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TimberWest November/December 2013

Jan./Feb. 2014

Still Building Roads After All These Years
Cascade H & A builds 15 to 18 miles of logging roads throughout Snohomish, Skagit and King Counties each year.

The Woody-Biomass Two-Step

The New Kid on the Block
Tom Sutherland moves from employee to employer when he purchases Round Logging.

Meeting Challenges Head On
With a shortened working season and more state regulations, logging can be a struggle for California’s Walker Logging.

Guest Columnist: Get More from Your Trade Show


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New Products

Peterson 5710D Horizontal GrinderPeterson Introduces the 5710D Horizontal Grinder

The all-new 5710D horizontal grinder is latest design of high production grinders by Peterson. It’s powered by a Tier IVi Caterpillar C27 engine, giving 5710D 1,050 HP.

At 88,500 pounds, the 5710D was designed for operations that require frequent moves between jobs without a special permit. An optional transportation dolly allows the Peterson 5710D to be easily moved, and then setup for operation within minutes.

It features a 60 x 40” feed opening combined with Peterson’s high lift feed roll to handle a range of materials. The 5710D also utilizes Peterson’s Impact Release System.

The 5710D features a large grate area that enables it to produce materials to exact specifications. And, the quick-change multiple grate system makes it easy to customize grate configurations to produce a wide variety of finished materials.

Another major innovation is Peterson’s Impact Cushion System, which helps protect the shaft from catastrophic damage in the event of a severe impact.

John Deere Intelligent Boom ControlJohn Deere’s Intelligent Boom Control Makes North American Debut

John Deere introduced its Intelligent Boom Control (IBC) option for its forwarders at Elmia Wood in Sweden (June 5-8, 2013). A feature the industry has anticipated for over 30 years, IBC is now offered as an option on all of John Deere’s 1210E and 1510E Forwarders in North America. This technological breakthrough significantly increases forwarder productivity and efficiency, while providing the best possible fuel economy and boom lifetime.

With the IBC system, the boom is accurate, fast, and easy to operate, as the operator now controls the boom tip directly instead of controlling each of the independent boom joint movements manually. By eliminating unnecessary extra movements, this system increases the durability of boom structures and hydraulic cylinders. These features significantly improve an operator’s working speed, resulting in higher overall productivity and lower costs.

The IBC system can also accelerate the learning curve for operators. Intuitive and easy to learn, the technology reduces the amount of time it takes to become a skilled operator, resulting in less training time and greater productivity.

Chipping Drum for Beast XP-Series RecyclersChipping Drum for Beast XP-Series Recyclers

Bandit Industries now offers a chipping drum option that replaces the traditional Beast cuttermill. Designed for companies that want to exclusively chip with their Beast, the new drum essentially converts the Beast into a whole tree chipper. A variety of screens can be paired with the drum, creating a screened end product that can be tailored to meet various specifications for nearly any biomass energy application.

Chipping drums can be ordered on new Model 2680XP, 3680XP, and 4680XP Beast Recyclers, or retrofitted to older units.

“Our XP-Series Beast Recyclers are already industry leaders for production and reliability,” said Christopher Smith, Bandit Industries marketing and communications director. “Now that a dedicated chipping drum is available, these machines are more capable than ever at meeting the strict sizing requirements for various fuel wood markets and for the production of high-yield wood pellets. With the versatility to function either as a waste reduction recycler or a whole tree chipper, the Beast is truly in a class by itself.”

Terramac RT9 Multi-Purpose Crawler CarrierTerramac® RT9 Multi-Purpose Crawler Carrier

Introduced by Terramac® LLC, the Terramac RT9 multi-purpose carrier has an operating weight of 26,000 pounds and a maximum carrying capacity of 18,000 pounds. The RT9 is the largest mid-sized rubber track carrier that does not require special oversize permitting to transport the machine.

“Utility contractors and other utility professionals will appreciate the RT9 for its ability to travel across almost any terrain, low-maintenance undercarriage, and minimal disturbance of the ground it covers,” said Mike Crimaldi, CEO of Terramac LLC. “Equipped with front and rear bolt-on connections, this multi-purpose carrier can accommodate various types of specialized equipment for the job at hand. We can customize electrical power sources, frame adjustments, and hydraulics to suit any attachment.”

Manufactured in North America, the CE-certified Terramac RT9 carrier can be customized to accommodate specific needs of utility contractors, direct from the factory. Within its capacity load limit, the RT9 can function as a material handler; a carrier for tools, supplies, or personnel; an equipment hauler; a mobile crane or welding unit; or an off-road service vehicle.