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TimberWest November/December 2013

March/April 2015

The GP grapple processor head by Pierce Pacific allows a single carrier to accomplish tasks that normally tie up two machines.

Making the Cut
Mike Pihl Logging continues to find success with its ‘never give up’ motto

Making a Niche
Pacific Logging and Processing finds a niche providing services for small-scale private landowners, which the company calls “‘permits to planting”

Wood Biomass Column
Oregon Sen. backs woody biomass
for government buildings

Pursuing Innovation
Tolko Industries teams with Oregon Manufacturer to try out GP head are
small volume applications.

Teaching Teachers
Sustainable Forestry Tour
Opens Teachers’ Eyes

Stewards of the Future
Chilkat Logging is Oregon’s only certified logging operation located on the Warm Springs Indian Reservation

Oregon Logging Conference Review
Highlights of the OLC,
including pictorial review

RLC Review
Highlights of the 2015 Redwood
Logging Conference


In the News

Association News

New Products

Guest Column





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New products

Amerimulch MobileTromAmerimulch Introduces the MobileTrom™

Amerimulch® released its new MobileTrom™ coloring system. This is a unique and innovative piece of equipment based on its mobility, inclusive power unit, and production capacity.

The brilliant simplicity of the ColorTrom® is now available in a self-contained, portable unit. It is an attractive option to handle the challenges of multiple sites with the versatility to meet all of your manufacturing needs.

Amerimulch® provides landscape coatings and equipment for the production of profitable, in-demand color-enriched mulches.

John Deere L-seriesJohn Deere Introduces L-Series Skidders and L-Series Wheeled Feller Bunchers

The L-Series Skidders are the first John Deere Forestry machines to launch with Final Tier 4 engines. The transition to a Final Tier 4 engine also means the introduction of an innovative new John Deere designed Continuous Variable Transmission (CVT) and drivetrain. This enables a constant engine speed, reducing engine wear while ensuring excellent fluid economy. What this means for loggers is there is no need to shift gears. The operator sets his or her desired speed range and then lets the CVT transmission select the most efficient operating point.

All L-Series Skidders feature more robust heavy-duty axles, including a rugged new Outboard-Extreme™ axle (standard on the 848L and 948L, optional on the 748L) that sets a new standard for reliability. These robust heavy-duty axles improve machine durability and extend life – with life expectancy up to 15,000 hours.

The L-Series Wheeled Feller Bunchers boast several productivity-enhancing features, including

  • Best-in-class power-to-weight ratio – the L-Series boast significantly more horsepower for superb responsiveness.
  • One-button Quick Dump – Operators simply press a button to open both accumulating and grab arms simultaneously, releasing trees from the pocket. Head-tilt and arm functions are combined into a single, smooth motion.
  • More stability – Optimal weight distribution and longer wheelbase improve balance for better stability when climbing hills and controlling trees.
  • Enhanced lighting options – Six high-intensity halogen lights are standard when loggers need to extend their workday beyond daylight.

TigercatTigercat Introduces 610E Skidder

Tigercat has just released the 610E skidder, its latest Tier 4 equipped offering. The 610E is designed to exceed expectations in the North American small skidder size class.

Tigercat’s Tier 4 solution can be packaged into a physically smaller engine enclosure, which provided the 610E design team with some flexibility to develop a machine layout that optimizes operator sightlines, while factoring in access to service points, machine balance, overall size, and weight.

The 610E comes standard equipped with Tigercat’s exclusive EHS drive system, capable of providing exceptional tractive effort as well as high top speed. The skidder is ideal in tight spaces, soft soil conditions, and selective logging applications. The ergonomic Turnaround equipped cab provides the operator with comfort and clear sightlines.

Komatsu XT-3 Feller BuncherKomatsu Forestry’s New XT-3 Feller Bunchers and Harvesters

Komatsu America Corp introduces its next generation XT-3 Series Track Feller Bunchers & Harvesters, which provide significant improvements in operator comfort, ease of operation, productivity, and reliability.

Komatsu’s purpose-built XT-3 Series machines carry a lineage of superior maneuverability, multi-function capability, and high production in demanding forest environments. Models include the XT430-3 (non-leveling), XT430L-3, XT445L-3, and the larger new XT460L-3, ranging in operating weight from 61,300 lbs. to 72,000 lbs. Each model features a powerful 300 peak HP Cummins 8.3 liter engine and 58,400 lb-ft of swing torque.

The XT-3 Series features the new IQAN-MD4 programmable digital control system, which is one of the most advanced systems on the market. It also has a totally new cab with changes that include a sloped roofline that increases headroom above and forward of the seat and reduces debris buildup.

WagnerWagner Introduces Innovative Log Handling Machine, the L60

The Wagner Logstacker has been the backbone of some of the industry’s largest log yard operations. Shifts in the industry have created a need for a smaller, more agile machine to handle cut-to-length logs. Wagner surveyed operators, maintenance crews, and customers to design a machine that addresses all of their needs.

The new L60 allows all major maintenance to occur from the standing position using ground level service bays. The pressure check indicator allows quick troubleshooting of the six major hydraulic systems with the push of a button. Upgraded vehicle monitoring system allows plant managers to view real-time location, speed, and fuel efficiency among eighteen reporting parameters remotely from any computer, tablet, or smartphone. Operator comfort is also a key differentiator, as the Wagner L60 is the only machine in its class with a rotating operator’s platform.

BruksBRUKS 1006

BRUKS 1006 is a drum chipper in a bigger class. With its robust construction, the big chip drum with a diameter of one meter, a very large in-feed, and a powerful motor, this chipper is built to meet the toughest of challenges. BRUKS 1006 has been developed for chipping whole trees (not just tops and branches), which is an increasing demand from the fast growing European market and necessary to meet the quality requirements of the bioengineering industry.

BRUKS 1006 is powered by a VOLVO 768 hp diesel engine with low fuel consumption. It has a robust design, and the parts exposed for wear and tear are made with Hardox Steel. The upper feed roller has a diameter of 811 mm and can be adjusted in height. The upper roller is powered by a hydraulic motor. The in-feed is 750 mm in height and 1200 mm in width. The drum has a maximum rotor speed of 750 rpm, which enables chipping at a high torque level, to chip branches and treetops as well as full-length trees or logs with a diameter of up to 60 cm. The chipper drum has four full-length knife blocks, which makes it easy to change between four or eight knives for production of fuel chips or microchips.

C-series counting scalesC Series Portable Counting Scales

Cardinal Scale’s new C series digital counting scales are ideal for inventory counting when mobility and high accuracy are a must at outdoor applications, mobile workstations, or rental fleets. The new C series portable counting scales are available in 6 lb., 30 lb., and 65 lb. capacities and feature a built-in rechargeable battery pack (standard), up to 99 stored product look ups (9 direct PLU quick keys), sturdy stainless steel platform, piece counts with known and unknown weight samples, backlit bright blue LCD, preset weight and quantity limits with audible beep alerts, and weight accumulator mode.

These durable counting scales offer a full keypad to enter and recall known piece weights and tare weights, metric conversion, 1/300,000 counting resolution, bubble level, and non-skid feet for stability. The rugged design allows for reliable weighing in almost any environment and withstands frequent movement from one area of a factory to another. You can quickly count multiple inventory parts with ease, and 15,000 weight divisions makes them capable of counting the smallest of parts.

TalbertTalbert Launches Updated Traveling Axle Trailer Series

Talbert Manufacturing updated its Traveling Axle (TA) Series by increasing its hauling capacity by 5 tons. The new models 4048TA, 4050TA, and 4053TA have a 40-ton hauling capacity, and the new 5548TA and 5553TA haul as much as 55 tons. The five new trailer models will replace the others within the TA Series.

The added capacity on the new TA Series trailers equates to increased hauling flexibility. For example, the 4050TA now has an 80,000-pound evenly distributed capacity or a concentrated load capacity of 50,000 pounds in 10 feet. This allows haulers to expand their range of load opportunities and maximize transportation efficiency, while complying with U.S. state and Canadian province hauling requirements.

The TA Series trailers feature a state-of-the-art, 36-inch loaded deck height. This industry-leading low deck height provides additional clearance for bridges and tunnels when transporting tall equipment.