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TimberWest Septembe/October 2013

Sept/Oct 2013

Making Employees’ Safety and Satisfaction a Priority
Bridgewater Logging

The Many Sides of Del Logging
Successful ground skidding operation in Washington

OSU Student Logging Program
Helping Oregon’s timber industry stay strong through hands-on training

Wood Biomass Column
Who is Really Opposed?

Creating Sustainable Forests
Janicki Logging and Construction

Northwest Competitors
Good showing at the Lumberjack World Championships

PLC in B.C.
Firsthand look at B.C. Community Forest

Tech Review
Firewood Processing Equipment

Guest Column
Maintaining the Timber Base


New Products

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Hultdins SG300S GrappleNew Hultdins SG300S Grapple

Hultdins is now offering an SG300S Grapple model based on the same design and construction as the time proven Series I SG260S and SG360S Grapples that have become an industry standard in CTL Grapples in North America over the past 20 years. This new model weighing in at 515 lb. is the ideal solution for customers that find the SG260S model too small and the SG360S model too heavy.

Fecon Stump GrinderFecon Introduces New Excavator Powered Stump Grinder

Fecon Inc. has added the SH360 Excavator Stumper to its Stump Grinder Product Line. The SH360 mounts to any 20+Ton excavator via a bolt-on mount custom fit to the particular excavator. Hydraulics and drive train can be set up for the power provided by the excavator in the 45-65gpm range and up to 5500psi. For ultimate performance, the SH360 can be set up for the Fecon BHP170 and BHP250 self-contained Powerpacks with Fecon Power Management that deliver 65-105gpm.

The SH360 is designed for those hard to reach stumps that cannot be safely accessed with normal stumper carriers. It is a complement to the Fecon line of stumpers for skid steers and small-to-large prime movers.

Terex Fuchs MHL350 E HDNew Terex® Fuchs MHL350 E HD

The new Terex® Fuchs MHL350 E HD log handler boasts a purpose-built undercarriage design and reach configuration to increase log handling efficiencies at the mill yard and in other loading/unload applications. The rugged undercarriage includes a broad outrigger base of 17.4 ft (10 percent wider than the standard MHL350 E) for excellent stability when loading and unloading trailers or charging the infeed deck. Standard independently controllable four-point stabilizers deliver exceptional machine support on uneven terrain and broad 16.9” by 23” stabilizer plates spread machine load over a large area.

Large pneumatic tires provide exceptional flotation and traction, even when operating in marginal ground conditions. The front axle offers a 30° steering angle for efficient maneuvering in tight spaces. The handler’s two-speed powershift hydraulic transmission with four-wheel drive and rigid rear axle delivers the power and torque required for towing fully loaded log trailers.

In addition, the 23.9-ft boom and 20.3-ft dipperstick combination offers a 45.9-ft reach configured specifically for high volume log handling.

Chipping DrumChipping Drum Option for XP-Series Beast Recyclers

Designed for companies that want to convert their Beast into a whole tree chipper, the new chipping drum option replaces the traditional Beast cuttermill with a Bandit whole-tree-style chipping drum. This allows Beast users to have the best of both worlds—high quality screened dimensional wood chips from a traditional whole tree chipping drum.

Because of the large infeed opening in the Beast, it can better process large, bulky material that would be difficult for whole tree chippers to handle. Chipping drums can be ordered on new Model 2680XP, 3680XP, and 4680XP Beast Recyclers or retrofitted to older units.

Laser TechnologyLaser Technology Releases Two New TruPulse Laser Rangefinders

Laser Technology Inc. (LTI) announced the release of two new TruPulse laser rangefinders, the 200X and 200L.

The 200X and 200L measure slope distances and degree of inclination allowing the unit to calculate horizontal and vertical distances, height, and 2D missing line values. The new TruPulse 200L is designed for the cost-conscious professional while the new TruPulse 200X caters to those who require a much higher degree of accuracy and overall durability.

The new 200L model produces three-foot range accuracy and 0.5-degree relative inclination accuracy. It also includes graphical icons that can be seen inside the scope to simplify operation for users worldwide. The TruPulse 200X produces higher precision measurements with two-inch range accuracy and 0.1-degree inclination accuracy. The added protection and waterproof housing with an adjustable illuminated in-scope LED makes the 200X ideal for accurate measurement in challenging conditions.

Wood Mizer WM4000 Thin-kerf headrigWood-Mizer Releases WM4000 Thin-Kerf Headrig

Wood-Mizer has released the WM4000 thin-kerf industrial sawmill — a mill they are calling the ‘next generation’ in sawmills that combines thin-kerf blades for maximum log yield with advances in automated technology to create an ideal solution for profitability in the growing timber industry.

Similar in overall design to Wood-Mizer’s industrial WM3500 sawmill, the WM4000 features are more heavy duty and more productive in almost every way, making it an ideal solution to add to an existing sawmill operation or to launch a new one.

It features a standard larger and fully-enclosed operator cab and new deluxe joystick control.

The addition of a servo motor to control the vertical head location increases the head up/down speed and positioning precision. Larger blade roller guides provide the blade even more support in the cut. The hydraulic system is both faster and larger than any Wood-Mizer mill (15HP motor and 15GPM output), and the new log handling feature is a massive log clamp that anchors to the floor for even more power and rigidity.

West SalemWest Salem Develops Waterfall™ Disc Screen

West Salem Machinery has developed a new screening design called the Waterfall™ Disc Screen. It utilizes two or more screening decks that agitate and tumble the mat of material being screened as it falls from level to level. This tumbling movement is similar to a waterfall in that the mat is blended as it falls, and fine particles that were in the upper portion now have a chance to be screened on the lower deck.

To make this possible, West Salem Machinery has developed a disc screen shaft manufacturing method that creates a tighter spacing between the discs, allowing the chipped or hogged materials to be sorted by size (thickness and length) but at a smaller dimension than in the past.

The WSM Waterfall™ Disc Screen design is available for processing a variety of materials, including wood products, agricultural waste products, and any granular organic material where fines and dust are a problem.