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September 1998 - Past Issues


Tracking Timber
Nova Scotia's new Registry of Buyers program will provide detailed information on harvesting on private woodlots and could be a model for other provinces.

The Countdown to Year 2000
Mill and woods operations could allbe severely affected by the Year 2000 problem in computers. Industry experts offer some advice on how to escape the "Millenium Bug".

Stacking The Decks
Nova Scotia Contractor Ron Langille has adopted a double-tiered harvesting method from Quebec that reduces environmental damage and cuts forwarder travel time by 40 per cent.

Managing The Small Stuff
Alberta portable sawmiller Don Allan finds that marketing savvy and mechanical ability are prerequisites to running a successful operation.

A Versatile Machine
Austrian-built Koller yarders are proving their flexibility in thinning and clearcutting operations south of the line.

Woodtech Canada '98
New focus for Woodtech '98, Canada's premiere international wood processing trade show and conference.

Wanted: "Green" Lumber
Forestry certification is clearly the way to go as far as the buyers of Canadian lumber in Britain are concerned. By going "green", British companies gain a marketing edge and also appear environmentally repsonsible.

Fighting the Asian Flu
Mill Creek Wood Products, a small sawmilling operation on northern Vancouver Island, has found diversification and flexibility to be the keys in surviving the "Asian Flu".

BC Operation Hits the Right Note
Vancouver Island's Timbre Tonewood, helped along in its marketing by a Vacouver guitar producer, is remanufacturing salvage wood into guitar components that are shipped all over the world.

Changing With The Times
Janicki Logging has changed with the times, shifting from US Forest Service work to logging on private land, then moving into the bridge design and development business.

Industry Watch
There's a Brooklyn Bridge for Sale to Gullible Canadians.

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