Zealand, Canada, and Europe. To date, few operators in the U.S. have adopted the concept.

“Winch assist works,” Amishev said, explaining that winch assist improves worker safety, increases profit margins, and increases access to more timber. “Some adaptability will be necessary because the conditions are different in BC and the Pacific Northwest.

It is expensive, so you have to have the landowner on your side,” he added.

Frank Chandler Jr. of C&C Logging took the podium for his presentation, Revisiting Tethering Systems in the Pacific Northwest, which expanded on the practical applications of steep slope winch-assisted logging. Chandler explained they use a separate, independent winch machine and says he looks to the future when they can use different machines like forwarders, harvesters, and skidders on steep slopes. He also emphasized the additional safety of using a twin-line system. “The twin line for me had been unbelievable. You’ve got a good solid base with two lines behind when you’re working on the steeper slopes.”

Next up was Matt Bostrom of Advanced Land Management LLC, whose topic was In-Line Rock Crushing. He was followed by well-known cable logging consultant and trainer, Brian Tuor, who presented his findings on the strength of various wire rope splicing.

Tyson Lambert from T-MAR Industries concluded the session with a presentation on Steep Slope Innovations with Cable Systems and his company’s development of a grapple yarder and other steep slope applications.

“The constant theme was safety, tight roads/no landings, and delivery cost to roadside,” Lambert said. “We started to think about what equipment we could build to help our customers solve these problems. What we arrived at was the grapple yarder.”

Lambert further explained the product design and specific features, components, and benefits of the machine, as well as the effectiveness of different options like remote control and cameras.

OLC’s Better Ideas/New Technology in Logging session might have been crowded, but it did deliver new insight to the steep slope questions of mechanization attracting qualified employees and increasing production.

New Equipment

Each year there is new equipment on debut at the OLC. This year attendees got an up close view of following:

Halverson HWP-140 Wood Processor. This cost-effective wood processor attaches simply to a skid steer. It processes logs up to 10 feet long and 16” in diameter. The one-man operation has simple operator controls, sets up in minutes, and has multiple splitting head options available. It’s safe and, at 102” in width, is easy to transport. You can also process right into a truck or trailer without a conveyor.

Peterson Tier 4 Track Skidder. Peterson Cat announced the return of the Tier 4 Track Skidder. It features a Cat C7.1 Tier 4 Final engine with an 18 percent increase in horsepower (202hp @ 2,200 RPM) and improved powertrain cooling for higher production. It has a 10 percent increased fuel tank capacity, a swing boom with 110” bunching grapple, an engine accelerator (replacing the decelerator in the previous model), a heavy-duty fuel tank guard, and an in-cab engine diagnostic monitor.

Waratah HTH623C. With large, high-torque feed motors, delimbing power, and great balance of feed speed, the HTH623C is built to perform with a 25-ton carrier. Its hydraulic design provides high-flow characteristics combined with low-pressure drop. The TimberRite measuring system gives operators a wealth of data, a large color monitor (optional), and wireless data transfer. The maximum feed-roller opening is 35” and the maximum cutting diameter is 30”. It features three feed rollers (with various feed wheel options available) with full hydraulic synchro-drive, and weighs in at 6,160 lbs.

Komatsu 931 Harvester. The 931 has a powerful, more fuel-efficient Tier 4 Final engine. It features heated batteries, DEF, coolant, and hydraulic oil for cold weather starting. Operators will find a new, more powerful H-series parallel crane with 360 cab/crane rotation and four-way cab/crane leveling. It features a 3PS 3-pump hydraulic system that generates 68 percent higher hydraulic working flow, as well as a new HST hydrostatic transmission and Komatsu Comfort Bogie axles that generate higher torque.

T-MAR Yarding Grapple Camera. T-MAR’s new camera has excellent HD picture quality. The camera transmitter works in broken ground, over breaks, and “fishing” in brush piles without losing contact. It has a 10-hour battery capacity and a reinforced, watertight enclosure with a separate battery compartment. It has a simple field repairable wire whip antenna (use any piece of wire) and operators will also enjoy simple cab installation similar to a normal radio install.

It’s not too early to mark your calendars for the next OLC, set for February 23, 24, and 25, 2017. It should be another big event.


Keynote Speaker Wiremu Lee Edmonds’ words brought grown men to tears, as he gave his Stand in the Gap talk at the 2016 Oregon Logging Conference.

Why do the words of this New Zealand native have such an impact? In addition to being a natural born speaker—he has given this particular talk 176 times, reaching over 20,000 people—and having an impressive resume as a result of educating workplaces in health and safety, his message comes from an emotional place. Less than three years ago, Wiremu and his wife Marsella lost their 23-year-old son in a logging accident.

As he spoke of the OLC attendees, Wiremu says he could feel the sense of pride and family from the audience. “It is a big family affair here with different generations all in the audience. Grandfathers, fathers, sons sitting at one table.”

No Academic Model

“My heart is my script. I don’t have any written notes to go off, so I allow my heart to speak. If I had written notes, it would be a barrier to me, because then I can’t speak from here. My talk was more about me speaking to fathers and to sons, mums, dads. Because we all belong to families. If there’s anything to ever motivate us to do things safely, wouldn’t it be our families? There isn’t an academic model that I could show people.”

Part of Wiremu’s authenticity comes from his background and culture of extended families. “Back in New Zealand, if you’re my friend, you’re my family. There is no line. The table just gets bigger. Everybody ends up brothers and sisters and cousins,” he says. “One thing that I’ve struggled with where business is concerned, and don’t understand, is how we may treat our friends—our family—one way, but then when it comes to business, we treat our friends differently. My view of the world is we’re one big family, and I talk to people like how I like to be spoken to. I respect people because I like people to respect me. That’s no academic model, that’s just principle and values.”

Speaking Around the Pacific Northwest

The Waratah team can be thanked for sponsoring Wiremu’s keynote address at the OLC. Ed McDaid, Western U.S. Regional Distribution Manager, says they were impressed with his passionate message when they heard him speaking in South Africa. And although Wiremu reached hundreds at the OLC opening session, with Waratah’s help, he was also able to reach hundreds more throughout the Pacific Northwest. During one week, he drove to various Weyerhaeuser sites talking to employees at Chehalis, Longview, Albany, Coos Bay, and Springfield. (A bit of a challenge if you’re used to driving on the left side of the road.)

Don’t expect to find a Wiremu website. His words have such power that every one of his speaking engagements has been through word of mouth—all 176 of them.


Waratah 600 series processing heads were found at many outside displays areas. New at the show was Waratah’s FL85 Series II directional felling head, which combines shovel logging, grapple and saw into one productive and versatile head. With a SuperCut 300 saw unit, the FL85 Series II provides fast-cutting cycles and a maximum felling diameter of 33.5”. And, automatic chain lubrication and tensioning improves performance and reduces maintenance time. Other 600 series heads displayed: 622C 4X4, 623C, 623C 4X4 and 625Cm along with Waratah’s TimberRite touch screen computer and the new WaratahMate downloadable app.

VulcanVulcan On-Board Scales

Vulcan On-Board Scales and SI On-Board design and manufacture on-board weighing systems for all types of trucks and trailers in the timber industry, as well as other industries that require tough and reliable scales. Solutions are available for a wide range of on-board applications and suspensions including spring, air and mixed suspensions. Contact Vulcan On-Board Scales at 1-800-237-0022 or Contact SI On-Board at 1-800-638-5111 ext 3 or Vulcan On-Board Scales and SI On-Board are brands of Vishay Precision Group (VPG).

T-marT-mar Industries

Steep slope logging specialists, T-Mar Industries, used the OLC to show off the latest addition to the growing Log Champ line—the LC150 cabless anchoring winch, already at work in Washington. T-Mar also brought its extreme-duty log grapple and yarding grapples to the show. T-Mar designs and builds excavator mount rock drills, yarder parts, grapple cameras and winch assist systems.

CascadeCascade Trader

Cascade Trader specializes in new and used logging as well as construction equipment. Over the past ten years our business has expanded to include sales, parts as well as service for Doosan Construction and Forestry Equipment. For the past five years, Cascade Trader has been one of the top five machine dealers in the USA for Doosan Excavators, Wheel Loaders plus purpose Built Log Loaders.

Traid machineryTriad Machinery / Link-Belt

Triad Machinery, your Pacific Northwest Leader in forestry equipment, construction equipment, material handling equipment, wheel loaders,
rough terrain cranes as well as crawler cranes. Our equipment coverage spans Oregon, Washington, and Idaho. We specialize in new and used equipment, equipment rentals, parts and service. Our major lines include: Link-Belt Construction and Forestry Equipment, Tigercat, Link-Belt Cranes, Kawasaki Wheel Loaders.

QuadcoQuadco USA

With the introduction of “ THE POWER OF TWO” QUADCO and Southstar have joined forces providing innovative technology with the largest selection of felling heads and processors to choose from in the forestry industry. QUADCO cutting tools are well known for its Proven Quality– Reliability - Performance. All the QUADCO products along with the Keto Harvesters were displayed at this Year’s OLC. Thank you for your Business.

EagleEagle Carriage & Machine

Eagle Carriage & Machine has been building quality carriages since 1979, producing ten different carriages and grapples. The most recent too its line up is the Raptor. We also produce the hydrostatic, slack pulling Eagle VI as well as the Super Eaglet carriages. Eagle Carriage takes pride in its service and customer satisfaction. Don’t let our geographical location get in your way, as we go out of our way to service our customers.

Pierce PacificPierce Pacific Manufacturing

What if you could combine the functionality of a log grapple and the versatility of a processor into one amazing work tool? And what if that tool costs less than a conventional processing head? The answer is more clear cut than ever with the Pierce Grapple Processor. The Pierce GP stands alone in its ability to sort, shovel, and load logs, as well as delimb, measure and cut. By doing the work of two machines, the Pierce GP saves you time, fuel, labor and maintenance costs. Learn about additional cutting-edge features on the Pierce GP at, or contact us directly at 800.760.3270.

John DeereJohn Deere

Papé Machinery Construction & Forestry displayed the game changing John Deere 859M Tracked Feller Buncher. Upgrades to the machine include a more spacious cab featuring ergonomically designed controls and floor-to-ceiling front and side windows, as well as a longer, wider undercarriage for increased stability. In addition to the 859M, Papé displayed a wide variety of its of John Deere equipment offerings, including the powerful 648L skidder and the full line-up of tracked log loaders.

Feenaughty machineryFeenaughty Machinery

Feenaughty Machinery Company has been supporting the construction and forestry industries for over 100 years. Since its beginning in 1901, Feenaughty has been a family-owned business that believes in hard work and loyalty to its customers as well as employees. Although the industry has gone though many changes since 1901, Feenaughty remains dedicated to supporting its customers needs with honesty and integrity. Going forward Feenaughty will continue to support its customers with the equipment, as well as the service, they have come to expect since 1901.

Log MaxLog Max

Log Max engineers products that promote healthy forests, providing harvesting as well as processing solutions to its clients, big or small and in any type of forestry application. The 7000XT and 10000XT continue to be popular with the PNW loggers. However the demand for smaller heads has become apparent in the industry’s changing markets. Log Max has a wide variety of harvesting as well as processing heads for all applications, from the little 928 to the 10000XT and 12000XT.

Pierce PacificRadiator Supply House

Radiator Supply House is a complete manufacturing facility for metal replacement radiators, steel tanks, all aluminum radiators, oil coolers, and charge air coolers. With an inventory of radiators, oil coolers, charge air coolers, A/C condensers and shrouds for heavy duty trucks, agriculture, refuse, forestry, construction, RV and performance.

KomatsuKomatsu America

Komatsu Forest is a pioneer in the area of mechanized logging, developing and manufacturing forest machines as well as attachments. We have an extensive service and after-sales network with global availability of spare parts and professional advice. With a passion for technology, and product development that merges productivity, ergonomics, plus environmental strong points into cutting edge advantages, we are continuously expanding the forest possibilities.

PapePape Machinery

Thank you for visiting the Papé Machinery display at this year’s Oregon Logging Conference. We’re proud to have served the needs of loggers throughout the West for over 75 years with superior products and superior support. Learn more about our promise of consistent quality customer service at any of our 21 locations or

Sp DistributingSP Distributing

SP Distributing is the exclusive distributor of SP Maskiner harvester heads. We offer not only a superb product, but also a team of highly trained sales as well as support staff ready to assist our customers. SP Harvester heads are in operations all over the world. SP Maskiner has nearly thirty years of experience in the forestry industry. This experience translates into a product that is always ahead.


Multitek is a worldwide leader in advanced technologies for industrial hydraulic equipment, especially in the sector of wood processing machinery. The company has a rich focus on research and innovation achieving many patents, awards, and produces many machines distinguished by high standards of quality. The Multitek mission is to apply and develop the best technologies available in the marketplace to offer world class hydraulic equipment to supply customers the best possible solution related to their needs. Multitek means industrious, reliable, technological, quality and innovation.


Loggers and mill personnel got a chance to get up close to Sennebogen’s 830 rubber-tired log loader at Modern Machinery’s exhibit area during the OLC. This 85,000 lb. machine is powered by a 225 hp Cummins Tier 4 engine and is available in a number of different stick and boom configurations for various applications. Perfect for mill and sort yards, the Sennebogen 830 offers excellent stability, even while moving to load, sort and stack CTL and tree-length stems.


Peterson Cat and Caterpillar Forest Products featured equipment and services for harvesting, hauling and millyards. On display: a Cat 522B Feller Buncher, Cat 545D Wheel Skidder, Cat 568 FM Log Loader and a Cat 568 FM Road Builder, a Cat 586C Site Prep Tractor with a HM825 Mulching Head, D6K Dozer, SATCO Directional Feller and 299D Skid Steer. Attendees witnessed the power of telematics with real life examples using Cat Product Link™. Cat Financial representatives and undercarriage professionals answered questions, while inside were work tools, as well as videos showcasing Cat attachments.


For over 25 years, Jewell has been designing and building attachments and yarding packages to help loggers be productive and profitable. In fact, our first log grapple is still putting in a day’s work 25 years later. That’s why we offer a 12 month 2,000 hour warranty on all our grapples. Look to us for Yoder & Tong throwing packages, clam grapples, brush rakes and other extreme duty attachments.

TigercatTigercat / Triad Machinery

Tigercat specializes in the design and manufacture of tree harvesting systems plus specialized machines for severe duty off road applications. Tigercat forestry systems deliver processed wood to roadside at the lowest cost per tonne. Learn more about innovative Tigercat harvesting systems and off road industrial products. Find out how you can improve your productivity plus reduce your cost per tonne at

White MountainWhite Mountain Chain

Let White Mountain Chain give you the safety that only a high quality chain can give The quality and durability of a chain does not solely depend on the quality of the steel it is made from. It also depends on the production technology and the quality control procedures that are used on the way from raw material to finished chain. In this process TRYGG chains are the market leaders.


Peterson designs and builds state-of-the-art equipment, which makes it possible for our customers to supply their clients with industry leading results profitably. For our customers, we will continue to be the most innovative company in our industry offering the world’s most advanced, productive, durable and environmentally friendly products, coupled with training, education, service as well as support that is far beyond anything offered by the competition.

Gem Chain BarGem Chain Bar

GEM Chain Bar has specialized in 3/4” pitch harvester bars, drive sprockets and replacement tips for over 25 years. GEM also offer a complete line of 404 bars and sprockets. GEM has made major technological improvements to both bars and sprocket tips through new materials and internal design. See GEM for the quickest turn times.

Gem Chain BarPeters & Keatts Equipment

We would like to thank everyone that took the time to stop by and see us at the Oregon Logging Conference. The staff was amazing as usual and can’t wait for OLC 2017.


Southstar Equipment Ltd is a world-leading forestry attachment manufacturer. We come with a simple mission; to be industry leaders in forestry attachments by providing world-class products for global conditions. This is achieved through progressive design thinking, service and listening to our customer requirements as we create low maintenance heavy-duty machinery that displays efficient, high quality performance while remaining affordable.

Peterson CatPeterson Cat

Peterson Cat provides Caterpillar® and agricultural equipment, parts, service, and rental to customers in 100,000 square miles of territory, from San Martin, California to Longview, Washington. We’re proud to support your business anytime, day or night, from eighteen full-service locations.

Gem Chain BarMorbark

Morbark featured its 1300 Tub Grinder, combining heavy-duty construction with Morbark’s Integrated Control System technology (MICS). Operators can now monitor critical machine parameters for increased output and maximum fuel efficiency. With a full breakaway torque limiter system, hydraulic augers and laser-cut hammer mill, the 1300 is the most popular grinder on the market. Powered by an 875 to 1050 hp Cat or Cummins engine, it weighs in at 94,350 lbs. Replaceable, one-piece anvil and tub floor wear plates make maintenance easy, reducing downtime. The optional 330L Cat undercarriage makes bringing the grinder to the material simple.


Ponsse, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of forest machines, now has a presence in the Pacific Northwest. The fully equipped Service Center in Coburg, Oregon includes; Ponsse spare parts and accessories, dedication to machine servicing, hydraulic component repair, assembly of hydraulic hoses, and the capabilities of installing our harvester heads on the appropriate tracked carriers. Visit us on the web for more information


Steve Peck FabricationSteve Peck Fabrication

A new exhibitor to the OLC, Steve Peck Fabrication brought a unique solution to wildland fire fighting—a high-capacity, standby water tank that quickly transforms any dump truck into a fire truck in minutes. This slide-in water tank comes complete with a Honda pump, hose reel and a spray bar for forest road dust control. The 3,000-gallon tank can quickly be filled from ponds, streams or hydrants.


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