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TimberWest November/December 2013

November/December 2015

Photo of Bighorn Logging’s yarder taken by Lindsay Mohlere.

Emerald Valley Keeps on Keeping on
Resolve and flexibility are the hallmark of Emerald Valley Thinning

The Challenges of Change
Harve Dethlefs retired from electronics and began a career in logging

Don’t Overlook the Value of Alder
Defiance Forest Products discusses the marketability of Alder

A Lifetime in the Woods
Gardner Logging & Road Construction

Biomass Column
Colorado Woody Biomass Plant Plays Waiting Game

Pacific Logging Congress Review


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TECH REVIEW- Portable Grinders


Bandit developed the micro chipper drum for the Model 2590, 3090 and 3590 whole tree chipper to meet various production needs.

Bandit® chippers produce the highest quality micro chips. Nearly all chips produced by a Bandit micro chipper measure at 3/8”-minus and most are 1/4”-minus.

The company is particularly proud of its latest micro chippers with a head designed to make a 1/4” cut, a throwing system centered around its patented Power Slot, and its unique discharge system that will allow the chippers to fully load the largest chip trailers without the need of an auxiliary blower or chip accelerator.

“Eliminating the need for a discharge assist adds 100 hp to the chipper drum, but more importantly, the additional chipping power coupled with our synchronized feed system will improve fuel economy by about 30 percent,” Bandit President Jerry Morey said.

Bandit’s patented Clean Feed systems do not allow chip to fall under the feed system or to carry back around the infeed chain.

Bandit chippers also have the ability to convert a micro chipper to produce a conventional chip without changing the drum.

“The Beast® horizontal grinder can be equipped with cutter bodies with a chipper knife attachment to produce what we call Biosawdust, which is a microchip, but a bit finer,” Morey said.

“Again, change, you can quickly change the unit back to process all types of material to supply a multitude of markets.

A worldwide dealer network backs all Bandit whole tree chippers and The Beast recyclers.

Diamond ZDiamond Z

Since Diamond Z introduced its first grinder back in 1988 it has proven itself to be a premier manufacturer of heavy industrial waste reduction equipment in the industry.

The market demand for a durable, heavy duty, transportable, highly productive grinder was evident. Having the ability to process large stumps and logs while still having the ability to product a fine consistent finish product at staggering production rates has definitely helped the Diamond Z gain a global reputation producing the most productive grinders.

Manufactured at its new facility in southwestern Idaho, Diamond Z’s innovative grinders and metal recycling equipment, are shipped throughout North America, Asia, Australia, and Europe.

Machines ranging from 30,000 to over 106,000 lbs with horse powers ranging to well beyond 2000 hp round out its product line. Diamond Z’s machines fit the transport requirements while being large enough to get the job done but not too big to move conveniently and cost effective even for the smaller jobs.

All Diamond Z grinders are offered with Tier 2-3 and 4 emission rated engines as well as track, wheel and stationary mounted with either diesel or electric power.

DuratechDuraTech Industries

DuraTech has two recent additions to its family of grinders, the Model 5064, Model 9564 Horizontal Grinders. These Heavy Duty grinders are equipped with CAT engines; Tier III (5064, 5064T) and Tier II (9564). An HPTO wet clutch transfers power to the hammermill which is fed by a self governing floor apron and feed roller to meet your specific requirements of productivity and efficiency.

The 5064T features a large 61.5” x 35” feed opening allowing material to flow to the 64” wide 8,850 lb. hammermill for superb grinding performance. The programmable logic speed control (PLC) governs the product flow through the 13’2” 197 Cub Foot feed hopper for maximum grinding efficiencies. The optional remote control allows the operator to have complete control of the grinder while operating support equipment.


The Morbark 6600 Wood Hog is an aggressive, productive grinder ideal for processing clearing debris, yard waste, storm debris and other mixed woody feedstocks into saleable products. The 6600 Wood Hog’s 66” x 50” infeed opening processes large material with ease, and engine options up to 1125 HP give you plenty of power.

The popular track option with 330L or 330EL Caterpillar undercarriage allows you the flexibility to easily bring the machine to the material.

Like all Morbark Wood Hogs, the 6600 comes standard with the Morbark Integrated Control System to maximize production and engine efficiency; a laser-cut, factory-balanced rotor for unsurpassed durability; and an aggressive feed wheel with an internal poclain drive that has no chains or sprockets for more torque and reduced maintenance.

The proven breakaway torque limiter driveline protection system protects against catastrophic damage from contaminants. And with the optional Morbark Quick Switch Grinder-to-Chipper Conversion Kit, you can use your Morbark Wood Hog to produce high-quality—and highly profitable—biomass fuel chips or sawdust. These are just some of the reasons that Morbark is the largest and most respected name in grinding.


The only thing better than a compact horizontal grinder is a compact horizontal grinder on tracks.

Rayco’s RH1754 Horizontal Grinder is now available in a self-propelled version that rides on a heavy-duty, steel track undercarriage. This adds another element of versatility to the RH1754, making it easier to move the machine around job sites and to perform tasks like windrowing material or sorting material into different piles.

The 240 hp, RH1754-240 on tracks weighs just 20,500 lbs and is just under 8-ft wide, to avoid permits when trailering. A wireless radio remote operates each track independently, to provide precise control and two speed final drives allow for creep speed or high speed travel. The RH1754 is an economical solution for producing high quality mulch from a variety of wood waste materials, pallets, wood chips, etc. Finally… there’s a horizontal grinder on tracks within reach of the small contractor.


Rotochopper specializes in grinding and shredding equipment for converting wood waste into end products like mulch, animal bedding, and compost. The Rotochopper grinder lineup ranges from 150 hp up to 950 hp, available with diesel or electric power. Available in portable, stationary, and track configurations, Rotochopper grinders operate in a wide range of facilities and process diverse feedstocks, from wood chips to whole trees.

The largest Rotochopper models are also available with crawler tracks and a transport dolly. With this track and dolly system, a Rotochopper grinder can quickly switch from highway transport on the dolly to worksite navigation on crawler tracks. The track and dolly system is powered entirely by the main hydraulic system and requires no special tools for coupling and uncoupling the dolly.

Rotochopper also recently launched an upgrade to its chipper conversion package, which allows Rotochopper owners to produce mulch and chips with the same machine. This update for the chipper package uses KeyKnifeTM inserts to make knife maintenance simple, while minimizing knife costs.

Recent upgrades include an enhanced throat opening on the largest Rotochopper grinder, the B-66. The increased opening allows the B-66 to process larger diameter material, while still maintaining unmatched feed control.

RawlingsRawlings Manufacturing

The original rotary hog was invented and developed by Rawlings Manufacturing Inc. in 1977. Since then the family has owned and operated the company which has designed, manufactured and marketed several product lines.

Rawlings Portable Wood Grinders are heavy duty portable grinders capable of producing valuable wood fiber products in a single pass. With over 30 years of experience in wood waste reduction, The Rawlings team offers unique design features.

The Rawlings HZX is a heavy-duty wood hog that can process material of any length to the customers’ exact specifications. The simplicity of the Rawlings rugged design with the Super Hi Inertia rotor comes complete with interchangeable Roc Wear Striker Bit system. All internal liners and sizing grates are bolt in eliminating high maintenance costs.

Unique to Rawlings Hogs is our innovative Safety Swing Away Anvil Release System, which minimizes damage from contaminants in the feed material. The Swing Away feature allows metal and other damaging objects to drop through onto the out feed conveyor before entering the grinding chamber. When shear pins are sheared a protection circuit shuts down hog and conveyor to protect the machine.

PetersonPeterson Pacific

Peterson Pacific Corp, a Eugene, Oregon based manufacturer of horizontal grinders, chippers, blower trucks and screens continues to evolve horizontal grinder design.

“In the last 2 years, we have introduced four new horizontal grinders and we continue to evolve the product line with the all-new Peterson 2710D horizontal grinder being introduced in January, 2016” said Michael Spreadbury, marketing manager for Peterson.

Peterson offers both diesel and or stationary electric powered horizontal grinders from 580-1200 hp. Most Peterson machines are also available in either a tracked or wheeled configuration, depending on what best suit’s your application. Peterson is also now offering an optional removable transportation dolly for some of their tracked horizontal grinder line, eliminating the need for a low-boy trailer.

All new Peterson horizontal grinders feature new, lower sidewalls to help the operator visibility while feeding the machine. To ease maintenance, the compression roll raises high allowing technician’s excellent access to the rotor for bit changes. Peterson’s innovative Adaptive Feed System monitors machine performance and adjusts feed speeds, down pressure, and engine RPM to provide smooth and consistent feeding-providing superior fuel economy and exceptional product quality.

Of course, all Peterson machines have the patented Impact Release System and Impact Cushion System, which allows protection from contaminated feedstock and helps protect the mill from catastrophic damage-features only found on a Peterson machine.

Since 1981, Peterson has specialized in the developing of delivery and processing equipment that turns low grade, organic materials into high value products.


TEE offers a selection of horizontal grinders, designed and manufactured with a focus on flexibility, durability and sustainability. Whether you’re looking for a diesel-powered horizontal grinder that is tracked or wheeled, the manufacture equipment that never compromises quality. TEE handles all aspects of configuring, building, installing and supporting a complete materials processing system.

TEE’s mobile grinder lineup has delivered hours upon hours of continuous operation across countless applications. Companies primarily focusing on land clearing, bark mulch production, municipal solid waste and recycled construction and demolition (C&D) processing have regularly turned to TEE’s robust horizontal grinders.

TEE produces both upswing and downswing grinding machines. Upswings are generally higher speed for cleaner material with premium throughput. Downswing are generally lower speed with the ability to process a more contaminated waste stream and have the flexibility to accept multiple rotor options.


Vermeer portable horizontal grinders are built tough and offered in a variety of configurations to suit large land-clearing, municipal waste and composting operations. The grinders feature optional length feed tables, and the Thrown Object Deflectors (TOD) reduces the quantity and distance of thrown material.

Self-propelled track grinders are highly maneuverable and are able to work on uneven terrain jobsites and land-clearing projects. Vermeer horizontal grinders feature remote-controlled operation, our exclusive SmartGrind feed system and the patented Vermeer Duplex Drum.

The grinders range from 515 to 950 hp and 26” to 50” maximum feed height.