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Logging and Sawmilling Journal October/November 2010

July/August 2011

On the Cover:

Lumber exports from B.C. to China are hitting record levels. Recent trade figures show that the value of softwood lumber exported to China has surpassed the U.S., a powerful signal about the importance of Asia Pacific lumber markets.
Logging and Sawmilling Journal takes a look at the China lumber market in a special supplement beginning on page 36 of this issue. (Cover photo of B.C. lumber being loaded at the Lynnterm facility of Port Metro Vancouver by Rob Stanhope).


The recently created Northwest B.C. Forest Coalition is taking a co-operative approach to marketing the region’s forest resource—the province’s largest uncommitted wood basket—and the response to date has been very positive, with a number of interested parties.

Focus on productive—and safe—working environment

New Tigercat equipment and an innovative business approach have reinforced Alberta logging contractor Jesse Bowman’s focus on a productive, satisfying and safe work logging environment.

Conifex delivers higher value with upgrade

A $31 million upgrade at the Fort St. James, B.C. operation of Conifex is delivering more higher valued lumber products—and resulting in a smoother, more efficient product flow.

The COFI convention is back!

The COFI annual convention is back, and Logging and Sawmilling Journal is the Official Show Guide: Read all about the convention, being held September 15 to 17 in Prince George, and how the recovery of COFI’s lumber producing members is benefiting almost all types of businesses in British Columbia.

The booming China lumber market

China: It’s the single biggest reason for the recovery of the B.C. forest industry and Logging and Sawmilling Journal takes a look at this booming market, and how to meet the needs of customers.

Canucks head to Florida—to help with sawmilling

Florida-based Suwannee Lumber needed to find a way to handle dense, heavy and pitchier Southern Yellow Pine through its sawmill. The solution? Bring in the Canucks, in the form of Bosch Rexroth Canada and its MAC-8 control system.

What’s in…The Edge!

Included in The Edge, Canada’s leading publication on research in the forest industry— now incorporated into Logging and Sawmilling Journal—read all about research projects related to Canadian Wood Fibre Centre/Natural Resources Canada, Alberta Innovates-Bio Solutions and FPInnovations.

Tech Update –
The head’s up on heads

Logging and Sawmilling Journal has the latest information on what’s new in harvesting, processing and felling heads in this issue’s Tech Update.

Supplier newsline

The last word


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Tech Update - Harvesting, Processing & Felling Heads

Waratah 616cWaratah

According to the company, Waratah is known for two things—its tough-as-nails products and its in the trenches customer service.

The latest additions to the Waratah line-up include the new 616C model, which comes standard with topping saw, the SC 100 Supercut main saw unit, a new higher flow valve producing increased speed over the drive wheels and saw units, and a new hanging bracket and rotator design shared from the 622B.

The company’s new HTH 623C model was specifically designed around the 250 class carrier, providing big wood capacity fitted to smaller, middle weight 250 class carriers. Sharing the same new valve design with the 616C, the result is increased flow to the much larger drive motors and ¾ saw unit, which provides 624 size feed power and limbing torque in a mid-size 623C body. Standard ¾ saw units and 624-size motors enable the 623C to be a true big wood processor for applications ranging from hardwoods to coastal softwoods.

Waratah heads come only one way: fully optioned, allowing customers the best return and flexibility on their investments, the company says. The 624C and the Waratah flagship model 622B remain unchanged for 2011.

Pierce Pacific Titan 22Pierce Pacific

The company’s Titan 22 is ready to harvest at the stump or process from a log deck.

Extensive market and product research has resulted in a processing head that rivals the success of Pierce Pacific’s own Pierce and Denharco delimbers. The Titan 22 features an additional valve section, which provides more flow to the drive system for greater speed and feed power, as well as to the butt saw for faster, cleaner cuts. It also features a heavy duty frame designed to provide extra support where it’s necessary for the rigors of North American timber and conditions.

As in all the company’s Pierce and Denharco processing equipment, the Titan family is powered by Pierce’s Intellitec measuring system.

Pierce, independently owned and operated, builds all Titan products in Portland, Oregon, and has three service parts warehouses in North America. The company’s product support and customer service includes on-site training and troubleshooting, stocked warehouses, after hours pickup and emergency overnight delivery. Its professional service technicians are available seven days a week, after business hours and on weekends.

For a larger processing head, inquire about the Titan 23, said to be ideally suited for a 25 to 29 metric ton machine.

Log Max harvesting headLog Max

Offering nine models of harvesting heads, the Log Max product line includes the 928, 4000B, 5000D, 6000, E6 (specifically developed for the eucalyptus market), 7000C, 7000 XT, 10000 XT and the 12000.

Providing customers with flexibility and productivity, each Log Max harvester head is available with a variety of options that allow it to be customized to specific job requirements.

All Log Max heads feature a patented top knife positioning sensor to minimize friction losses and improve feeding efficiency. Because of this, Log Max heads maintain extremely high feed forces. As well, all frames are designed with an efficient closed box section central frame. The tapered knives are equipped with long edges, which ensure high quality timber.

Log Max also offers accumulating arms, which enables the head to be used as a conventional harvester or a multi-stemming head. The Log Max interface gives customers the option to replace their existing head with a Log Max product while continuing to use their original computer system to control the new head.

Komatsu Harvesting HeadKomatsu

Komatsu’s line-up includes the light and fast 350.1 head (23.6” cut, 2116 lbs) and 360.2 head (25.5” cut, 2745 lbs).

The 350.1 has three-driven rollers and is available with multi-stem accumulator for first thinning and biomass.

The light, three-roller drive 365 model (25.6” cut, 2646 lbs) is suited for longer reach thinning.

The 370.2 (27.6” cut, 3240 lbs) is designed for second thinning and larger harvesting jobs.

The 370E (27.6” cut, 3527 lbs) has a heavier frame for merchandising, high production harvesting, or difficult applications.
Komatsu heads are controlled by the new MaxiXplorer head control system for track machines. Maxi provides highly accurate measuring and records all harvest data. Heads are also available with color marking and a fungus stump treatment system with head mounted spray bars.

Cat PF-48Caterpillar Forest Products

The PF-48 fixed harvester head from Caterpillar Forest Products features a four-roller design, giving the head more contact with the tree. The valve body is mounted on the carrier, reducing shock loads. Two measuring systems allow the operator to select the best method for the application.

The PE-44 harvester head works best in medium softwoods or mixed stands with smaller hardwoods. Its computer system includes production recording, proportional pressures on the knives and feed rollers and a touch screen.

The HF201 and HF221 felling heads feature the Cat one-piece saw disc with 2.25” kerf replaceable saw teeth. The one-piece disc improves saw recovery time and increases the cut capacity about ½”.

The HF201 has a cutting capacity of 22.5” and is matched with Cat zero tail swing track feller bunchers.

With a cutting capacity of 24.4”, the HF221 maximizes performance of the larger Cat full tail swing machines. Both heads are available in partial or new Cat 330-degree full tilt configurations. and

Gilbert 3000LGilbert

Gilbert 3000L series felling heads are high performance units and are oriented toward productivity. The company says that they are built without compromise to help customers increase the profitability of their operations. They are available with a 350 degree high rotation wrist, recognized in the industry for its reliability and performance. The new frame design offers easy access to all hydraulic components for easy and fast maintenance.

Gilbert felling heads can work in all types of operations. Their abilities and accumulation capacity are unequalled in multiple tree gathering, says the company. The heads control the stems for a perfect grouping without any crossing. The sturdiness of Gilbert’s units allows the same felling head to shine equally in harvesting hardwood and in the harvesting of the huge trees on the West Coast. Models available are 22”, 24” or 28” of cutting capacity. The 350 degree wrists are also available to convert any model of head into a high rotation sawhead. Gilbert celebrates its 25th anniversary in 2011.

Hakmet Harvester/processorHakmet

Hakmet distributes AFM harvester/processors in North-America. AFM has 12 harvester/processor heads, two combi heads, an energy wood head and a felling head. With the combi head, it is possible to harvest, process, sort and load logs with just one head and base machine.

The AFM heads are designed for demanding operations with a low maintenance cost due to reliability and universally used components. AFM heads work with all harvester bases and most measuring systems with solutions for softwood and hardwood species for harvesting or processing. Feeding speeds up to 20 feet per second and force mean high production. They also have high-strength steel delimbing knives. Exceptional three-roller non-sliding feeding system with proportional pressure on roller arms and knives reduces fibre damage and timber-friendly steel rollers conserve the quality and structure of the timber. The heads have accurate measuring by constantly centering the stem and the diameter and can measure from rollers or knives. Simple and long-lasting block-type hydraulics are well protected and centrally located. They are easy to install and service due to simple, service-friendly construction. Hakmet offers installation and training support.

Satco 223Satco

The Satco 223 is a 23” single grip, two roller processing head that was identified and developed by Satco Ltd for forest contractors who require a full processing head that is in a ‘not too big, not too small’ range.

The SATCO 223 stands up to the tough demands of clear falling and second thinning in Radiata pine forests of the Southern Hemisphere and Pacific Northwest. The Satco 223 processor has a 23” diameter stem capacity and weighs less than a 24” processor. Being lighter than a 24” processor means the company can get 1.2 to 1.5 metres more reach from a standard 24 tonne base machine. This makes the Satco 223 ideal for cut-to-length operations or merchandising out of the stack.

Quadco Harvesting HeadQuadco

Quadco offers a full line of felling and harvesting heads with five different product lines to meet customer needs and applications. High speed heads are available in 18”, 20”, 22” and 24” maximum cut capacity. Intermittent models range from 24” to 29” maximum cut capacity. All models of felling heads come with the Quad Tooth System and are available in 40 or 360 degrees rotation.

Controlled-fall 5660 harvesters provide a maximum capacity of up to 24” cut and 22” processing. A swing saw comes standard on this model, designed for cut-to-length/tree-length harvesting and roadside processing.

Keto Harvesting HeadKeto

Quadco is the exclusive distributor for Keto heads in both North and South America. Keto offers five models—the K51, K100, K150, K660TS, and K870TS. All Keto heads feature a unique track feeding system offering excellent grip on logs and better accuracy for measuring. Loggers will find their lightweight robust design attractive.

Fortec 926ForTec Technical

The FORTEC 926 from ForTec Technical is now available to serve the demanding Canadian cut-to-length roadside and stump side processing industry. The FORTEC 926 incorporates an all new log optimizing computer controlled hydraulic activator system coupled to a proven, heavy duty frame design and butt plate option. With a delimbing drive force of 12,000 lbs. and feed roll opening to 30 “, the Fortec 926 is particularly good in limby and heavy polar/aspen applications. The head includes a hydraulically applied measuring wheel, and butt and topping saws designed for high production processing with speed and accuracy.

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Ponsse H7Ponsse

The Ponsse H7 is a harvester head based on the advanced technology of its big brother, the Ponsse H8. Its structure integrates numerous innovative solutions that enable faster harvesting, improve the end-product quality and increase the harvester head’s service life. The H7 offers extremely efficient feeding and fast delimbing.

The maximum feed roller opening of the H7 is 650 mm and its unique grip geometry makes the handling of large stems easy. The firm grip on trunks and the highly powerful feeding work hand in hand with the feed rollers and blade grip pressure, which can be freely adjusted during operation. It also includes many other innovative features, such as reliable radial piston motors, adjustable grip pressure for initial feed stages, lock connection of feed motors, ingenious control functions for front and rear delimbing blades and feed rollers, and controlled feed acceleration and deceleration reducing feed damage. The H7 harvester head has a short frame compared to its size and it handles curved trees skillfully, according to the company.

The effective and easy-to-use PONSSE H7 harvester head provides a self-adjusting and adaptive feed to the sawing window, which speeds up harvesting significantly and ensures excellent sawing efficiency.