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Logging and Sawmilling Journal October/November 2011

February/March 2012

On the Cover:

From the filing room to the sawmill floor, forest companies are now investing capital dollars to maintain their cutting edge in production and efficiency. Read about how Canfor tackled a major upgrade at the company’s Polar sawmill in this issue (Photo courtesy of Del-Tech Manufacturing Inc.)


A recent resource conference in B.C. highlighted the huge growth the forest industry has seen in lumber exports to China—and that there is still more growth to come.

Tigercats taming steep slopes

B.C. logging contractor Mike Closs has recently made investments in some new equipment, including a Tigercat 635D six-wheel skidder and a new Tigercat L870C leveling buncher, both of which are now ably taking on steep slopes in the B.C. Interior.

Debarker in the bush

B.C.’s Timber Baron Contracting has carved itself a market niche selling timber to Asian customers, and to meet Asian health standards they have developed and designed their own portable debarker to peel the logs in the bush.

Learning from experience

Canfor’s Polar sawmill in B.C. learned from the experience of a sister mill in planning its own upgrade, and opted to do the $20 million project in two phases, to assist in the start-up curve.

From paper to wood pellets

A new $19 million wood pellet facility has opened at the site of a former Smurfit-Stone paper mill in Quebec. Trebio Inc. has achieved the ENPlusA1 standard for its wood pellets and is looking to serve domestic and European markets.

Bringing biomass to the Beast

Transporting their Bandit 2680 Hybrid Beast Recycler to the biomass—rather than bringing the biomass to the recycler—is paying off for Ontario logging contractor Don Tucker.

Fink’s Sawmill carries on logging —minus the mill

The sawmill in Fink’s Sawmill is long gone, but the company continues on as a logging contractor in the B.C. Interior, tackling beetle-infected lodgepole pine in the Bulkley River drainage.

Turning the wood residue power switch on

Using European technology, B.C.’s Nechako Lumber will soon have a new plant to capture surplus heat created through the utilization of wood residue, and convert it to electrical power.

The right exit strategy for you and your business

Logging glory days relived on Vancouver Island

The Edge

Included in The Edge, Canada’s leading publication on research in the forest industry, are stories on Canadian Wood Fibre Centre /Natural Resources Canada and Alberta Innovates - Bio Solutions research projects.

The Last Word

Tony Kryzanowski says the Burns Lake sawmill tragedy is a safety wake-up call for the forest industry.

Tech Update

Supplier Newsline


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John Deere FR21BJohn Deere adds high-speed felling head option to J-series

John Deere’s new FR21B high-rotation felling head, now available on its 700J-series tracked feller bunchers, provides faster cutting speeds to help loggers be even more productive, says the company.

“Loggers everywhere are always looking for new ways to harvest more trees per shift, and we’re working to meet those needs,” says Neil Harber, product marketing manager, John Deere Feller Bunchers.

“This new felling head option will help them spend less time tracking and more time cutting.”

The new FR21B high-rotation felling head is available on both the 753J and the 759J series models. A Deere-designed high-rotation wrist delivers best-in-class accumulation capacity among medium sized disk-saw felling heads, enabling loggers to cut more trees and track less often. It also provides improved tree holding and tree alignment, and features easy service access to further improve productivity.

With their large cutting swaths, advanced hydraulic systems and cabs designed for maximum operator productivity, John Deere’s compact J-series tracked feller bunchers are said to be ideal choices for tight or steep-sloped logging. These new options enhance J-series benefits to maximize logger productivity.

Peterson 5700CPeterson introduces 5700C high production grinder

The 5700C is Peterson’s latest generation of high production grinder. Powered by a Caterpillar C27 engine producing 1050 hp, the 5700C has the power to handle the toughest jobs.

At 78,000 pounds, the 5700C was designed for operations that require frequent moves between jobs without a special permit. With a feed opening of 60 x 40 inches combined with Peterson’s high lift feed roll, the 5700C can readily reduce a wide range of material including stumps.

The 5700C utilizes Peterson’s Impact Release System that can be set in the detent mode to provide consistent product sizing or switched to the floating anvil mode for a primary reduction where accurate sizing is less critical. The floating anvil mode provides high production primary reduction with more protection from contaminated feedstocks, with reduced fuel consumption.

The 5700C’s new generation of controls includes Peterson’s high production Adaptive Control System and a fully adjustable feed system that can be optimized for a wide range of materials.

The new control panel provides self-diagnostics for faulty sensors and open circuits. The 5700C control panel features a large LCD display that provides the operator with the information needed to efficiently operate the unit. System pressure transducers and remote monitoring capability simplify set up and provide complete engine and system parameters.

The 5700C features a large grate area that enables the 5700C to produce materials to exact specifications. Peterson’s quick-change multiple grate system makes it easy to customize grate configurations to produce a wide variety of finished materials. Grates are removed through an access door on the side wall of the 5700C.

Hyundai Construction EquipmentHyundai Equipment reaches production milestone

Hyundai Construction Equipment (HCE) recently reached a significant milestone, exceeding production of 350,000 units. The company produced its first excavator in 1985.

HCE has set a goal of achieving ‘Global TOP 3’ in unit production.

“Our great accomplishments, including global production of 350,000 units and our direct export sales exceeding 100 billion won, are the result of your unfailing hard work and dedication,” Choe Byeong-ku, senior HCE executive vice-president, told employees during a recent ceremony to mark the landmark event.

After achieving 50,000 units produced by 1999, HCE grew rapidly over a relatively short period of time.

The company has four plants in China and one in India. With the completion of a factory in Brazil this year, the company’s capacity will increase further.

New Hitachi Zaxis Dash-5 excavators introduced

The second group of new ZX Dash-5 excavators has been released by Hitachi.

These new Dash-5 excavators are more productive, says the company. Greater horsepower combined with optimized hydraulics for bigger arm and bucket digging forces result in more material moved per gallon of fuel, the company says.

The roomier cab has more side-to-side foot room and a larger door with more glass for better visibility to the side. The new heated and more comfortable air-suspension high-back seat provides excellent support. The new easy-to-operate multifunction monitor with its rotary dial provides enhanced diagnostic features and integrates the radio and HVAC controls in one place.

An updated light package with two cab lights and one additional boom light, and a hydraulically driven reversible fan for cleaning debris from the radiator screen, are new on the Dash 5 machines. The fan runs only when needed, reducing noise, fuel consumption, and operating costs.

The IT4 Isuzu cooled EGR engine platform is less complex to maintain than selective catalytic reduction systems while delivering the productivity, fuel efficiency, and reliability customers have enjoyed with Tier 3 models. A new exhaust filter consists of a diesel oxidation catalyst/diesel particulate filter. With its 4,500-hour service life, it does not require daily attention.

Scanmeg new area photocellScanMeg introduces new area photocell

ScanMeg has introduced its new area photocell to build on the reputation of the company’s original model, with over 10,000 units installed in sawmills all over the world.

The Type PIII has all the features of the original, plus many more. Sawmills have claimed from a three to five per cent increase in production simply because of the almost complete elimination of downtime due to photocell problems. The new units have a separate control unit (PCU) that resides in a junction box. All the parameters of debounce, latch, light-dark, cell annulment and the all-important minimum object size are accessible on the fly through the PCU. The units have a special “click-click” install where no tools are needed. The emitter and receiver cables are identical—the PCU sorts out which is which. Leads are color-coded so customers can’t make a connection mistake.

BullriteBuiltrite stationary electric material handler offers upgrades

Northshore Manufacturing, home of Builtrite branded products, has enhanced one of its most popular stationary electric material handlers, the model 2100-SE.

The enhancements include: a new cab featuring better visibility, more room, a more powerful heater and air conditioning system; a modular power unit, capable of being machine-mounted or floor-mounted depending upon the application and customer’s preference; large access doors allowing for excellent accessibility; a three-fold increase in hydraulic oil cooling capability using a 20 hp motor, which allows the loader to work more efficiently in hotter climates and reduces premature cylinder seal, gasket, hose and other rubber component wear; and, a more energy efficient, 75 hp electric motor.

The 2100-SE can be used in a number of material handling applications including wood handling. A wide range of options are available including various boom configurations allowing it to handle hanging or wrist-type attachments, boom lengths, cab risers, catwalks, remote operator’s station and remote power unit placement. The cost of operation as compared to a diesel powered machine can be up to 60 per cent less, with the added benefit of operating quieter and without exhaust gases.

Goodyear Tire offers deep 33/32” tread with wide footprint

Goodyear has introduced a new truck tire for logging applications, the Goodyear G741 MSD.

The G741 MSD has a wide range of features including: a deep 33/32” tread with a wide footprint to help provide high mileage and traction; an aggressive, self-cleaning tread design to help resist mud build-up and enhance grip; cut- and chip-resistant tread compound that helps provide long-lasting performance on tough terrain; and tread block sipes to enhance traction in wet, snow and icy conditions while helping to maintain dry traction.

“The G741 MSD also boasts an innovative sidewall design that allows chains to be placed above the tread blocks for enhanced traction and grip,” says Andrea Berryman, segment marketing manager, Goodyear.

Caterpillar bunching sawNew high capacity bunching saw from Caterpillar

Caterpillar Forest Products now offers the SH-56B, a new high capacity bunching saw built with the durability and performance to match the new Cat and Prentice C Series wheel feller bunchers.

“We went above and beyond basic durability requirements with tapered roller bearings and new abrasion-resistant materials,” says Matt McDonald, Caterpillar Forest Products product performance engineer. “We maximized performance by
incorporating our patented Strait Grip bunching finger that keeps bunches tightly compressed and straight.”

The SH-56B meets the most demanding production requirements in both first and second thinning applications, handling high volumes of small stems, mixed stems and large single stems. The expanded accumulating pocket provides high capacity small wood harvesting while the 22” single cut capacity lets operators tackle larger timber when needed.

The SH-56B is the first and only saw in the industry to feature tapered roller bearing joints in both the upper and lower high cycle pin joints of the gathering arm and bunching finger, the company says.

The SH-56B has a larger diameter disc than the SH-50 for an increase in single cut from 20” to 22”, but the width of the head remains the same.

With a bunching capacity of 7.4 square feet, the SH-56B can handle single and multiple large stems.

The innovative Strait Grip bunching finger tucks trees into the accumulating pocket, keeping the tops together and creating tight bunches.

Element Group to launch ELTEC product line this summer

With more than 30 years of involvement in the forest industry, the Quebec-based, Element Group has acquired the intellectual property and manufacturing rights to the family of purpose-built track feller bunchers and harvesters formerly owned by Volvo Construction Equipment.

This family of harvesting products offers the latest in engineering technology with several distinct owner benefits including fuel economy, high levels of performance and operator comfort, says the company.

The new 220, 270 and 310 series of specialized machines will be manufactured by Technologies Element PSW Inc. in Quebec City under the ELTEC brand. Production will start in the spring of 2012 with the North American market launch in the summer of 2012.

Wood-Mizer adds moulder/planer to product line

Wood-Mizer has released the new MP100 moulder/planer for further shaping and finishing cants, beams, and columns. This product is an ideal tool for woodworkers and log home builders.

The MP100 can mould or plane material up to 20.5” wide and up to 23.5” tall. The maximum moulding width is 16”. The MP100 package includes the MP100 head, four flat knives, standard bed length of 17’8” with available extensions, two log clamps, and two profile clamps.

To mould beams, various profile knives can be purchased to produce different moulding options, and simply slide and lock into place. The Combo Knife Set includes the tongue and grove knife set, a D-face knife set, and 16 knife clamps. The Deluxe Knife Set includes all the knife profiles from the Combo set, plus the Swedish Cope knife set.

Wood-Mizer LT15 sawmill owners can purchase the MP100 head and mast only, and mount it right on their LT15. By using the LT15 and MP100 together, a log can be milled and planed or moulded without leaving the bed.

Ledcor purchases 12 barges for wood chip and hog fuel delivery

Ledcor Resources and Transportation, a division of the Ledcor Group of Companies, has taken delivery of 12 new barges to inaugurate its marine transportation service to Howe Sound Pulp and Paper on the B.C. Coast. It has also acquired Renew Resources, a B.C.-based company that specializes in the processing of wood fibre in the B.C. Interior.

Renew produces the wood chips and hog fuel that will be transported to customers by truck and Ledcor’s new barges.

Ledcor Resources and Transportation is the latest diversification initiative of the Ledcor Group. The company’s acquisition of marine vessels and Renew Resources represents an investment of $70 million, making it the only company of its kind to provide all of the related supply chain services from fibre sourcing and harvesting to the processing and delivery of that fibre to end users, says Ledcor.

The company is based in B.C. and employs 200 people, which includes a significant number of First Nations people with whom the company has also formed a number of strategic alliances.

Paul McElligott, former President and CEO of TimberWest and prior to that President and CEO of the BC Rail Group of Companies, recently joined Ledcor to head up the company’s resources and transportation division.