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Tech Update -- Portable Sawmills

SELECT Sawmill

SELECT Sawmill's products offer solutions for the affordable commercial manufacture of wood products.

Best known for its high quality workmanship, the SELECT sawmill has a reputation for reliable high production yields at an affordable cost, the company says. The units are operated with a minimum of employees and maintain a high cutting speed that can reach up to three feet/second, depending on the application. The key attribute of the SELECT sawmill is its capacity for cutting in both directions with a double-cut saw blade. Combined with a full hydraulic package and standard computerized setworks, the units are fast, accurate and reliable.

Main features such as the large bandwheels, extremely rigid frame and high-powered electric or diesel engine are what enable the mills to handle logs up to 42"x 22' long in a variety of wood types, including those high in density such as Canadian frozen maple and tropical hardwoods.

Clarke Portable Sawmills

Clarke's model #20 comes with a 13 hp Honda gas engine, the model #50 comes with a 15 hp Kohler gas engine with electric start, or a 20 hp Honda can be added for an additional fee.

The company's model #100 to model #500 come with 20 hp Honda gas engines with electric start. Diesel engines are available.

The new model #20 cuts 30 inches by 17 feet long. All other mills cut standard 30 inches by 20 feet. Bed extensions, any length, are available.

The mills are designed with a solid twin rail constructed of 3" x 6" tubing which gives a stronger frame to anchor logs to. This construction allows for more accurate sawing with no shifting of heavy logs and does not require supporting arms.

All Clarke mills come with the following standard features:

  • A 1 1/4" or 1 1/2" band saw blade available in .042 gauge for accurate cutting and less lumber waste. Blades are enclosed behind removable shields on both sides for operator safety. These blades can be changed in five minutes and can be re-sharpened many times.
  • Blade oiler to be used when working with sappy lumber.
  • Four jacks with a total capacity of 20,000 lbs which can be set-up in 10 minutes.
  • Trailer package featuring a single axle with 3500 lb capacity, steel fenders, a 2" ball and safety chains.
  • Saw guides with industrial bearings.
  • Clamping system to secure round or square logs.
  • Ruler gauge attached to the side of the head to achieve the desired lumber thickness.


The Baker Model 3665D Blue Streak utilizes a powerful 65-hp Cummins diesel engine, features 28" diameter band wheels, and is capable of cutting logs up to 36" in diameter.

It features a dual chain drive carriage, and it can handle logs 20'6", and even larger. It comes standard with computer setworks, hydraulic log loader and turner, log clamps and toe rollers. The operator's station features all of the user controls in one convenient location.

The Baker Blue Streak band sawmill is also available in stationary models and a variety of power options that include a 38-hp Kubota diesel engine or either a 30-hp or a 50-hp electric motor.

The Baker Blue Streak band sawmill is built to handle big logs and big jobs. It is built heavy and strong, yet it is versatile, productive, and easy to use.


AWMV, a division of Wood-Mizer Products Inc. and manufacturer of high-quality stationary sawmills, offers the entry-level, affordable, HR120 horizontal resaw.

Different from most entry-level resaws, the HR120 has a large, 16" width capacity and is powered by gas, diesel or electricity. This unit features all electrical drives, which eliminates the need for hydraulics.

Designed for remanufacturing boards, cants, and reclaiming slabs, this product has the ability to transform wood into a finished product. The heavy-duty bed easily tilts to angle cut, producing lapsiding and moulding blanks.

"We're excited to release this new product to the industry," says Canadian Sales Manager, Dorian Lavallee. "Thanks to the innovative design, our customers can boost productivity and accurately cut the lumber they need with this machine. It's simple to run and maintain."

Lucas Sawmill

The Lucas sawmill has been an incredible success in the woods of North America, says Bailey's, the exclusive North American distributor of Lucas portable sawmills.

These unique, swing-blade sawmills can handle logs up to 6' in diameter. They are available in 6", 8" and 10" models and can go anywhere a pickup truck can go. With either 6' or 19' extended track kit options, customers can mill logs up to 26' or 40', respectively. This mill demonstrated how efficient it can be during the 2003 Portable Sawmill Shoot-Out, when it cut an astounding 922 board feet per hour. In the 2009 Shoot-Out, the Lucas team cut a total of 583 board feet per hour--nine per cent greater than the log scale and a higher overrun than most other bandsaws were able to attain in the competition.

Cutting Edge Sawmills

Cutting Edge Sawmills Inc. has been putting increased focus on improving its customer's productivity levels. The company's product base still includes low maintenance portable bandsaw sawmills, resaws, planers, Dinasaw sharpeners and setters. The company offers machine sales and service, and parts sales by mail order and courier. The company also strives to keep all parts in stock, so its valued customers are kept producing.


Designed for ease of use, the Logosol sawmill can cut beams, planks, boards, posts, or lath of any size using a regular chainsaw equipped with a specially designed ripping chain. It is said to be incredibly easy to use. Its all-aluminum design makes it a robust yet portable piece of equipment. It will never rust when stored outdoors and its light weight allows it to be easily transported on the back of a pickup or on the roof of a car. It is an ideal milling solution for all types of on-site construction projects. The new and improved Logosol PH-260 is the first affordable industrial four-sided planer/moulder on the market, the company says. It is a unique opportunity for value added production at a reasonable investment.

D&L Doublecut Sawmill

The D&L 180-degree swing blade is manufactured by D&L Doublecut Sawmills Ltd and marketed by D&L Timber Technologies Ltd.

The D&L swinger was designed and invented by Lindsay Flett, owner of D&L Doublecut Sawmills Ltd. This swinger is the only swing blade mill in the world that offers a 180-degree swing, the company says. The operator has the ability to double cut a log without having to turn the head 180-degrees or remove any sawguards.

The sawmill's sawguards swing the blade independently, allowing the operator to lower the guard to the unused side of the saw, providing unmatched safety and versatility. Unlimited lengths can be cut. The D&L Swing Blade series comes in three models. The SB612 is known as the company's 6" mill, the SB816 is known as its 8" mill, and the SB1020 as its 10" mill.

Attachments and options that can be purchased with these series are a grooving/planer blade with removable teeth for planing and or grooving beams, cants, boards, or slabs; a slabbing attachment for slabbing large trees into thick table tops; and, a slab sanding disc for sanding and finishing any type of wood.

D&L has invested more than a quarter million dollars in blade technology, which the company says shows in the performance and cut of the mill. The D&L swinger uses off-the-shelf parts and is manufactured in Canada. In the very near future, it will be manufactured in the U.S. and Europe as well.


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May/June 2010

On the Cover:

If you're looking for forest industry-related equipment and information about the fast-developing bioenergy area, Prince George, B.C. is the place to be in June. The Resources Expo show will be held in the city from June 3 to 5, followed by the Bio Energy Conference and Exhibition, being held June 8 to 10. Full details on both of these major events are in this issue of Logging and Sawmilling Journal with the Official Show Guides (Cover photo of John Deere 2054 and CBI wood grinder working west of Quesnel, B.C. at an All-Wood Fibre operation. Photo: Dave Milne/All-Wood Fibre Ltd.)


A new carbon offset program from B.C.'s Central Interior Logging Association offers contractors potential fuel savings for their equipment--and cash in their pocket from selling the carbon offsets that result from the more efficient equipment operations.

Bid Right doing all right

B.C.'s Bid Right Contracting started out with a single piece of equipment, but now operates 50 machines thanks to a successful harvesting operation and a separate business training equipment operators.

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Logging and Sawmilling Journal's authoritative list of the leading logging contractors in the B.C. Interior.

Rules of the bioenergy road in B.C.

There is no shortage of good bioenergy-related ideas in British Columbia--the challenge for potential players is getting some clarification from government and BC Hydro on the rules of the road.

UNBC pushing forward with bioenergy projects

The University of Northern B.C. is at the centre of a number of innovative bioenergy initiatives, including a wood biomass gasification system and developing a concrete-type product that uses beetle-killed lodgepole pine.

Tech Update--Portable Sawmills

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Tony Kryzanowski offers a Logger's Blessing to all those workaholics who shake themselves out of bed ahead of the rooster to head out to the woods on days when at times the ice fog is thicker than the day old clam chowder at the local diner, and spit freezes before hitting the ground.