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APA Releases 2016 Structural Panel & Engineered Wood Yearbook

The 2016 Structural Panel & Engineered Wood Yearbook has been released by APA—the Engineered Wood Association. The yearbook includes an analysis of the U.S., Canadian, and global economies, focusing on factors that impact demand for engineered wood products across several market segments as a basis for forecasting expected production of engineered wood products over the next five years. In addition to the analysis and forecast, the yearbook also includes historical data on engineered wood production.

The entire 2016 market forecast, including all market segments and production outlook, as well as statistical data, is included in APA’s 2016 Yearbook, form MKOE182. The yearbook can be purchased for $275 at

AFRCAFRC Weighs in on O&C Plans, Funding

The AFRC June Newsletter reported that the management of Bureau and Land Management (BLM) O&C lands would see another $5 million reduction under the proposed Senate Interior Appropriations bill for Fiscal Year 2017. Heath Heikkila reported as follows for the AFRC:

“If enacted, this would come on top of a $6 million reduction that was enacted in the current fiscal year. AFRC recently sent a letter to the leadership of the Senate and House Interior Appropriations Subcommittees urging increased appropriations for BLM timber planning activities and the inclusion of legislative language to set a minimum harvest level from the BLM O&C lands.

Report language accompanying both the House and Senate Interior Appropriations bills criticized the BLM’s pending resource management plan for Western Oregon. In AFRC’s letter to appropriators, AFRC President Travis Joseph wrote: “Your subcommittees have rightly questioned the BLM’s management of these lands through bill report language. But the proposed funding levels fall well short of providing the resources needed to increase timber harvests.”

As the BLM nears issuing a formal Record of Decision adopting this new plan, the letter urged legislative action: “In light of the BLM’s refusal to modify its flawed plan, we respectfully request that the Committee work with members of the Oregon Congressional Delegation to include a minimum timber sale volume in any final FY17 Appropriations bill. There is a surprising consensus around the appropriate level of harvest from the BLM O&C lands. Senator Ron Wyden’s goal for his O&C legislation was 450 mmbf of timber harvests per year. Legislation championed by Democrats and Republicans and passed by the U.S. House of Representatives in the 113th Congress would have led to annual harvests of 550 mmbf per year. The federal O&C Act included an initial minimum volume requirement of 500 mmbf. We ask that Congress provide clear legislative direction to the BLM on expected timber volume outcomes that reflect the final appropriation.”

Congress is unlikely to take action until after the election.

ATFS Awards Regional Outstanding Tree Farmers of the Year

The American Tree Farm System (ATFS) announced the four Regional Outstanding Tree Farmers of the Year from among more than 74,000 tree farmers. They are the Eve-Cowles family of Massachusetts; Gerald and Charlotte Kann of Wisconsin; Bobby Watkins of Mississippi; and Lyle and Dean Defrees of Oregon.

To be considered, awardees must exhibit the most exceptional forest stewardship to protect and improve forest health, wildlife habitat, clean water, and sustainable wood supplies, and they must promote this stewardship within their communities.

Western Regional Outstanding Tree Farmers of the Year Lyle and Dean Defrees of Baker County, Oregon, are renowned for their commitment to protecting clean water and wildlife in the face of western wildfires. Lyle and his son Dean have seen the damage catastrophic wildfires can do to the land and have been working to improve and protect their 1,227-acre forest, and the water that flows through it, from wildfires for more than three decades. The Defrees Tree Farm boosts two flowing streams, three intermittent streams, one pond, six developed springs, and eight undeveloped springs. Conducting management practices themselves, Dean and Lyle continuously reduce wildfire risk by thinning and harvesting and protecting their water resources that support cattle, wildlife, fire protection, domestic use, and more.

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July/August 2016

On the Cover
Photo taken by Lindsay Mohlere.
Komatsu PC240LL at a Windy Ridge Logging operation.

Delivering Results
Bewley Logging began as a logging and trucking company 45 years ago, and has done jobs for both large timber companies and small landowners in Oregon and California.

Leading the Way in Winch-Assisted Steep Slope Harvesting
With the introduction of winch-assisted steep slope logging to North America, the family-owned C & C Logging is again on the front lines of a new movement.

Deere Delivers with New 748L Skidder
The new John Deere 748L skidder is helping a logging operation be more productive, especially on hilly ground.

As wildfires rage, congress continues to blow hot air.

Ponsse Assists Off-Road Racing
Ponsse North America realized that an exceptional opportunity awaited them just down the road at the Crandon International 
Off-Road Raceway.

High Expectations for a Demanding Job
Windy Ridge Logging demands performance and quality.

Guest Column
The Russian government plans to design a package of measures aimed at fighting the ever-growing volumes of illegal forest exports 
to the U.S.


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