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Logging and Sawmilling Journal October/November 2011

April 2012

On the Cover:

Tigercat’s new 880 machine is proving to be a fuel-sipping processor, while still delivering the goods, at Suncoast Logging on the west coast of Vancouver Island. Read all about the 880 at Suncoast Logging and an 880 purpose-built log loader at Blue Valley Enterprises in B.C.’s Central Interior in the May/June issue of Logging and Sawmilling Journal (Photo by Paul MacDonald).


Fueled by high commodity prices and demand in Asia, a slew of resource industry-related mega projects in B.C. could keep loggers busy doing right-of-way clearing and site prep work for some time.

Rock-steady harvesters

With steady investments in equipment upgrades, Gaetan and Rheal Roussel have developed a rock-solid reputation for high production and consistent harvesting in the New Brunswick woods.

Achieving a sawmill dream

Mardis Forest Products owner Larry Gould has endured the trials of tough business conditions in the forest industry—but is now seeing the achievement of a lifelong dream with his successful custom sawmill in the B.C. Interior.

Managing growth

Alberta’s Timber Pro Logging is carefully managing growth, and making the right equipment decisions—including an investment in some John Deere equipment this past fall—has been key to their success during a time of tight profit margins.

The Edge

Included in The Edge, Canada’s leading publication on research in the forest industry, are stories on FPInnovations, Natural Resources Canada, the Canadian Wood Fibre Centre and Alberta Innovations – Bio Solutions research projects.

Canada’s Leading Lumber Producers

Logging and Sawmilling Journal’s authoritative listing of the Top Lumber Producers, from industry consultants International Wood Markets Group, shows who’s up and down in lumber production.

Performance plus

Operating in remote locations along the B.C. Coast, logger Doug Sladey requires solid, reliable equipment—and he is getting that reliability, and performance, from a fleet of Hitachi purpose-built Foresters.

Re-inventing the forest industry

The economic downturn has led to the forest industry re-inventing itself, says Avrim Lazar, who recently retired from a decade leading the Forest Products Association of Canada.

The Last Word

The horrific January explosion and fire that destroyed the Babine Forest Products sawmill near Burns Lake, is revealing what little we really know about the composition of public forests in the British Columbia Interior, says Jim Stirling.

Tech Update - Forwarders

Supplier Newsline


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Keto processing headNew Keto processing head makes Canadian debut through Quadco

As more and more sawmills make the switch to cut-to-length logs, the arrival of the new Keto 870DS processing head is timely.

The processing head comes equipped with a long track surface for better measuring and gentle log handling. Keto says it has a simple and reliable built-in rotor, and the centre-mounted Keto power-tilt works at lower pressures, which produces uniform force in any position.

It comes with a new and stronger knife design, a fast open/close valve system with locking in any position, and removable taper lock frame pins.

Keto describes the six-wire control system as simple, reliable and functional, with a user-friendly interface. The head has computer controlled lubrication valves for tracks and saws.

The Keto 870DS processing head comes equipped with a Quadco intermittent disc saw using Keto valves and controls.

Austrian Self LoaderAustrian self-loader line available through Caterpillar offers multiple models

Caterpillar Forest Products has entered into a marketing agreement with Palfinger Inc. to distribute a line of knuckleboom self-loaders produced by Epsilon Kran GmbH, part of the Palfinger Group, under the brand name Prentice/Epsilon.

Initially, the line will include multiple models and will be marketed through select distributors experienced with truck-mounted loaders.

Palfinger Group is a leading international manufacturer of hydraulic lifting, loading and handling solutions. The company, which was founded in 1932 and is headquartered in Salzburg, Austria, is one of the market leaders in truck-mounted knuckleboom cranes serving many industries, including forestry.

The Prentice/Epsilon self-loader line features two types: the Z-boom, which folds up to save space on the trailer, and the L-boom, a standard boom. Various lift capacities and operational speeds are available within each type. The Prentice 2124 self-loader is also still available. It has a standard 22’ boom and 2962 lb. lift capacity at full reach.

Talbert Manufacturing Hybrid TrailerTalbert Manufacturing introduces new hybrid trailer

Talbert Manufacturing has launched its 50CC/RP hybrid trailer, combining the benefits of a close couple lowbed design with a roller paver model.

The 50CC/RP offers a longer loading incline and best-in-class lift capacity of any trailer on the market, says Talbert Manufacturing.

This allows the hybrid trailer to haul a greater range of equipment from loaders and excavators to rollers and pavers. Additionally, the specialty design provides versatility for a larger audience of contractors.

With a deck length of 26’, the new 50CC/RP slopes from the bottom up to create a more moderate incline over a greater distance, approximately a third of the deck length. Finish height at the front of the main beams is 8 ¾”. Additionally, the trailer features a bolt-on ramp to provide a more gradual load angle at the rear: 15-degrees rather than the standard 35-degree angle. The 50-ton capacity 50CC/RP offers a deck width of 8’ 6” and a low deck height of 20”.

Designed for ease of operation, loading and unloading, the 50CC/RP Hybrid is a non-ground bearing hydraulic gooseneck trailer. Air ride suspension provides a smoother ride, while Talbert’s +3/-3 control system allows fast and easy height adjustment of the lower and back end.

Red Wing Shoes Irish Setter WorkFootwear designed with loggers in mind

Red Wing Shoe Company has launched Irish Setter Work, a job-ready line of premium footwear combining more than 100 years of Red Wing work boot experience with the more than 60-year legacy of the company’s Irish Setter brand of outdoor footwear.

Available in 6” and 8” lace-up boots, rugged pull-ons and tough loggers, the Irish Setter Work line features under-foot comfort that lasts all day and craftsmanship that lasts for years, says the company.

The new line of Irish Setter Work comes in 29 styles crafted specifically with job-ready features, such as soft toe and steel or aluminum safety toe styles; Goodyear welt, direct attach or cement construction options; UltraDry waterproofing; Thinsulate insulation; and, CuShin Comfort Tongue padding.

Dan FuhrerProduct Specialist Dan Fuhrer to strengthen Ponsse services in Western Canada

As of January 2012, Dan Fuhrer started working as a Ponsse Product Specialist in Western Canada, covering British Columbia and Alberta, providing technical support and training to Ponsse’s customers and partners in the area.

Fuhrer has extensive experience with Ponsse forest machines, as he started as a cut-to-length harvesting entrepreneur and operator in 1997 in Ontario. In 2002, he transferred to Ponsse to work as a service engineer and trainer, starting work in 2005 with Hydromec Inc., Ponsse’s dealer in Quebec.

At Hydromec, he worked as a service engineer and product specialist specializing in Ponsse machines.

Fuhrer’s responsibilities include technical support, maintenance service and training in cooperation with the local dealers and factory. Fuhrer supports the local operations with training for service, spare parts and sales and provides sales support by arranging demos. Ponsse Plc’s Marko Mattila acts as an area director and a factory contact person for Ponsse’s North American dealers.

The Ponsse product range covers harvesters, forwarders, harvester heads, cranes, loaders and information system products for cut-to-length harvesting. Ponsse forest machines are in use in all key areas of industrial harvesting in the world and the sales and service network covers close to 40 countries. Ponsse’s harvester line includes eight wheel harvesters in all size categories from thinning to heavy duty regeneration felling: Ponsse Bear 8w, Ponsse Ergo 8w and Ponsse Fox. The forwarder line covers all carrying capacity categories, from the 10-tonne Gazelle to the 20-tonne ElephantKing. ElephantKing, with its 20-tonne carrying capacity and 24-tonne tractive force, is said to be a superior solution for challenging work sites and long transport distances.

Ponsse is currently looking for a new dealer in the British Columbia and Alberta regions. Interested parties should contact Marko Mattila or Dan Fuhrer at