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TimberWest November/December 2013

November/December 2015

Photo of Bighorn Logging’s yarder taken by Lindsay Mohlere.

Emerald Valley Keeps on Keeping on
Resolve and flexibility are the hallmark of Emerald Valley Thinning

The Challenges of Change
Harve Dethlefs retired from electronics and began a career in logging

Don’t Overlook the Value of Alder
Defiance Forest Products discusses the marketability of Alder

A Lifetime in the Woods
Gardner Logging & Road Construction

Biomass Column
Colorado Woody Biomass Plant Plays Waiting Game

Pacific Logging Congress Review


In the News

Tech Review - Portable Grinders

Association News

Machinery Row

New Products

Guest Column








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New Products

CEC 4x8 Screen-itCEC Introduces the New Diesel-Powered 4x8 Screen-It®

In an age when the scope and overall market trends in the screening business are evolving, CEC is adapting to meet those changes head on. In light of changing market demands, CEC has designed and built the answer—the new CEC 4x8 Diesel Screen-It.

The 4x8 Diesel Screen-It is a commercial-grade, self-contained, portable screen that produces high quality material at a price that companies can more easily afford. It’s small and light enough to tow behind a modern diesel work truck, yet still maintains CEC’s strength. Second, it has a feed height capable of allowing customers to load it with a standard skid-steer loader, no ramp necessary. Third, it’s easy to operate while still producing a high quality, sellable finished product.

Olofsfors ECO-Wheel TracksOlofsfors Upgrades ECO-Wheel Tracks for CTL Machines

Olofsfors is pleased to announce that an upgraded version of ECO-Wheel Tracks for cut-to-length machines is now available in North America. A new cross member design based around the proven EVO model and the addition of side supports make ECO-Wheel Tracks available for more tire sizes and brands. The EVO cross member offers excellent strength and anti-slip properties with a unique sunken cleat position that reduces the stress in the cross member and makes it user friendly when re-cleating.

ECO-Wheel Tracks ‘CTL’ are suitable for harvesters and forwarders where traction and stability are the primary requirements. Wheel tracks are an economical alternative to conventional tire chains for metric sized tires.

Sellick Equipment Announces New Rough Terrain Forklift

Sellick Equipment’s S150, 15,000-pound capacity at 24” load center is now in full production. This new model is powered by an economical 74 hp 4-cylinder intercooled Tier 4 final electronic engine that produces 295 Ft/lbs of torque. The clean burning diesel does not require exhaust after-treatment, diesel exhaust fluid, nor regeneration cycles. The engine is coupled to a fully automatic power shift 4-speed transmission and when equipped with the 4x4 option, allows for on-the-go engagement of the steerable drive axle.

Operator safety and comfort are consistent with all Sellick models. And the S150 is designed for heavy industrial applications such as steel and plastic pipe manufacturing/distribution, steel fabrication, engineered wood products, concrete products, automotive recycling, and public utilities, to name a few.

WalbroWalbro Introduces New Innovation in Diaphragm Carburetor Technology

Walbro, one of the world’s largest carburetor manufacturers and a leading supplier of fuel injection, ignition, and fuel system components, announced the release of a new ethanol-proof metering diaphragm technology that greatly improves carburetor life and performance consistency.

Walbro’s new Spiral Diaphragm technology incorporates advanced, ethanol-resistant materials to ensure consistent performance from the factory to the field in both year-round and seasonal-use equipment.

“Traditional rubber-based diaphragm materials become brittle and deteriorate with age,” states Tim Grifka, Walbro’s vice president of Quality. In time, this affects starting and running performance of gasoline powered handheld equipment. As the ethanol content in fuel increases, this process is accelerated and is especially noticeable in seasonal-use equipment where the diaphragm dries out during long periods of storage. “Walbro’s new Spiral Diaphragm eliminates these problems by incorporating materials that are unaffected by ethanol and other chemicals commonly used in commercially available fuels.”

Timber Tracker AppTimber Tracker App

Daniel Turner, of Turner Logging LLC, recently designed an app for loggers and forestry professionals. The app, called Timber Tracker, allows users to scale and tally logs and standing timber from their phones or tablets. Once the users have their figures recorded, they can save them for their own personal records or email a direct quote to the customer.

“This is just the base version of the app,” says Turner. “And the app is free to download.”

Detachable Traction System

The carbide claw adds traction to your rubber track machines. This patented Detachable Traction System for endless track vehicles is designed to provide improved stability in all directions and increased traction on ice and snow, as well as deep mud and slush. The system is comprised of gripping bars that are bolted completely through selected treads of each track, angled to prevent sideways slippage, and with a gripping surface comprised of a patch of durable rough protrusive material designed to claw into ice or hard-packed snow, ensuring traction and increased safe performance.

The Detachable Traction System allows the operator of a tracked vehicle to select the appropriate traction element to match the terrain conditions, gripping bars for ice/hard snow, and compression troughs for slush/mud or both for mixed conditions.