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B.C. Saw Filer's Association – "Trade Show In Print"

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March Logging and Sawmilling Journal

With the drop in demand for lumber in the United States, efforts to develop a larger market in China for Canadian lumber have been ramped up, and a B.C. First Nations band recently set up a representative office in China to tap into this potentially huge market.

Third generation logger
Martin Marsolais and Sons Ltd has a long history of being open to change on the logging equipment side, and it's a tradition that the company continues to this day, with the third generation of the Marsolais clan now out in the woods.

Biomass generating big time energy
With the start-up of a new $84
million biomass power plant at the AbitibiBowater pulp and paper mill in Fort Frances, Ontario, forest slash that had been previously burned in the bush is now being ground up by local contractors and transported to the power plant.

Pinnacle of success
In the face of an industry downturn,
Pinnacle Pellet Inc. is charting its own path, with a very successful business strategy that includes a new $20 million wood pellet plant in B.C.

Engineered wood expansion
Louisiana-Pacific is positioned well for the future with the start-up of its new $140 million Laminated Strand Lumber operation.

Saw Filer's Show

Alberta forestry show adds construction sector
The Northern Alberta Forestry Show is working to add value by including the construction sector in the show, being held May 8 in Grande Prairie.

The Last Word
Jim Stirling notes that as if the forest industry doesn't have enough concerns, a familiar problem--the lack of progress in negotiations with First Nations groups--is seething just below the surface, threatening to explode.


It's shaping up to be another challenging year for the forest industry, with the current downturn affecting all sectors, from the forest to the sawmills, says Bruce Doroshuk, the president of the B.C. Saw Filer's Association.

With volatile economic conditions, the industry has gone into survival mode and success at the sawmill--more than ever--is being measured in the amount of uptime that can be maintained, notes Doroshuk.

"The positive side to this is we are seeing more thinking outside of the box at the sawmill, with our saw filers finding innovative ways to get the most out of our equipment with the help of our electrical and maintenance departments. We are also seeing our suppliers becoming more competitive and service oriented, which is helping our industry survive."

With the current difficult economy, the executive of the B.C. Saw Filer's Association has been evaluating the association's activities, including its annual conference.

"Considering the economic times, and keeping in mind the situation of our suppliers and members, the association has decided to postpone this year's conference to 2010," explained Doroshuk. "This was a very tough, but necessary decision."

"We really thank our members and suppliers for their ongoing support--and we intend to get through this difficult time with their help," added Doroshuk.

While many sawmill operations are seeing reduced operations, saw filing remains an essential part of every sawmill operation, he notes, and it's important to continue to get information out to the industry.

In that spirit and as a service to the industry, Logging and Sawmilling Journal has put together this very special "B.C. Saw Filer's Tradeshow in Print" feature, highlighting the companies, products and services that are so essential to the industry.

Armstrong Manufacturing

Ph: 503 228-8381
Armstrong Manufacturing 's machinery and tools have been utilized in sawmills throughout North America.
Armstrong parts are engineered and manufactured to exacting specifications, taking into consideration the frequent overlapping tolerances associated with proper fit and function. This attention to proper engineering and machining detail provides the proper fit, which increases and improves the performance of Armstrong equipment.

Ph: 418 832-2918
BGR Saws is a leading producer of circular and band saws and an exclusive distributor of high-performance brazing and grinding equipment, and high quality maintenance products.
Its experts have the desire to always offer custom-tailored solutions that make sawmills more efficient. Since they come from the industry, BGR Saws representatives act as actual technical advisors to sawmills.

California Saw

Ph: 888 756-5522
Cal Saw researches, develops and delivers advanced technology for a range of cutting needs. The special heat treatment and fabrication processes the company has designed is key to more accurate cutting, longer lasting blades and knives and higher grade products

Ph: 800 667-0245
Camco Cutting Tools supplies and manufactures a wide range of Carbide and APF Superalloy cutting tips for the sawmill industry.

Its carbide tips are premium quality tungsten carbide, pre tinned in-house using cadmium-free silver solder. The company stocks many sizes of APF Superalloy tips and rods in various shapes, including trapezoidal, triangle, diamond and round. They can also custom make various rods and tips to suit customer needs.

Carbide Tool Works
Ph: 604 888-1353
Carbide Tool Works utilizes state-of-the art equipment including a fully robotic 4000 watt Trumpf laser cutter, Kahney & Hana automated soldering machines and computerized Vollmer and Widma saw grinders.

Carbide Tool Works has implemented a strict quality control program along with a commitment to only use the highest grade materials available ensuring customers receive the highest quality products.

Carbide Tool Works will always continue to be innovative, from the high performance of their "Insert Tooling Systems" for re-man and plywood manufacturing to their "ULTRA LEVEL" saw blades which provide absolute level plate and maximum performance with the minimum amount of maintenance of any round saw available.

Cut Technologies

Ph: 800 667-7297
Cut Technologies is a leader in the manufacture of highly productive saws and distributor of top quality equipment for the wood and metal industry.

Cut Technologies' range of products and equipment (from the COUGAR XX highly productive saws to the Vollmer and MVM state-of-the art grinding and sharpening equipment and Kahny Brazing machines) keep operating costs and downtime in the filing room to a minimum.

The company is passionate about the saw business, displaying an enthusiasm for quality, innovation and customer service which is built into every saw.

FPInnovations Forintek

Ph: 604 224-3221
FPInnovations Forintek is Canada's wood products research institute.

Their vision is to be the global leader in wood products research and technology transfer, and the knowledge centre of choice for the Canadian wood products sector. To meet this vision, the Mission of Forintek is to develop scientific and technical knowledge, applications and solutions that will enhance the ongoing competitiveness of its members and the Canadian wood products sector.

Iggesund Tools

Ph: 250 769-1288
Iggesund Tools is a leading supplier of knife systems for sawmill and pulp mill chipping, as well as sawmill debarking.
Its core business is the design and production of specialized tooling for the forest products industry. The company is recognized as a leader in each of the sectors it serves--debarking, lumber production, chipping technology and chip analysis.

The company's revolutionary TurnKnife System for chipping and lumber production, its innovative ScanChip Analyzer, its industry-leading debarking systems and ground-breaking partnership and service options have kept it on the cutting edge of the lumber and pulp and paper industries.

Imperial Oil
Ph: 800 268-3183
With the high levels of quality and efficiency long associated with Esso and the expertise and innovation of Mobil, the company's customers have access to among the hardest-working, most extensive range of protection available. Each product comes with the peace of mind of the Ultimate Lubrication Warranty.

The company's sawguide oil is designed to lubricate and protect guides on modern gang saws and edgers while reducing lubricant consumption. All grades are said to provide outstanding control of friction and wear.

Jayrod Consulting & Sales Ltd.

Ph: 250 649-0631
Competitive pricing, value and service best describes Jayrod. We are proudly Canadian and look forward to serving the forest industry from our Prince George warehouse for decades to come. We have a large inventory of Diamond/Borozon wheels, saw tips, coolants, cleaners, abrasives, cutters, IMW/Armstrong/Wright parts and plate. In addition, we carry planer knives, chipper knives, anvils and repair knife heads/clamps. Our team is only a phone call away to answer any questions you may have.

Key Knife Inc.
Ph: 250 567-2447
Key Knife is a leader in chipping, flaking, and planing systems for the global wood products industry. Sawmills, pulp mills, OSB plants, and particleboard plants around the world are said to gain value with Key Knife's innovative technologies and service programs by achieving improved recovery, chip/flake quality, production, and product quality.

Key Knife helps businesses maximize efficiencies and profitability. Its goal is to provide customers with the best possible products and services to ensure they receive maximum economic benefit.

L & S Industries Ltd.

Ph: 800 663-8413
L & S Industries offers quality and value in sawmill and planer supplies. The company's debarker bands are said to be easy to install and replace, with a life span of up to three times the original equipment bands. The bands last much longer because of the multi-strand fabric covered design. This design prevents damage in handling and also prevents sudden catastrophic failure so the bands almost never break in use. Using brass bushings to mount the bands means longer life by helping to conduct away heat, the main cause of failure.

Modern Engineering
Ph: 604 946-4110
Modern Engineering has machined parts for virtually every type of industry using metal or plastics. The tolerances of parts are critical, and Modern Engineering's quality control enables it to consistently meet customer specifications, and it meets the specification of ISO 9002 Quality Standards.

Ph: 604 946-6911
Optimil is well known for being a leader in primary and secondary log processing machinery, as well as providing log and board optimization systems for the progressive sawmill.

The company's production facility has on-site machinery including a Laser Table, Burn Table, Horizontal Boring mills, CNC Milling and Turning Centres, ensuring strict quality controls throughout the production process. The machinery produced is designed utilizing the latest in CAD technology and is manufactured under a strict quality assurance program, utilizing CNC machine centres to assure maximum accuracy.


Ph: 604 530-8466
Pacific/Hoe Saw and Knife Company manufactures a full line of cutting tools at the company's Portland, Oregon facilities. All types of bandsaws, including alloy tipped, are CNC-toothed and CNC-ground. Circular saws, including gang saws, edger saws, trim saws, hollow ground saws, solid tooth saws, CT saws and ITCO saws are all treated using Pacific/Hoe's proprietary flattening process.

Chipper, counter, specialty as well as the J and O line of planer, eased edge and mill to pattern knives are all manufactured using the highest quality steels.

Pacific/Hoe also supplies a full line of filing room tools, tips and teeth. Jacobsen Manufacturing and Pacific Micro Coat are subsidiaries, and are on site in Portland.

Peerless Saw Company
Ph: 1 800 973-3753
Peerless Saw is an industry leader in the production of industrial grade circular saw bodies for carbide tipping.
The Peerless factory is equipped with precision machinery such as lasers, surface grinders and heat treatment furnaces.
It serves the saw blade manufacturing industry with all parts required to make industrial quality carbide tipped saw blades, and tool makers, machine manufacturers and fabricators with special made parts and services, through its Peerless Laser Processing division.

Petro Canada
Ph: 866 335-3369
Petro-Canada's PETROGLIDE oils are premium quality saw guide oils specially designed and tested for modern multi-blade, gang saws and edgers. PETROGLIDE is formulated to provide optimum tackiness and reduced friction for increased recovery rates and sawmill productivity.

PETROGLIDE 100 and 150 saw guide oils also fall under Petro-Canada's new EcoSia environmental brand, which allows its use in more environmentally sensitive areas.

Other features and benefits include: less wash off and better lubricity; reduced oil consumption, pitch build-up, energy costs, heat build-up and saw deviation; and proven to increase productivity, save money and contribute to greater sawmill profitability.


Postle-Owen Corporation

Ph: 604 580-1126
Postle-Owen's total focus is on abrasives and abrasive products. The company offers not only products but design services, technical information, and on-site inventory management programs.

Postle-Owen has kept pace with the rapid changes and advances in material science creating new abrasives and improving existing abrasives .

Premier Bandwheel
Ph: 604 591-2080
Premier Bandwheel & Equipment Ltd. manufactures top quality bandwheels with employees that have extensive experience working in the sawmill machinery manufacturing business. The company has been involved in building bandmills, doing complete mill startups, and servicing of bandmills. The company has used this extensive knowledge of the industry and equipment to focus on bandwheel design and manufacturing in a cost efficient way.

ProMac Manufacturing Ltd.
Ph: 800 665-5405
Pro Mac manufactures and/or provides services in four significant areas:

  • Machine replacement parts
  • Brushcutter attachments
  • Crane parts
  • Custom design and manufacturing services to industrial end users

Its diverse customer base includes independent parts and equipment dealers for pulp and paper, forestry, and lumber industries. The company supplies various products to a wide range of industries from custom design to manufactured components.

Simonds International
Tel: 604 626-0556
Simonds International offers an extensive array of professional grade products including bandsaw blades, circular saw blades, power hacksaw blades and power tool accessories including hole saws, annular hole cutters, reciprocating saws, hacksaw blades, hand files, and a broad variety of wood processing machine knives, as well as support equipment for many of its products. Simonds also offers a line of industrial products including lifting and holding magnets and magnets for use on the shop floor. Its products are sold through a comprehensive worldwide distributor base.

Streifel Industries
Ph: 604 463-7161

Streifel Industries offers a variety of equipment including inserted tooth cut-off saws, hollow ground trim saws, curved bit saws, solid tooth cut-off saws, shingle saws and shake band saws. It also offers shingle machines, cut-off teeth, files, filing room equipment, filing room tools and industrial supplies.

Streifel's services include custom surface grinding, saw repairs, hammering, balancing and sharpening.

Ph: 800 289-8767
Innovation has taken USNR from being a small sawmill equipment supplier to a global leader in manufacturing machine systems to create dimensional lumber and engineered wood products.

Its products result from first-hand knowledge and an evolving vision of the wood products industry. Whether companies are looking for a more efficient means of cutting, handling, or drying their lumber, USNR products maintain high production levels while increasing return rates.

Vancouver Gear Works
Ph: 877 888-3111
Vancouver Gear Works Ltd. has actively developed saw edger arbors since 1994, and is constantly making development improvements. Starting with the Retec design, VANGEAR greatly increased the quality of arbors by using a hobbing method to generate the lobes with very high accuracy, as compared with the traditional method of milling each tooth individually.

In response to industry demand for more stable saws for thin kerf sawing, Vancouver Gear developed the original VANGEAR Saw Arbor, which uses an involute tooth form rather than the traditional lobe. This greatly increases stability and reduces wear on both the arbor and the saw eyes.

Williams & White

Ph: 604 293-2268
Williams and White works directly with customers to achieve saw accuracy, allowing saws to run sharper and straighter, resulting in greater lumber recovery and higher operating efficiencies.

In an environment in which downtime is unacceptable, robust equipment is a necessity and the company's equipment has been proven to deliver reliable performance and accuracy, with a reputation for long life.

Using only the highest quality components and advanced engineering practices ensures every piece of Williams and White equipment is manufactured to exacting tolerances. This results in machine centres capable of maintaining the extreme precision required in the metal working industry.

New Products in Saw Grinding Equipment

Vollmer has announced the introduction of three new machines for the sawmill market designed to accommodate both bandsaws and circular saws. The new machines are the fully-enclosed CA100 wet full profile grinder, the CAF100 wet dual side grinder and finally the GPA200 CNC-controlled plasma stellite tipping machine.

All machines feature the same modular construction encompassing an extremely heavy central aggregate block for rigidity and elimination of vibration.

The company's CA100 cam-driven grinder incorporates the latest in available technology, resulting in a grind finish that's comparable to what is achieved by top-of-the-line CNC grinders, according to Vollmer. Operators are able to change the profile cam in less than five minutes without the need for re-timing.

The CAF100 is designed as a heavy-duty, entry level side grinder that delivers excellent accuracy while maintaining simplicity of design and operation.

Its GPA200 tipper, available in rod or wire versions, features CNC control over stellite feed and a saw indexing mechanism. Vollmer offers two different torch sizes enabling it to handle a wide range of saws. Annealing is achieved either by plasma torch or the optional induction

Today's sawmills and saw manufacturers are making greater demands on the quality of maintenance of their bandsaws. Iseli's RZ1 is an automatic benching system aimed at meeting those greater demands.

The company's CNC-controlled leveling, tensioning and back measuring adjusting centre offers full automatic leveling, tensioning and back measuring/adjusting of the saw blade in one setup.

The RZ1 is equipped with a modern, programmable user-friendly control. The user-friendly touch screen provides a clear display of all program elements. The order of leveling, tensioning and back measuring/adjusting can be selectively programmed. An electronic sensor measures the deformity, and two CNC-controller rollers level the deformities with proportional pressure. The hydraulic tensioning pressure is proportionally controlled.

Programs can be saved and recalled to ensure consistent and repetitive results, saw to saw, shift to shift, and operator to

Simonds International
Simonds International has developed a Glide process that relieves the edges of the splines in saws where the saw bore intersects with the arbor. The company has developed patent pending technology that will install the Glide relief for only a few dollars per saw. Testing of the product shows that it saves sawmills money and is of great assistance to saw filers.

In the machine centre, while the saws are running, the square edges of the saw bore are in contact with the arbor and this constant pressure wears the bore of the saw slightly on every run. This wear generates burrs that dig into the machine arbor, causing grooves to develop quite quickly. To prevent those grooves becoming a big problem, it's necessary to keep shifting the arbor. Getting rid of burrs also adds considerable time in the filing room. Simonds International believes installation of the Glide will allow mills to cut better lumber, more reliably and with lower costs.

It intends to market installation of the Glide as the patent is being given

A new drop head for the Hanchett Model 414 is available on new machines and as an update to older machines in the field.
Derived from the successful Model 250 sharpener, this modification eliminates the rocker head and offers precise sharpening and allows for increased wheel

Wright Tools
The new NOVUS X2 Top or Face grinder introduces an unprecedented level of the latest technologies available into today's modern saw shops, according to Wright Tools.

The X2 offers features and options simply not possible with older technology. The NOVUS X2 incorporates a deterministic, real time operating system. On board, a fully functional FTP server is used with Virtual Network Computer services. With an Internet connection, this allows the support staff at Wright Machine to upgrade software, diagnose problems, and run the machine long distance thereby reducing the need for service related expenses. While sharpening a saw, the operator is free to program a new saw or run diagnostics on the machine, all at the same time, without interrupting the current production.

The Novus X2 uses servo motor technology. By replacing stepper motors with servo motors, the overall accuracy of the sharpening process is significantly improved. Precision grinding is assured due to the use of a 2HP head, multi-truck linear slides and inverter speed control. Novus uses a high torque beveling system to produce accurate bevel angles and at the same time increase liftoff with another high speed high torque servo motor. A heavy duty base results in added vibration dampening.

Williams and White

The Williams and White Series 2 TF Grinder is a fully hydraulic automatic saw sharpener for circular blades up to a diameter of 28". The machine will sharpen both tops and faces of carbide or stellite tipped saws. A solid heavy weight saw clamp and the company's ISI feed index assures proper tip positioning and rock solid support for the sharpest tip. The Series 2 also offers the extra ability to plunge grind " V" top saws for trim and gang applications. It is described as a self-contained machine, and very operator friendly.