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TimberWest November/December 2013

Nov./Dec. 2013

Tower Logging has the Best Views
NDC Timber Inc. - 30 Years of Corporate and Environmental Responsibility

Safety is Number One Priority
Headrick Logging, Anderson, Calif.

Woody Biomass Column: Montana Mill Provides Real Case Study

A Different Kind of Tong Thrower
Summit Machinery

Vintage Saws
Highlight of the 2013 Elmia Wood Show

Traveling Mill Finds a Home
Vaagen Brothers Lumber

Guest Columnist
A look at Tier 4 Engines


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Tigercat 470 MulcherTigercat 875 loggerTigercat Announces Two New Machines

470 mulcher: Tigercat has added a new model to its expanding line of mulcher carriers. The new 470 mulcher is equipped with the Tigercat FPT C87 Tier 4i 328 hp engine. It is narrow and agile with extremely low ground pressure, rated at 3 psi. The 470 is best suited to tough terrain and sensitive site ROW, pipeline maintenance, and oil and gas exploration projects.

875 logger: The successful 880 logger has a new junior companion. The 875 logger is an 80,000 lb. carrier with two boom options for loading or processing applications. It is equipped with the new Tigercat FPT 6.7 L Tier 4i engine, producing 282 hp. Designed for extremely fuel-efficient operation, the 875 is equipped with variable speed cooling and Tigercat’s unique closed loop energy recovery swing system.

Nokian Intros 26-ply Skidder Tire

Nokian Tyres PLC launched a skidder tire for challenging conditions in the U.S. and Canada. The new 26-ply Forest King TRS LS-2 is being offered in size 35.5L-32.

The tire features the company’s most cut- and crack-resistant forestry compound for the tread surface and sidewalls. It features four wide breakers under the tread area and tire shoulder to provide great protection against accidental punctures.

The tire also has specifically designed tread pattern for increased lateral grip and self-cleaning and special tire protectors that help resist chain tearing.

Samuel Strapping SystemsSamuel Strapping Systems

Samuel Strapping Systems, a supplier and manufacturer of strapping equipment and machinery, is partnering with various sawmills around the country to pursue the perfect method of securing lumber for either the dry kiln or storage: Polyester strapping.

Deformation of stacked green lumber during kiln drying costs sawmills significant amounts of money in degraded material and labor, as well as posing safety and fire hazards throughout the facility. In the past, mills have used concrete slabs or hydraulically-actuated kiln-mounted plates, with limited success. Concrete slabs are dangerous, and hydraulic plates can only be used in certain facilities.

Samuel Strapping Systems says polyester strapping is a practical and cost-effective solution that is safer than concrete blocks, more mobile than mounted plates, and even more effective at reducing the number of twisted, crooked, and warped pieces in each stack.

Over time, Samuel Strapping Systems and its partnering mills have seen great results. For more details, go to