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Logging and Sawmilling Journal October/November 2011

April 2012

On the Cover:

Tigercat’s new 880 machine is proving to be a fuel-sipping processor, while still delivering the goods, at Suncoast Logging on the west coast of Vancouver Island. Read all about the 880 at Suncoast Logging and an 880 purpose-built log loader at Blue Valley Enterprises in B.C.’s Central Interior in the May/June issue of Logging and Sawmilling Journal (Photo by Paul MacDonald).


Fueled by high commodity prices and demand in Asia, a slew of resource industry-related mega projects in B.C. could keep loggers busy doing right-of-way clearing and site prep work for some time.

Rock-steady harvesters

With steady investments in equipment upgrades, Gaetan and Rheal Roussel have developed a rock-solid reputation for high production and consistent harvesting in the New Brunswick woods.

Achieving a sawmill dream

Mardis Forest Products owner Larry Gould has endured the trials of tough business conditions in the forest industry—but is now seeing the achievement of a lifelong dream with his successful custom sawmill in the B.C. Interior.

Managing growth

Alberta’s Timber Pro Logging is carefully managing growth, and making the right equipment decisions—including an investment in some John Deere equipment this past fall—has been key to their success during a time of tight profit margins.

The Edge

Included in The Edge, Canada’s leading publication on research in the forest industry, are stories on FPInnovations, Natural Resources Canada, the Canadian Wood Fibre Centre and Alberta Innovations – Bio Solutions research projects.

Canada’s Leading Lumber Producers

Logging and Sawmilling Journal’s authoritative listing of the Top Lumber Producers, from industry consultants International Wood Markets Group, shows who’s up and down in lumber production.

Performance plus

Operating in remote locations along the B.C. Coast, logger Doug Sladey requires solid, reliable equipment—and he is getting that reliability, and performance, from a fleet of Hitachi purpose-built Foresters.

Re-inventing the forest industry

The economic downturn has led to the forest industry re-inventing itself, says Avrim Lazar, who recently retired from a decade leading the Forest Products Association of Canada.

The Last Word

The horrific January explosion and fire that destroyed the Babine Forest Products sawmill near Burns Lake, is revealing what little we really know about the composition of public forests in the British Columbia Interior, says Jim Stirling.

Tech Update - Forwarders

Supplier Newsline


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Tech Update - Forwarders

Rottne F18Rottne

Newly introduced into the Canadian market, the F18 is the largest forwarder in the Rottne family and has been designed from the ground up for rough terrain, heavy loads and long hauling distances. It has a large load capacity of 39,700 lbs and uses the Rottne D5 machine control system to monitor the engine, transmission and loader.

The newly designed cab utilizes larger windows and a low set instrument panel provides an uninterrupted view of the surrounding work area. The Rottne 8-wheel F 18 drive forwarder employs a six-cylinder, John Deere 6090 HF 485 250 hp engine and a 3 speed automatic hydrostatic transmission. This equips the forwarder with high tractive force, dynamic driving characteristics and good fuel economy, says the company.

The portal bogies, with large wide wheels, provide excellent bearing capacity and smooth and gentle travel. The wagon is available in two frame lengths and the load area has a low centre of gravity, making the forwarder extremely stable in all types of terrain.

Tigercat ForwarderTigercat

Tigercat builds two innovative forwarder models, the 14-tonne 1055B and the 20-tonne 1075B.

The super-duty, 20-tonne 1075B is said to be well suited to extreme terrain, sensitive sites and the most demanding applications, including scarifying. Extreme duty, wide spread bogie axles allow for heavy payloads, reduced ground pressure and excellent performance on steep slopes.

Tigercat forwarders offer a number of advantages over competing machines, according to the company, including tough construction, excellent cooling capacity and better stability when travelling and loading, due to Tigercat’s unique centre section design. The operator can reach out and pick up a load of logs while the machine is in motion for higher productivity.

All control valves are located in a single compartment accessible at ground level and there is excellent access to the engine and hydraulic components through the tilting engine enclosure.

The comfortable, ergonomic cab has excellent all-around visibility and an automotive style finish.

The John Deere 1910E forwarderJohn Deere

The John Deere 1910E forwarder is built for durability and toughness, making it a solid choice for forwarding large loads over long distances. It features a rotating cab with an optional leveling system for a smooth ride in even the roughest terrain.

The spacious cab also offers operators excellent 360-degree visibility for superior boom handling and load performance.

Enhanced user-friendly technology, including the optional TimberMatic F-09 machine control system and TimberLink, gives users complete machine control. Operators can use the software to adjust settings, track performance and keep an eye on operating costs to maximize efficiency.

A powerful John Deere PowerTech Plus 9.0-liter engine—paired with a 19-metric-ton load capacity—makes the 1910E unbeatable in all heavy-duty applications and difficult conditions, says John Deere.

All E-Series forwarders are equipped with sturdy frames and a reversing, variable-speed hydraulic cooling fan to reduce daily maintenance.

the 20 tonne Cat 584HDCaterpillar

The latest addition to the Cat forwarder line, the 20 tonne Cat 584HD, is designed to withstand the demanding requirements of transporting large payloads long distances over difficult terrain, while providing outstanding operator comfort, controllability and serviceability.

The eight-wheel drive forwarder features the 147 kW Cat C7 engine with ACERT technology providing fuel efficiency through high torque in the 1400 to 1600 rpm range. Fuel efficiency is enhanced by the over-sized cooling fan, which has its own hydraulic pump that includes a speed control modulated by the forwarder control system. The fan requires less horsepower and cools more quickly, allowing loggers to go deeper into the woods and haul bigger loads, faster. Not only is the variable-speed cooling fan beneficial for fuel efficiency, it also performs well in cold climate conditions by allowing system temperatures to rise to the desired operating level quickly.

Komatsu forwardersKomatsu

Komatsu forwarders are part of a long Nordic forestry tradition, incorporating more than 30 years’ experience, and are always focused on quality and productivity, says the company.

Komatsu’s North American product family covers three models. The largest is the 19.8 ton capacity 228 hp Komatsu 890.3, which is designed for heavy and demanding final logging, followed by the 15.4 ton capacity 201 hp 860.4 and the 177 hp 13.2 ton capacity 840.4.

The 860.4 and 840.4 feature Komatsu’s unique Comfort Bogie design for improved maneuverability, faster cycle times, better grade climbing ability and good maneuverability on soft ground.

Komatsu’s ProTec system provides a completely protected hose passage between crane tip and grapple. Swing dampers control grapple swing to essentially eliminate hose damage.

All Komatsu forwarders also feature a 12” full color flat screen, Windows XP computer and MaxiForwarder control system with machine status and production reports.

The Tanguay TG88 track forwarderTanguay

The Tanguay TG88 track forwarder is available as a clambunk or “L Boom” grapple configuration with a huge payload capacity of 35 tons. Powered by a 400 hp engine, the eight wheel drive TG88E comes with a choice of track width up to 60” wide for low ground pressure.

The reliable and proven 100 per cent hydrostatic drive provides incredible manoeuvrability and perfect traction for minimum ground disturbance, says the company.

The TG88 Clambunk and its powerful loader with a swing planetary is the machine of choice to economically load and skid tree length logs to road side on long distances.

The “L Boom” grapple skidder version is also very productive over shorter distances. Both are effective and safe to skid in challenging steep slopes, wet and deep snow logging conditions where it is not possible to consider conventional ground base skidding.

Designed and manufactured in Canada, the TG88E is by far the world’s largest forwarder and may be one solution for year round operations.

The TimberPro TF800B seriesTimberPro

The TimberPro TF800B series is among the most versatile forwarders on the market today, says the company. It has the ability to work 360-degrees around the machine, which is what makes the TF800B so versatile.

The 360 degree work area allows the operator to easily fix or mat heavily used skid trails and retrieve wood from difficult to reach areas. This same 360 degree work area allows the TF800B – COMBO machine to be both an effective harvester and forwarder.

The TimberPro TF840B forwarder with its powerful drive train can be transformed into a clam bunk skidder for tree length operations. It is also available with an optional 4’ longer rear frame and custom long length wood basket to forward long length logs.

The cab forward design and centered steering joint allows the TF800B series to have a very tight turning circle with no off tracking. The operator swings with the boom making the machine an extra loader at the landing.