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TimberWest November/December 2013

March/April 2015

The GP grapple processor head by Pierce Pacific allows a single carrier to accomplish tasks that normally tie up two machines.

Making the Cut
Mike Pihl Logging continues to find success with its ‘never give up’ motto

Making a Niche
Pacific Logging and Processing finds a niche providing services for small-scale private landowners, which the company calls “‘permits to planting”

Wood Biomass Column
Oregon Sen. backs woody biomass
for government buildings

Pursuing Innovation
Tolko Industries teams with Oregon Manufacturer to try out GP head are
small volume applications.

Teaching Teachers
Sustainable Forestry Tour
Opens Teachers’ Eyes

Stewards of the Future
Chilkat Logging is Oregon’s only certified logging operation located on the Warm Springs Indian Reservation

Oregon Logging Conference Review
Highlights of the OLC,
including pictorial review

RLC Review
Highlights of the 2015 Redwood
Logging Conference


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Redwood Logging Conference Review

By Mary Bullwinkel

Redwood Logging ConferenceNorthern California’s logging industry was in the spotlight at the 77th Annual Redwood Region Logging Conference, held March 19 -21, 2015 in Eureka, Calf.

Redwood Region Logging Conference Past Presidents compete every year in an axe throw contest, and in 2015, Phil Shuster (pictured) of Shuster’s transportation in Willits, Calif., captured first place.

Equipment displays included modern logging machinery such as excavators and logging trucks, as well as working historic steam donkeys and a small locomotive.

Thousands of visitors got up close and personal with live wildlife, watched competitive logging sports, viewed a log loading competition, and talked with vendors who provide materials and supplies to the logging industry. Attendees could also watch portable sawmill production and chainsaw carving.

Education is a key focus of the Conference, with more than 1600 elementary school children getting a personalized tour of the many activities, and the opportunity to meet and talk to industry representatives. Classes from both Humboldt and Mendocino Counties participated in the mural contest creating works of art to portray the theme of the Conference, and more than 160 high school and college students visited the event on career day. In addition, nine scholarships with a value of $12,500 were awarded to college students.

The keynote speaker at the March 20th breakfast was Sierra Pacific Industries Vice President Dan Tomascheski. He expressed his optimism for the future of the timber industry and emphasized the importance of education. “It’s important to be involved in kids’ lives,” he said. “Without education, especially in rural areas, we will not have much of a chance,” he added.

Redwood Logging ConferenceHe also cautioned about the fire danger, which continues to grow as California’s drought continues. He commented, however, that fires in previous years and the potential for another bad fire season have moved some of the extreme environmentalists closer to the middle.

Three Humboldt County equipment operators took top honors in the log loading competition, utilizing a John Deer 2954 D loader. Aaron Kane, who works for Chambers Logging, captured first place with a time of 3 minutes 20 seconds, while second and third place went to Green Diamond Resource Company employees Brian Chips and Brett Watson, respectively.

The Loggers Banquet was well attended with more than 600 people gathering to celebrate the Conference, and the 2015 Achievement Award winner. The award was presented to Bud Newton, who owns and operates Three Star Logging in Crescent City. The Conference raised more than $100,000 at the Banquet’s auction and raffle. All proceeds will be spent on educational project.