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TimberWest November/December 2013

January/February 2015

Photo taken of the Blazzard mill pond in Kama, Utah. A Long History in Utah

Timber Management
Sustainablity and diversity keep Three Rivers Logging in operation

A Long History in Utah
Blazzard Lumber has run a successful logging and milling operation since the 1800s

Vashon Forest Stewards
Selling a new vision of forestry to the public

Harvests, Thins & Logjams
If it has to do with timber harvesting, Harkness Contracting can probably handle it

Woody Biomass- Something old, something new...


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New Products

Komatsu Next-Gen 855.1 ForwarderKomatsu Forestry Announces Next-Gen 855.1 Forwarder

Komatsu America Corp has introduced the new Komatsu 855.1 Forwarder offering many updated features. The new 855.1 has an 8% payload increase, a 17% larger load space area, and an 11% increase in tractive effort, compared to the previous Komatsu 855 model. The 855.1 matches the previous model 860.4 in payload and load space, plus has 4.5% greater tractive effort. The 855.1 also features the industry-leading ‘Comfort-Ride’ hydraulically dampened cab suspension system as an option.

The 885.1 Forwarder’s rated payload capacity has increased to 15.4 tons compared to the prior model, and the fixed headboard load space area has been increased to 52 ft2 from 44 ft2 in order to utilize the higher payload capacity.

The 855.1 is powered by an eco-friendly AGCO POWER Diesel 6.6 liter 204 hp engine certified to EPA Tier 4 Interim emissions. While producing the same horsepower as the 860.4, the 855.1engine has 13% higher torque and 5% lower fuel consumption. The cooling system features a larger radiator and variable speed fan to increase cooling capacity by 23%.

Bandit 60FM Forestry Mulcher AttachmentBandit Introduces Model 60FM Forestry Mulcher Attachment for Skid-Steer Loaders

Inspired by Bandit Industries’ lineup of forestry mowers, the Model 60FM is a powerful attachment that combines the utility of a skid-steer loader with the company’s wood processing expertise.

Featuring a 60-inch mulcher head powered by a single 110 cc hydraulic motor, the Model 60FM is a compact and capable attachment that turns any skid-steer loader into a Bandit forestry mulcher capable of dealing with brush and small trees.

Utilizing a quick-attach plate, the Model 60FM can easily attach to the front of any skid-steer loader in just a few quick steps. And because it operates straight from the skid-steer’s hydraulic systems, the Model 60FM requires very little maintenance to keep it in top form.

The Model 60FM will aggressively process material into mulch that can be reintroduced directly into the soil. It features 36 teeth arranged in a spiral pattern along the full length of the mulcher head. Each 1 5/8”-wide tooth creates a more aggressive mulching action, limiting the size of the bite. A unique raker design forces material to the carbide tip of the tooth, improving tooth life and grinding performance and preventing the forestry mulcher from stalling.

Wood-MizerBMST50 Blade SharpenerWood-Mizer Releases BMST50 Blade Sharpener and Setter

Sawmill manufacturer Wood-Mizer LLC, has introduced the new BMST50 Blade Sharpener and Tooth Setter. It enables blade sharpening and setting with a single machine. Manually operated, this efficient, space saving unit will lower operation time and costs by providing a complete blade ready for sawing. With a capacity of 1” to 1.5” blades, the BMST50 offers many adjustable features to maintain blade precision and accuracy.

Main features include: a 1” to 1.5” wide blade compatibility; 4, 7, Turbo 7, 9, 10, and 13 degree with 7/8” tooth spacing supported blade profiles; Tooth Setter Gauge included for consistent and accurate setting; and CBN full profile technology used for precise sharpening.

John Deere M-Series Tracked Feller Bunchers and HarvestersJohn Deere Introduces the M-Series Tracked Feller Bunchers and Harvesters

Three years in the making, the John Deere M-Series Tracked Feller Bunchers and Tracked Harvesters are officially making their debut. The latest additions to the John Deere family of tracked forestry machines include the 800M and 800MH-Series Reduced Tail Swing, setting a new standard in midsize machines, along with the 900M and 900MH-Series that improve upon John Deere’s industry-leading large-size machines.

“When we designed our new midsize and large-size machines, we relied on the input of the people who are in the machines every day — our customers,” said Cliff Caudill, manager, Product Marketing, John Deere Construction & Forestry. “After collecting invaluable customer input, we spent over 11,000 hours testing the machines until we got them exactly right. The result is a new fleet of machines that redefines the meaning of uptime, productivity, and low daily operating costs.”

800M and 800MH machines share many common components —including the engine, undercarriage, booms, and cab – with their 900M- and 900MH-Series counterparts, simplifying maintenance and repairs when needed.

Rapid Cycle System (RCS) combines automated felling-head arm cycling with simple boom control, dramatically reducing operator fatigue while increasing efficiency and productivity. RCS can be tailored to individual skill levels and specific harvesting conditions, from large single-tree harvesting to high-speed, multistem cutting. RCS is standard on all 800M- and 800MH-Series machines and as an option on the 900M and 900MH-Series.

The new operator station is roomier and more comfortable, with ergonomically designed controls. Floor-to-ceiling front and side windows plus an overhead skylight provide 44 percent more visibility, providing an outstanding view of the cutting area.