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TimberWest Septembe/October 2013

Sept/Oct 2013

Making Employees’ Safety and Satisfaction a Priority
Bridgewater Logging

The Many Sides of Del Logging
Successful ground skidding operation in Washington

OSU Student Logging Program
Helping Oregon’s timber industry stay strong through hands-on training

Wood Biomass Column
Who is Really Opposed?

Creating Sustainable Forests
Janicki Logging and Construction

Northwest Competitors
Good showing at the Lumberjack World Championships

PLC in B.C.
Firsthand look at B.C. Community Forest

Tech Review
Firewood Processing Equipment

Guest Column
Maintaining the Timber Base


New Products

In The News

Machinery Row

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TECH REVIEW - Firewood Processing Equipment

Blockbuster Inc.Blockbuster

Blockbuster Inc. has been manufacturing firewood processors for 26 years. The company offers eight different sizes with a variety of specifications. It can also customize your machine to help fit your particular needs.

Blockbuster builds firewood processors, elevators, cut-to-length machines, and log maximizers. It offers these machines as portable, stationary, diesel, gas, electric, right hand, or left hand variations. Disability customizing is also available.

Blockbuster has put 26 years of experience and quality workmanship into every piece of equipment, all of which is manufactured in Mt. Pleasant, Iowa, and shipped anywhere in the world.

Cord KingCord King

Cord King may be the oldest manufacturer of firewood processing equipment in North America, with its first production units coming into existence in 1974. Cord King says it has led the way with many industry firsts, such as: the first firewood processor with circular saw cutting and the first 12-way splitter head that actually worked. Now in 2013 an 18- and 28-way splitter head that produces a finished product is ready for market.

The company is always looking for ways to improve and consistently evaluates customer feedback in the perfection of their products. The new 18- and 28-way wedges are clear examples of this commitment and innovation. Cord King is truly international, with machines operating in 16 different countries.

DYNA ProductsDYNA Products

DYNA Products continues to be a market leader in the small to midsize firewood processor category. Constant innovation, attention to detail, and customer feedback are the main driving forces for their steady growth. Now with over 400 processors throughout North America, the DYNA brand has earned its position as a key player in the industry.

Through DYNA’s ongoing investment in research and development and a desire to listen to its customers, it has created a new standard for firewood processor performance.

The most significant 2013 innovation includes a hydraulic management system producing superior performance and simplifying adjustments. A new, easily removable back post allows cutting of long rounds, bypassing the wedge. This is designed to satisfy the growing wood boiler audience.

Cutting edge features, combined with traditional service, continue to build a loyal customer base. For these reasons, homeowners to corporate giants, like Harvard University and Abercrombie & Fitch, choose DYNA.

Hahn MachineryHahn Machinery

Hahn Machinery Inc., a company with more than 40 years of experience producing delimbers, processors, and harvesters for the logging industry, continues to expand its simple, rugged, and productive HFP Firewood Pro series of firewood processing attachments for skid loaders, compact track and wheel loaders, and excavators.

When attached to a suitably equipped carrier, the HFP Firewood Pro series processors can pick a log up off the ground or deck, cut it into firewood lengths, and split those lengths into two, four, six, or eight pieces with all functions being performed by one person from the comfort of the loader’s cab. This greatly increases safety and productivity while reducing costs.

The HFP160 Firewood Pro is designed for commercial firewood operations and requires a carrier with a 20-gallon per minute hydraulic flow and a lifting capacity sufficient to handle the 2300 lb. weight of the processor plus that of a 16” diameter log.

The new HFP150 Compact is designed for residential, farm, ranch, and other operations, which don’t need the production capacity offered by the larger HFP160. The HFP150 Compact will work on most mid-sized machines and requires a 15 to 16 gpm hydraulic flow and sufficient lifting capacity to safely handle the 1700 lb. weight of the processor plus the weight of a 15” diameter log.

Hud-Son Forest EquipmentHud-Son Forest Equipment

The Little Brute Firewood processor, by Hud-Son Forest Equipment, features: a 23 HP Briggs & Stratton Engine with electric start, a hydraulic log loader, hydraulic log feed, hydraulic log clamp, hydraulic saw, 18” diameter log capacity, and a 24” splitter with auto cycle. Other features include a 19 ton splitting force, a seven-second cycle time, adjustable four-way wedge (manual), dual hydraulic pump, 10 gallon hydraulic tank, 2” trailer hitch, torsion axle, built-in hydraulic pressure gauge and hour meter, and an automatic bar oiler. It is also highway-towable up to 45 mph.

The Hud-Son Little Brute Firewood Processors use separate hydraulic pumps to power hydraulic saw, hydraulic feed, splitter, and loader. You can cut or split and load a log or feed a log at the same time!

Options include a 31 HP Briggs and Stratton engine, hydraulic four-way wedge, hydraulic or manual six-way wedge, and a hydraulic two-strand live deck.


The Multitek 1620 SS Firewood Processor is the smallest circular saw firewood processor in its line-up, yet it boasts a big punch in terms of productivity and reduced maintenance and operating cost.

This machine weighs in at 6,400 pounds and dimensionally is 28’ in length by 13’ operating width and features a Multitek exclusive patent pending 40” guillotine circular saw as its cutting system. With the guillotine style cutting system, there is improved operator visibility, improved log drop into the split chamber, and there is no side-to-side mass transfer.

This machine comes stock with a 44 HP Kubota Turbo diesel, 40” circular saw, three-strand log deck, and discharge elevator. The maximum capacity is 18” diameter x 24’ long logs, and the machine starts at about $50,000 USD. This is Multitek’s most popular machine in the Northwest due to its small size, yet high productivity. It is perfect for those who are looking to expand their firewood sales and not break their budget. The next live demonstration in the Northwest is slated for the Oregon Logging Congress 2014.


Timberwolf Firewood Processors are a force to be reckoned with, but without a conveyor, your firewood production speed cannot reach its true potential.

Timberwolf has designed its conveyors with an optional hook up to work with its processor’s hydraulic system, saving wear and tear on the conveyor’s engine and improving fuel efficiency. The conveyors accommodate scalable production loads from just a few cords a day to several hundred cords per week. You can easily use the 12’ long TW-12C to load your one-ton dump truck from the rear by adjusting the conveyor’s speed to throw the wood to the front and then gradually slow it down to fill the dump body in the back. Timberwolf has designed its conveyors in several lengths for various pile sizes, small trucks, and trailers; including a semi-truck’s open top trailer at the larger end of the scale. All conveyors are available with our optional paddle belt to keep heavier loads from sliding and provide traction in snow or rain.

The company’s rough top-belted conveyors range in length (12’, 20’, 24’, and 26’ long), reaching heights from 5’ 4” to 13’ 8” — taller than any truck or trailer allowed on the highway. Specifically designed to work with our firewood processors, the 30’ long steel chain drive conveyor has hydraulic elevation adjustment for a height range of 9’ 9” to 14’ 5”. These conveyors are also available with an optional chip separator that removes wood debris from your load to ensure clean deliveries.

Wood BeaverWood Beaver

The newly introduced “Lil Beaver” firewood processor is an economical machine for getting your firewood business off the ground. Designed with the homeowner, farmer, or small firewood business owner in mind, this one-operator machine will quickly and efficiently cut and split logs up to 16” in diameter at a rate of up to 1.0+ full cords per hour.

This unit is extremely powerful, boasting a Honda GX 390 gas motor, 14 HP Subaru motor or PTO. It features a 3.5” bore 2.5 rod specifically designed and engineered hydraulic welded cylinder with a 24” stroke for “fast splitting” hydraulic saw, and two and four-way adjustable wedge. This machine can easily be towed behind a pickup truck with the highway wheel package with lights and 2” ball or towed on site with an ATV.

The “Lil Beaver” is the ideal economic firewood processor for the highly mobile contract firewood producer or a growing firewood business. With an optional six-foot onboard stacking conveyor with a hydraulic log lift, processing wood is as easy as a “Lil Beaver”.