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TECH UPDATE - Millyard Log Loaders


The Liebherr A-934 CHD material handler has proven its capability to handle logs in a mill yard. This machine can pull a trailer weighing up to 55,000 kgs., and can also load and unload trucks. The rubber tire undercarriage gives it the versatility to travel quickly from point A to point B.

The Liebherr A-934 CHD is also equipped with a hydraulic cab riser that brings the operator's vision to 19' making it easier to see while decking logs as high as 30' with the material handler's 47' boom reach. As for the environment, the A-934 CHD material handler is equipped with a very quiet Liebherr D 934 L engine, meeting Level IIIA/Tier III, which has proven highly economical with very low emissions.

Terex Fuchs

With an operating weight up to 33 tonnes, the Terex Fuchs MHL454 is equipped with a standard maximum outreach of 35.6' and is powered by a 236 hp 6-cylinder turbo diesel engine.

This model is classified as a Pick & Carry machine, having the capability to work efficiently without outriggers and travel with a loaded grapple to supply the infeed deck at the mill. The MHL454 features rear boom positioning and cylinder load dampening for enhanced stability and comfort. Standard 4-wheel joystick steering and automatic steering reversal provide flexibility and maneuverability throughout the yard. Terex Fuchs Pick & Carry machines are designed to enhance mill yard mobility and productivity.


The Arbrofer AF-712/330D wheel log loader is said to offer a great choice of options and configurations.

It is equipped with a Caterpillar 330D upper and booms are optimized for forest applications. The log loader is power by the Cat C9, 268 horsepower engine, which complies with worldwide Tier III emission standards and offers many performance, efficiency and reliability features.

The operator's cab offers exceptional visibility, which contributes to reduction in operator fatigue and helps maintain a high production level. The cab tilts 90 degrees forward for transport and is equipped with front guarding. It comes with a riser option, and is 56" wide to accommodate operator training.

The modular frame is manufactured from high-strength steel plate. The upper structure is mounted in the centre of the chassis frame for maximum ruggedness at the swing mechanism. Fast acting stabilizers mounted at the four ends of the chassis ensure good stability in all working positions. The log loader turns 360 degrees with stabilizers in raised position.


Sennebogen was among the first manufacturers to offer a line of purpose-built material handlers in place of excavators retrofitted for unique lifting applications. Today, Sennebogen says it offers the widest range of material handlers, with operating weights ranging from 48,000 to 350,000 lbs. in rubber tired, crawler and pedestal versions.

On the D-Series machines, the safety features are centered around the cab. A revolutionary sliding door combined with the adjacent catwalk provides for an easy and safe way for the operator to step into and out of the cab without the awkwardness of a swinging door hitting the catwalk rail. Getting to and from the cab is easier with a cab position that provides easy access for the operator via a small set of stairs. Upgraded climate control systems in the cab create a comfortable atmosphere that keeps operators alert, attentive and undistracted.

There is improved access to maintenance areas, such as a centralized undercarriage greasing point, which makes maintenance easier and safer. The machines also come equipped with Tier III emissions-compliant engines.

With the D-Series, Sennebogen offers upgrades in line with the company's philosophy of keeping its machines simple: simple to operate, simple to maintain and simple to appreciate.


The Tanguay WL350 is a 75,000 lb loader equipped with a Cummins QSB, 6.4 litre engine rated at 225 hp. Designed and built in North America, the hydraulic and electrical components are easy to find.

The Tanguay WL350 features a Funk transmission and provides 100,000 lb towing capacity. The state of the art hydraulics provide smooth and fast boom movements and an incredible stability with full lift capacity over 360 degrees. The wheel knuckle boom loader also features electro-proportional controlled hydraulic cab riser and rear entrance ergonomic cab. This provides for excellent visibility with the operator's vision at 18.5'. Boom reach is up to 44' with configurations and grapple options to handle all types of logs, and wood chips or scraps materials.

Tanguay also offers custom electrical power pedestal and rail mount loaders to suit mill requirements.


Caterpillar Forest Products offers a complete line of mill yard mobile equipment, including the Cat M325D LMH wheeled material handler.

The M325D is purpose-built for towing trailers, unloading trucks, high decking and loading the mill infeed. The heavy-duty upper frame and the rigid undercarriage are designed to handle the increased swing loads of material handling and provide the stability needed in varying mill yard ground conditions. The operator can select the 'heavy lift' mode at the push of a button to boost lifting capability of heavy loads, while maintaining control and stability. The hydraulic cab riser elevates to 2.6 m for maximum visibility on all sides. Daily maintenance points are centralized and easily accessible from ground level or walkways. The M325D LMH is available with a purpose-built log loader boom and stick.


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December/January 2010

On the Cover:

A John Deere 2554 loader moves timber--including beetle killed wood--in B.C.'s Southern Interior. Logging and Sawmilling Journal moves a bit further down the production chain with this month's Tech Update, with a look at what's new on the rubber-tired loader front in the mill yard, beginning on page 28. (Cover photo by Paul MacDonald)

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